Fingering and bleeding? Im a virgin.

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MiniMoo. 8/10/08 6:40 AM

Font color: Okay so this is alittle embarrassing to say
but i was on the phone with my boyfriend he's in cali right now
hes coming back soon but right now its like long distance, well we were talking and we started to have phone sex, I'm a virgin and we plan on having sex just not now,
anyway we were having phone sex and i started to finger myself,and well i think i might have done it too hard? because when i pulled my finger out there was blood on it,and i feel kinda different down there and im bleeding alittle,like it feels sorta loose? i guess, i cant really explain it.
but did i pop my cherry? and if so, does that mean i lost my virginity? i know i need to have sexual intercourse but,will he able to know? cause i dont want him to think i was lying to him about being a virgin,when i got off the phone i started to cry,ha i know thats so silly but im really worried.
i just want my first time to be special,im sure im overreacting i always do,but i cant help it!, could someone tell me if i popped my cherry or not? im really not sure, Also i thought i might be startin my period because for the past few days i have been havin really bad cramps,but usually when im about to start my period my boobs hurt and they dont so i dont THINK its that. I'm just really worried. please help!.

thank you <3
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Touch 8/10/08 9:03 AM

Yes. It's sounds like you have broken your hymen. There is nothing wrong with this accidents happen you should not feel at all embarassed. I don't think there is nothing you really need to worry about. If you feel comfortable and confident with him then. I'd speak to him about it.

You have not lost your Virginity as you said yourself. You need to of had Sexual Intercourse.

Hope this helps! Take care x
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MiniMoo. 8/10/08 8:43 PM

Thank you, i guess i got paraniod, but you did help.
i just feel kinda weird now, but i've been reading that it happens to alot of girls,I'm just worried of what he might think. but ill try to talk to him.
<3 thanks again.

Guest 9/24/10 3:07 AM

i fingered myself and i hit something and it hurt alot! i dont know what it was but it really hurt and i started to bleed bad im a virgin what was it


Guest 2/5/13 12:28 PM

Did you scratch it? Hit it? Or just simply touch it?

arikushLUV 6/11/14 1:38 AM

Thts funny lol but I'm only 14 so I can't say much ... Well what happened to me is this boy was fingering me , and it hurt really bad , and this little pink thing was poking out ? Still have no clue what it is tho


dhurataa 12/7/14 8:16 AM

well...I have a question to ask u guys..I thought that i finished my period and i fingered myself with something and after some hours when i went to the toilet i noticed that i've bleeded i dont know if period is the reason that i bleeded but i didnt feel any pain or something idk what to do....Am i a vrgin or not? :(

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