Guest 5/17/07 3:34 AM

hi my fanny is fat compared to everyone eles when i where leggings you can tell that i dont have a flat fanny :cry:
i would really feeel heaps more confterble if it was flat. :wink:
is there any way of getting it "flat" ? as i feeel really self concious. :oops:
please help or email me coz i probley wont be able to find it. :shock:


peee.esss looks like
| :(

Guest 3/3/09 5:58 PM

Yeah the exact same with me! It's quite worrying, can people write stuff again please, cause not writing anything does NOT help :-(
Please reply.

Guest 8/10/09 9:00 PM

hey gurlz i know it can be embarrissing to have does issue but its normal not everybody have the same body and guys dont care about it if they do losers cause guys dont check how it looks they want too do the deed and i have alot of friends that got it and they dont realy care so girls dont feel self concious about it dont worry !

take care gorgeouses!

Guest 4/22/12 11:48 PM

Guys actually like it fat :)
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