Sexual functions following prostate surgery

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castelli 2/16/07 12:00 AM

Hi. I have acute bacterial prostatitis. I had a surgery (TURP, or transurethral resection of the prostate). However, some complications have occurred. I have problems with sexual function, following prostatitis surgery. What to do?
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salvatore 2/18/07 5:48 AM

Hi. Yeah, many complications can happen, following prostatitis surgery. The most common complication after TURP surgery is blood in your urine. Some patients feel an urge to urinate, some have difficulties controlling urination. This is only a short-term problem. As recovery progresses, these conditions improve. I had TURP and I have a problem with sexual function too. My doctor told me that up to 30% of men experience problems with sexual functions, following prostatitis surgery. The most common side effect of TURP is dry climax, or retrograde ejaculation. Unfortunately, this is a long-term side effect. It causes sterility, but you can still enjoy sex.

jerbrent 8/11/10 7:07 PM

Salvatore, Did your Dr. explain the side effects and the percentages of this happening Before your surgery? Mine said nothing, seems to me this is not ethical. An explanation could have brought up a discussion of other ways of treating the problem.Not being told of potential results was bad enough, but their non-chalant attitude after the fact is even more disturbing. And the enjoyment of sex just isn't the same,And if this is for the rest of my life,(I'm 53) it makes it hard to image much of a sex life at all. How exactly do you tell a potential partner that you can perform,but really don't get the satisfaction? Someone told me their attitude was because it was not a life- threatening side effect. To me life- changing is just as important. If I was 70,it might not seem as important, but what do I do for the 17 yrs til then? LIFE SUCKS!
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