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The exercise forms that would be enlisted through this article would be the ones that would increment the metabolic rate of the body and therefore help it in burning more amount of fat with a slight effort and in a speedy mode.
The basic reason that lies behind the inclusion of fitness workouts in any of the weight loss plans is that they help in maintaining the tonicity of the muscles and tightening the loose skin.

There may be loads of fitness workouts that might help you with losing weight, but then not all of them can guarantee you a weight loss without complications because there are many high intensity exercises that cannot be practiced by the aged people as well as by the people who suffer with some or the other chronic conditions like asthma, hypertension, recurrent arthritis etc. Some of the best fitness workouts are the ones that have been contributed by aerobics and cardiovascular series of workouts. The exercise forms that would be enlisted through this article would be the ones that would increment the metabolic rate of the body and therefore help it in burning more amount of fat with a slight effort and in a speedy mode. The 10 best fitness workouts that burn fat in a speedy mode are the following.

1. Hill Sprints

If you have a hilly region near you or some sort of acclivity then hill sprints is one of the best the best outdoor, fitness workout that you can try as it’s an intense workout to burn off fat in a speedy manner. When performed for approx. 10-20 minutes in a day, this workout can help anybody in shedding off the extra kilos in no time. The more acute an acclivity is the lesser is the duration for which hill sprints are supposed to be practiced. The best part about this workout is that it actually makes you feel more energized for the day rather than fatigued. It would be better if you have a sprint coach along with you as you work out so that the muscles and the posture stay in an optimal condition before and after the workout.

2. Step aerobics step_aerobics_exercise.jpg

This is a variant of aerobic exercises that you can be seen oftentimes by every other exerciser. The only thing you would be requiring to perform this workout is a low leveled platform. Though many people practice it on the stairs of their home, it can be a bit dangerous practice to perform on the stairs. Step aerobics is a mild form of aerobic exercise that can be unhesitatingly practiced by people of any age. Start off by practicing on a platform that has a height of 4 inches. The height of the bench can be incremented once you have you have mastered your steps and are planning to increment the duration of this exercise.

3. Racquetball

This is one of the most enjoyable high intensity cardio workouts that can assure the exerciser of burning up to 800 calories when performed on an hourly basis every alternate day. The side to side running involved in this workout can surely help out people with heavy thighs problem. This workout is even more of bliss if racquetball is your kind of sport.

4. Tabata interval cardio 

This cardio workout is inspired from the region of Japan. Out of all the interval workouts that are performed, this one considered as one of the best to burn off fat. Every workout is supposed to be performed for approx. 20 seconds that is followed up by intervals of 10 seconds (also known as recovery phase). The exercises are supposed to be repeated at least 8 times in a session.

5. Weight lifting


This workout option works best for the people who want to achieve the goal of casting off the extra kilos and gaining muscle strength and vigor at the same time. Make sure that the dumbbells you go for are not too weighty in the start. In fact, if it just the fat that you need to burn off then maybe a dumbbell that weighs at a lighter end would suffice the cause.

6.    Walking

This is one fitness workout that would not require you to take special time off your schedule to practice it. The goal of burning off fat with the help of this workout can be accomplished simply by walking fast to the workplace. A walk that is performed for approx. half an hour in any part of a day can assure you a loss of tremendous amount of fat from the regions of abs, hips, butts and thighs.

7. Side planks

This is the cardio workout the focuses on the reduction of fat in the region of obliques and love handles. The overall body calories that are burnt off by this workout are tremendous. It is supposed to be performed for at least 10 times every day.

8. Rope jumping

This workout is no way less enjoyable than dancing when it is performed with some other interesting alterations and activities. For instance rope jumping can be performed with the help of two ropes. When performed for 45-60 minutes, this fitness workout assures the exerciser a loss of 750 calories.

9. Dancing

Looking forward to some frolicsome way to lose weight. Just put on some jazzy number in the Ipod and start dancing to its tunes, dancing is a fitness workout that can assure the exerciser of a loss of 600-800 calories in an hour depending on the speed of the dance. Dancing is an unusual exercise form that has been long known for elevating the levels of mood elevating hormones in the body.

10. Swimming

This is a fitness workout that can be performed in amore enjoyable manner in the summers. In addition to taking a refreshing dip the exerciser can manage to workout every possible muscle of the body. This fitness workout not only helps a person in melting off the layers of fat but also in maintaining the salubrious condition of the heart.

These were the 10 best workouts that burn fat in a speedy mode when they are performed in a consistent and optimal manner. The weight loss outcomes rendered by these workouts can be expected within a week’s time.