How do I break my girlfriend's hymen during sex ?


Guest 10/28/06 8:14 AM

My girlfriend and I decided to have sex for the 1st time.
I was wondering how do I break her hymen for the 1st time ?
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helpisontheway 10/28/06 1:28 PM

the hymen doesnt always break with the first intercourse, whether it breaks or not is a bit irrelavent to the act of having sex, just concentrate on having a good time, not a little membrane of skin, why is that so important to you that it breaks anyway? hehe!

please use protection! you can get pregnant on your first time!

LadyStorm 10/31/06 5:49 PM

Just shove ur finger in her while shes laying down or just shove ur penis in it will break eventually well depends on her hymen some hymens are elastic they dont break and some just dont break the first time. And yes use protection.

Eich 11/2/06 1:14 AM

Also, don't overreact or get upset if nothing happens. On some cases the Hymen doesn't break, has been broken through masturbation and she didn't realize it, or it isn't that apparent. With my girlfriend when we had sex for the first time, she was a virgin and there was no bleeding or anything of that nature, just mild uncomfortable pain from her first time and insertion.

Guest 4/13/09 1:56 PM

1. Adequate foreplay : 10-20mins of intense necklicking, nipple sucking, breast fondling, body touching/massaging, wetkissing to make her dripping wet down there.

2. Have your penis erect, put on your durex, part her legs.

3. Eye contact, verbal assurance, smiles, have patience (you dont want to rush it)

4. Do not attempt to shove it all in on first try, it will hurt her like hell.
Have your "head" in and out of her private part until it is lubed with her juices.

5. Once you think both of you are ready for it, its gonna be either a quick in or a slow torturous journey. Your call.

Guest 8/21/09 10:53 AM

the hymen generally becomes detatched when doing other physical activities like running, etc. i dont think you have to worry about it.

Guest 11/28/09 9:28 AM

Guest wrote:

the hymen generally becomes detatched when doing other physical activities like running, etc. i dont think you have to worry about it.

In my first experience, I inserted my penis in to the vagina, only less than 1/2 of the portion inserted. I forced to insert, my head feels pain. Because, some one block for full insertion. Again I forced, second stroke that time also pain in my penis head. Third time also same. Finally without forced just I pressed, that time penis head continuous pain. Then for avoid pain, I slightly stroked. i.e. feather touch in the hymen. Finally after 3 minutes I forced again, that time my penis fully inserted into her vagina. First feels pain, after few strokes hymen has been broken. But not any bleeding at all.

Guest 12/13/09 12:49 PM

i always wonder if my hymen is broken, i guess it is.
what you should do i s gently move your penis in bit by bit.
good luck :-D

Guest 12/28/09 10:13 PM

When me and my bf had sex the 1st time it hurt like hell kuz i just sat on his penis, since it wuldnt go in when he was on top, but im sure my hymen broke quickly, after that it was extremely painful, but after a cuple secs it stopped hurting, and i bled a lil. I guess it just depends on the hymen and how fast the penis is inserted into the vagina.

Guest 3/4/10 9:13 PM

In my opinion IF the Penis is inserted in a vagina, It should be slow and steady. the male has to control his ejaculation so if you are planning to have sex with your GF or wife for fist time please refrain from smoking or drinking well before a week to get more time for ejaculation

Guest 3/9/10 2:13 PM

The first time I had sex everything went to plan. He seemed to go all the way in and there was no pain. I assumed, as I was a horserider when younger, that my hymen had been broken naturally. Later though, like our 6th time of having sex he pushed in and I felt a pain, then a quick, sharp stab and he went further in. I assume that was my hymen breaking but I didn't bleed or anything.

Some hymens can be really elasticated and can be broken when the penis is just that little bit harder or rougher inside you. I think this was the case with me and my boyfriend.

This was confusing though, as neither of us are quite sure which time to call our first. I'd like it to be when I had my hymen broken by him, as that was the way I'd always imagined it but I know his penis has entered me before.
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MeowMeowMeow 4/7/10 11:42 AM

finger her, it happened to my sister(her boyfriend did it)

Guest 4/15/10 11:07 PM

I jus wanna know what shud a guy do after her hymen breaks... keep going? stop and let her wash it out? get a wetone?~lol~ what shud i do

Guest 6/1/10 11:36 AM

a weird thing happened with me i had sex fpr the first time with my guy, but i couldnt feel anything except pain, and neither did mu hymen break, i don understand dis

ShyGirl88.67 6/2/10 10:09 AM

Sex isn't just about breaking though. Your first time will probably be painful as it is without the skin breaking. If you love this girl you should concentrate on making her feel good. Try a little role play a double bath maybe even watch a sexy film together. Light some candles and tell her she's beautiful that you love her and this is your reason for having sex. Reasure her and don't get angry, eventually she will relax and maybe you'll break the skin but don't make that your objective.
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