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Delayed menstruation is a common problem with several potential causes, and pregnancy is absolutely not the only one. Stress can be an enormous contributing factor, but besides this, inadequate nutrition or excessive exercising could be the one to blame.

One experience of delayed menstruation

“I have a sister who has been having irregular periods since she has started menstruating. The menses itself started late for her, at age 18. She is now 24, and has been married for over a year. The problem of irregular periods and delayed menstruations still continues. I know she has visited gynecologists, and a couple of them have suggested laparoscopy. I also know she was taking medication to regulate her periods. The periods have been regular for as long as she has been taken the medication. At the moment, she is not using medicines, so her last period started about 2 months ago. I was wondering if she might be pregnant, but test came back negative.”

Since this is such a common problem, it is hard to believe so few many people know what causes delayed menstruation. They all need to learn more, to hear about the reasons and possible therapies and prevention of delayed menstruation.

What is delayed menstruation?

Delayed menstruation is a problem called amenorrhea. There are many different reasons that can cause a lack of menstruation. Stress can be an enormous contributing factor, but besides this, inadequate nutrition or excessive exercising can also cause a missed period. A woman with this problem should eat properly and concentrate on food and herbs that nourish the body and help alleviate the stress in life.
A woman should also pamper herself a bit. There is nothing wrong with indulging in a warm, soothing bath every evening about the time that your menstrual period should begin. You could also add a little lavender oil or perhaps some Ylang Ylang. It would be nice to burn some candles, play some soothing music, and be nice to yourself. Lavender is a herb known for its soothing and relaxing properties. In the same time, Ylang Ylang is a powerful uterine contractor.

If possible, it would be good to be around other women who are menstruating. It is a known fact among women that we seem to cycle together. Pheromones released during menstruation seem to trigger a response in other women. Even science has proven this claim, so you try to establish your own menstrual cycle this way. There are also some aromatic botanical baths which will make the discomforts of a woman’s pre-monthly cycle easier.

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