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Bodybuilding After 30
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You can achieve your fitness goals at any stage in life because age is truly just a number. If you have considered bodybuilding and getting on stage after 30, it's a fulfilling sport. Men and women over 30 will attest to that. Read and be inspired!

Bringing Sex(y) Back With Fitness
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Fitness is key for an exciting sex life. It brings confidence, healthy self-image, & physical well-being that translate into a more pleasurable sex life for both men and women. Fitness + sex may elicit benefits you haven't considered; update your sex-ed.

10 Tips For Fall Fitness
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Halloween is the "kickoff to diet killer season." Don't let the holidays wreck all the hard work you did for your best summer body. Use these diet, motivation, and workout tips to help you stay on track. Your New Year's resolution won't be weight loss!