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Feeling helpless

I am about 3m pregnant and I have a 8m old baby I seriously can not have this baby I don't know what to do I am in a abusive relationship that I am trying to get out of i need options please help

by User avatar Guest

Can i get an abortion without parental consent?

Answered by a doctor

im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant..i know for sure i dont wanna tell my parents or anything so if i wanna get an abortion do i need my parents permission if im underaged or how does this work.. i would i appreciate it if somebody answered this ASAP..IM GONNA DIE IF IM PREGNANT SERIOUSLY I CANT BE...

by User avatar ANDerY

home abortion without pills

Answered by a doctor

is there any way i can perform a home abortion without pills.. im taking vitamin c hourly as i hear this weakens the bond between the egg and the wall of the uterus.. im just on my 4th or 5th week.. and my period is late by approx 3 days.. i have no way of getting pills or visiting a clinic.. is...

by User avatar cherry

Bleeding weeks after medication abortion

Answered by a doctor

About 4 weeks ago I had a medication abortion and I'm still bleeding lightly with occational "blood clots" (they, uh, look like liver) that are about one inch squares. Is this normal? I also think my vagina different, in a less plesent way. How long does bleeding normally last after a...

by User avatar pyrolysis19414

Pregnant Again after Abortion 6 1/2 weeks ago

Answered by a doctor

I went to my OB today to find out why I have been sick and still testing positive on my HPTs... Last Wednesday, the took my HCG Level which was 260. On Friday it was 548. On Monday, 1246. Today, my level was 1818. I also had an ultrasound performed today showing the gestational age of my baby to...

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my stomach feels like there is a bubbles and moving in it. I had an abortion 1 week ago

I had an abortion 1 week ago first i take pills but the baby was still there after 2 days i have to do a surgical abortion but they only use a tools that also use to do a pap smear and now my stomach feels like there is a bubbles and moving in my stomach im really worried

by User avatar Althea

My Medical Abortion Experience at 6 weeks and 2 days

Hi everyone, This message is fairly difficult to write, for I am currently going through an abortion. However, I felt the need to write my story, for there have been other courageous women who have put themselves out there, regardless of what others may think. I don't want to so much delve...

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Medical Abortion at 6 weeks and 1 day

I have to tell you all (because this is my third day) of going through a medical abortion. On Saturday morning I arrived at the clinic where I was given an ultrasound to confirm the Pregnancy length and also  the first pill that would stop the growth of the embryo. The first pill did not...

by User avatar aCgirl

after abortion bleeding and clots

Answered by a doctor

i had an abortion 4 days ago..afterwards i felt fine and mentally and physically back to normal and happier as i was miserable while i was pregnant..i didn't bleed much at all the first 2 days and it wasn't just blood it was lighter color..then the last 2 days i've been bleeding heavily and woke up...

by User avatar worried

Am i still a virgin?

Am I still a virgin? My boyfriend and I were having sex. He tried to insert his penis but it didn't go through. Later on I noticed that I had bled a bit. Am I still a virgin?

by User avatar Cleo_01