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jagnic233 11/11/07 1:48 PM

Ok I am 25yr female and still a virgin so I bought a small dildoe. I tried to use it but it won't you know go "in". I can only get the head of it in before It this normal? Is there something that I am doing wrong?

crazypeter 11/13/07 1:21 PM

If you are a virgin then your hymen is probably intact and is stopping you pushing the dildo in.
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agent10ve 11/13/07 10:40 PM

Agreed with above. If you don't have a problem with breaking your hymen... I'd advise you to get on your bed and relax a lot... put some lubrication on the dildo and slowly work it in you. Continue pushing until your hymen breaks. There will probably be a bit of pain and possibly some bleeding but after that it should "work" and start to feel gradually more pleasurable.
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Emmabug 12/9/07 8:26 PM

but im scared...
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agent10ve 12/9/07 9:24 PM

It's normal to be nervous... if you don't want to do it just don't . Theres nothing wrong with that. But it's going to happen sooner or later! ;-)
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paydel 12/14/07 11:13 PM

i was a virgin when i bought a dildo to try out, however i was in a relationship (long distance.. but i'm not here to tell my life story, but i'll get to the relevance lol) anyway, i was so excited to try it out and was expecting it to feel great and fabulous and all that. IT WASN'T FUN AT ALL. =/ i tried on several more occasions, but i felt like it wasn't going in all the way, etc.

then, a few months later, my boyfriend came to visit me, and we of course, ended up having sex. his penis is bigger around than the dildo, but it went in no problem, no pain and with no lube.

after he left, i decided to give the dildo another chance. but, to my suprise, it STILL WOULDN'T GO IN PROPERLY. and i was DEFINITELY not a virgin anymore. it just doesn't feel good to me at all. so, now i'm contemplating just tossing the thing. lol.

to me, besides the point about your hymen, i think it might be the dildo. they just aren't flexible like the real thing, and when you try to insert it yourself, you're most likely at a bad angle to get it in correctly.

if you really are dead set on using a dildo, try getting one smaller than you'd think. and spend a bit extra, because the materials might be higher quality and easier to deal with. perhaps try a small vibrator, in combination with a plain dildo. the vibrating mechanism in mine certainly kept it from being flexible..
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prettygurlswagg2010 7/9/12 4:41 AM

You should try yur fingers first and move up to the dildo.! It will hurt for about 5 min but after that it will feel soo good You will forget about the pain

josh 1/11/13 11:37 PM

yes its normal

usermale 1/16/14 3:41 AM

i m a male and looking a virgin female for relation.........

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