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This is a men-only zone where guys can shamelessly discuss guy stuff. Have you got a question, want to share some advice, or just curious what’s being talked about here? Come right in!

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anal leakage sweaty ass smells

Answered by a doctor

by moneyghost313935

Itchy urethra, Slight discharge

by Joonathan

Erect penis size for a 13 years old?

Answered by a doctor

by Harshbir 354959

underwear or freeballing?

Answered by a doctor

by Guest

Penile Disorders

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Read and share information related to penis enlargement techniques, penis bumps (PPP — Pearly Penile Papules, Fordyce's spots, Sebaceous prominences), foreskin retraction problems (Phimosis), Hypospadias, micropenis disorder, and circumcision.

My penis is numb

by Guest

Friction burn on penis from sex, won't heal

Answered by a doctor

by sugarwookie121017

Foreskin getting minor splits after sex!

Answered by a doctor

by garvin11115383

One single bump on penis... recurring

by matt0994

White stuff under the foreskin

Answered by a doctor

by carrdarr

Find information and discuss problems related to male reproductive organs like swollen, enlarged or bumpy testes, infertility, inflammation of the testicles (Orchitis), inflammation of the epididymis (Epididymitis), testicular torsion, testicular cancer, varicocele (swollen veins to the testes), spermatogenesis, and castration.

Prostate Problems

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The prostate is an important gland that secretes some of the fluid found in semen. Here you can share information related to prostate problems, from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), prostatitis, and hematuria (blood in urine and semen), to painful ejaculation, and diverse prostate infections.

Uncut and Keeping foreskin retracted all the time 24/7 queries

Answered by a doctor

by jamesdudd202300

Best doctors for HOLEP surgery

Answered by a doctor

by hiyield236493

Clear liquid discharge from Anus

Answered by a doctor

by misty23

Prostate ache/pain after orgasm

Answered by a doctor

by overseas113213

Irritation days after ejaculation

Answered by a doctor

by Jes25467

Passing clots/scabs post HoLEP Surgery

Answered by a doctor

by LauBla332017

Nettle root helping with prostatitis?

by bil49280905