Peeling skin around vaginal area: is it an infection?

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sail-x 1/16/07 1:37 PM

PLEASE HELP ME I went horse riding at the weekend and felt an uncomfortable, rubbing sensation around my vagina. I went to the loo afterwards and it hurt to pee, i then noticed a stop of blood in my pants. Being a 15 year old girl, and not having had sex, i thought my hymen could have broken (because i had been told that horse riding can do) I had a shower afterwards, and the area was extremely sensitive to touch. I later discovered that my hymen had not torn but the lips around the vagina (i think called labia) were red. All around this area, and around the clitoris is raw and the skin seems to be peeling off. I am really worried, and have no idea what this is. As i said before, i have never had sex but have given and recieved oral sex, is it an infection? Is there anything i can do to soothe the pain? Will it just go away.

Please, if you have any advice, tell me.
Thankyou very very much.
Sophie x
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rj90 1/17/07 6:03 AM

Hi sophie, firstly it doesnt seem that the oral sex you have given or recieved has anything to do with this. I believe the redness is due friction, the rubbing of your virgina lips on the horse. What i recommend is you run cold water on your virgina lips for about 1 - 2 minutes twice a day for about 3 - 4 days. If you havnt noticed a improvement i would see a doctor. It doesnt seem like this is a serious problem so take it easy. GOOD LUCK.

Guest 3/15/07 1:38 PM

Hi, Im having the same problem, except I havent seen any blood. Does that mean I will? Im very worried and don't know what I should do. Im only 17 and havent had sex either. Is it something bad? Please help!!

Guest 12/28/08 6:33 PM

im having the same problem only im 14 and havent had not quite sure what to do
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vikkix 7/9/09 1:42 PM

im having the exact same problem as sophie! i hvant had any bleeding yet but its swollen loads!
i need help! :|

Guest 7/9/09 2:45 PM

Hey Sophie,

Judging by the date of this post, I'd say your problem should be cleared up, so I'm making this out to all the other girls that are probably experiencing the same thing.

The Other Girls,

I know you must be completely freaking out right now, but try to relax. The inflammation of your labia, as well as the tissue on your clitoris, are both more than likely a result from vaginal irritation. It's really nothing to worry about. Like a bug bite on your skin gets puffy and red, so does your vaginal area when it is aggravated. Excessive rubbing, and friction, occurs when horseback riding so that being a cause isn't too surprising. But generally any intense or excessive friction in that area may cause vaginal irritation. I doubt the redness and swelling has anything to do with your sexual habits.

rj90 gave some great advice. Cold water will feel wonderful, like an ice pack on a black'n'blue. If you don't feel like standing awkwardly toward the faucet or holding a shower head, make a cold compress with a washcloth and lay it in between your labia. You should do this once when you wake up and again before you go to bed, or when you really feel irritated. If irritation persists or any other strange symptoms come into play, contact a doctor immediately.

For now, sit back and try to relax :]

Guest 10/23/09 11:08 PM

I am having similar symptons, except that I am 26 years old and I am sexually active but with only one partner. I am having extreme irritation and itching and the skin appears to be peeling off everywhere down there, now my fiancee had the same issure except it was on his inner thighs. I have no money and I can't go see a doctor, any advcie.

Guest 12/27/09 4:58 PM

i have the exact same problem but the skin peeling has led straight to my bum crack :/ i was on antibiotics and one of the side affects were anal ad vaginal itching i am now off of the tablets yet it stings and i fear i have cuts everywhere what could it be?

Guest 12/30/09 1:49 PM

Hello all,

I also have the same issue, except it is not caused by rubbing and will not go away with ice and water. Hormones cause mine. Mine developed after trying to find the right birth control for me. I have tried many different pills month after month, and this last one (which has given me the swelling, terrible itching and peeling) is great except for all the previously mentioned side effects. I love this pill so I am trying to make it work by taking 1 or 2 probiotic pills a day which regulate the bacteria in my vagina and prevent the swelling which leads to the peeling.
Quite frightening to first realize the swelling and peeling, but it may just be caused by hormone imbalance for you as well. Hope it helps.

Myranne 4/8/10 6:39 AM

Referring to Sophie's post, she said "...I later discovered that my hymen had not torn but the lips around the vagina (i think called labia) were red. All around this area, and around the clitoris is raw and the skin
seems to be peeling off. " I responded in another column about skin peeling from fingertips, and how I have an autoimmune disease called Mucous Membrane Pymphigoid. I know it sounds dreadful, but it is manageable. It can attack any mucous membrane in the body like in the areas you are having the problem. Mine affected my gums, and never went to any other area. I have been free of symptoms for several years now. Mine began from biting an apple to eat it, and the friction rubbing my gums. The friction of riding the horse, could have started this same condition on the genitals. Surf the web for more information on the condition of autoimmune Muscous Membrane Pemphigoid. It took me two years to get this diagnosis of my gums, so tell your doctor about it and start from there. Most doctors have never heard of this. I had to go to Oschner Clinic in New Orleans to get this diagnosis. If you get an early start on keeping the symptoms at bay, the quicker you will be symptom free. For those of you that are affected in the genital area, please be careful about continued activities that cause friction to that area, which can start another flare-up. Good luck to you all! :wink:

Guest 1/10/11 11:45 PM

Hi, I've had this awful irritation in my vaginal area. The outer skin is peeling white. I don't think its the soap that I'm using because I changed it to see if there any difference. And it didn't seem like there is any. I had sex over the weekend with my bf. We probably had sex five times in a span of 3 days. We also had oral sex. The lips are irritated all around, and I get this burning sensation when I pee. I've been taking clarithromycin 500 mg for last five days and I saw online that it can cause vaginal irritation. I don't know what to do to relieve this. Its been 3 days already. Coming from a island we don't have a lot of access to health professionals who have knowledge in women's health. PLEASE HELP. Reply soon. Thank you.

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FemaleAlphaWolf 4/24/12 12:50 AM

I've had the same thing, but it is ALL THE TIME! My vagina becomes itchy, and I always tell myself to not scratch at it, but when I give in, I regret it because it always burns and there ends up being blood after I itch. The burning lasts a day or so, and I feel like I'm dying when I shower. The skin always seems to be raw even when I haven't scratched. I'm not sure what to do and I'm REALLY worried! |-O

OH and sometimes, I get this weird feeling like a needle is poking me down there? What is it?


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annonomys 7/13/12 9:24 AM

hey im 16 years not sexually active either.. i have had vaginal peeling for a really long time has spread to butt crack does get itchy sometimes and if i do scratch it sometimes bleeds.i tried speaking to my mom about it more than once but that was not helpfull.i dont know what to do anymore and this issue is very annoying and rather embaressing.i feel ugly even though i know it cant be a sexually transmitted disease.can someone please give me advice,i feel hopeless!!!

tarricaw 7/18/12 1:26 AM

If you ladies are on antibiotics, going through puberty, or just wearing tight clothing without airing and cleaning your vaginal area these symptoms sound like a yeast infection. When left untreated the symptoms you are describing are the extreme. You have an overload of yeast bacteria. Your body has a normal amount usually but several things like the ones in listed in the beginning can cause an imbalance and there is an over growth of yeast. Eat as much yogurt as you can. Also get an over the count 7 day yeast infection cream NOT 1 or 3 day because these wont work (per my gyno). If one does not work do it again. Believe it or not if you can not get this you can insert yogurt....plain of course in your vagina for 7 days. Make sure to keep the area clean and dry because the moisture will aggrivate the symptoms. Lastly you could go to the doctor and they will usually prescribe a pill called diflucan. Since you have a pretty bad case, from what you describe, they give you two. I hope this helps, do not let this continue because it could cause other infections such as bacterial which is rare but possible. Bacteria infections are usually sexually transmitted so lets not give your parents any reason to doubt. I hope you get better.
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Bri2016 12/2/12 12:44 AM

I'm only 14 years old and I have been having the same issue but I'm not sexually active plus didn't ride a horse. It just started happening almost a year ago. I don't know what to do to make it stop.


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