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idaline 8/21/06 12:00 AM

Hi, I am waiting for my HIV test results, and every minute is like a century to me. I can only pray that I’m all right. Is there anyone else going through the same hell?
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siana 8/31/06 6:51 AM

Hello, I find out my HIV test results this morning. I am negative! I know how you are feeling, because I was in the same agony for last seven days. It could be quicker if I used a HIV test which has the results after one day, but I heard from a friend that this one is more reliable. When I walked into the room to take my results, I thought I was going to faint. The doctors told me to sit, and gave me a glass of water. They told me how this test works. It is necessary to past six months minimum after infecting to do this test, because for this time our body makes antibodies to fight HIV. This test looks for those antibodies, and if it finds them that means the results are positive. I hope your test will have the same results as mine did.

Guest 10/20/06 7:59 AM

yeh , same boat. You end up reading so much info that you convince yourself you are HIV. I got a rash on the inside of my arm. I looked to see if it was a sign of HIV and hey would you beleive it? yes. The more you read the more you realise anything can occur within reason. I just want to know! Thought about the home testing but not sure what I would do at home on my own if it was positive. Going on Monday for test. Life drags at mo' and can't think of anything else.

Guest 2/15/07 5:23 PM

Hello, i had unprotected sex with a young white female, (22) I have already taken one test and it was nerve recking. I just found out that it take six months to know for sure. I took the test after 11 weeks, test came back negative, I thought I was out of the woods, I still have not gotten any systoms, I just took another today, its been 15 weeks, im really scared.

Guest 7/7/10 1:31 PM

I have had several tests before but last one I took, the nurse/doctor told me to book an apointment this time, why is there something that they know that I dont???

guest 10/12/10 8:09 PM

I'm waiting for my results, just had all my blood work down on Monday. I was told if I don't get a phone call from them, I'm all set and they will mail the results. Funny thing is I was driving home and I got a call from a Number that I thought was the hospital. I nearly sh*t my pants thinking o god I'm positive but it was my student loan company calling...I've never been so happy to talk with them. So today was day 2 and no call, but I'm doing ok. Just my mind wanders and thinks about what if....but I'm glad I'm being tested, done with worryign about sh*t. Anyone else out there waiting...I will keep you posted.

chrissi351 12/3/10 12:37 AM

Hello First thing First GO GET TESTED! lol I went for the first time yesterday jus go save yourself the questioning wher uve been how many whome did i usea condom questions, wait was i drunk did we or didnt we drama! u could be hurting youself and others you should know your status. I know... I know... better sayd than done huhh? Its a simple mouth swabb, its 99percent accurate! your results come back within 20-40mins! you can goto any healthcare clinic its ok if your not insured its FREE hey im a broke student the bill afterwards came up to $500 bucs for all the testing i was seen for I sayd i was a student the and I payd $0 dollars lol SWEET just look for a clinc in your city planned parent hood is great! This morning I left class early jus togo on world aids day on monday no available times it seemed like myself and a million people had the same idea which was very surprising great couldnt be seen but i went first thing today! the nurses were gr8 gave me a bunch of gr8 resources and info on symptoms to look for in yourself and your partner and being open about your sexual history and your safe sex practices with your partners jus be HONEST whether they like it or not jus be upfront, they respect you more for being honest they care about there health jus as much as you do its very very serious! however its only day 1 since the test now so im ok for now jus wanna help others and share my experience ill b bak with the results as soon as i get some feed bak :-)

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Poonjab20 12/7/10 1:16 AM

Yes, I'm currently waiting on my results. I have bee going crazy these past few days. It's all I ever think about. To top it all off, It's finals week!!!!!

Guest 4/17/13 7:17 PM

Until today I was waiting for my HIV results and after reading the WeB I began to act paranoid. I had so much anxiety, couldn't sleep, eat and didn't want to be around anyone. I became depressed, because after all, I've had unprotected sex with a hand full of X's. starting thinking about my current boyfriend and how it will affect his life and our relationship. How my life would change, the worst 5 days of my life. I called the doctors office every single day, to the point that the secretaris knew who I was. The sad part is, I didn't even have any symptoms but the WEB made it worst for me, when i read on the WEB that sometimes you don't show symptoms. I'm 24 years old , I've made mistakes, been absolutely careless with not using protection, and after going through this, I've had a wake up call to be responsible and enjoy life and stop being so negative. I don't even look at my boyfriend the same way. I appreciate him so much , and do not want to be with anyone But him. However, if we ever break up, the next person I am with, will have to do a full STD/HIV test. By the way, the reason why I was upset also was because prior to this test, I was going to my doctor and getting blood taken out and I thought they were checking for HIV but they weren't. They were checking for cholesterol and normal stuff. So all along I was thinking I was getting tested for that but I wasn't. You actually have to ask for an HiV test, what a shame.

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