Heavy Masterbution problems in Men

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james_p 10/3/06 10:40 PM


I am a guy at age 29. I was masterbuting since 7 to 8 years, 4 to 5 times per week. I got married 2 years before. Some times when I masterbute now, I get pain in testicles. Also, some times while walking/sleeping, I get pain in the testicles.

Cab some one help on this.


James P
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exler31 8/23/09 12:24 AM

ok im a girl you are a loser
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juddi_kidd 8/23/09 12:55 AM

lol.. just stop masterbating?
i mean.. yu do have your wife Dont yooh??

afridi 3/30/10 2:00 PM

shame on you man..... u r married n u still masturbate! if i were u, ill never masturbate coz there is no need after getting married.

john 4/24/13 9:57 AM

having good diiet and daily exercise helps to regain everything.any afried makes u fall dowm its true

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