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why am i still bleeding after 10 weeks after a abortion?

Answered by a doctor

I had abortion on the 4th of june which was a medical abortion. anyway its about 10weeks later and im still bleeding quite heavy at times with clots to. Around 2 weeks ago i went back to the clinic and they did a internal scan and said it was normal and the bleeding should stop soon. but im pretty...

by User avatar Guest

My medical abortion through Planned Parenthood, hour by hour, typed in as real time as possible.

My goal with this post is to write out the first 48 hours of a medical abortion. I am experiencing this as I write. I don't know any more than anyone could whose only resource has been planned parenthood and the internet. I'm not writing this to change anyone's mind and as I now type, I really hope...

by User avatar Scarlet S. L.

Medical Abortion and Marijuana for pain

Do any of you ladies have experience with smoking marijuana while taking the medical abortion pills? If so, did it help with any pain you had?

by User avatar Guest

zentel as an abortion pill

Answered by a doctor

I am 20 years old, and i weigh about 58kg. i just found out i was pregnant, and the conception date was the 20th of Jan. I cant keep this baby because im not ready for one, and abortions are illegal in my country. Please tell me  a drug i could use to terminate it. Here are a list of drugs ive...

by User avatar dontjudge101

Is there a natural way to abort an early pregnancy?

Answered by a doctor

Hey there. Well actually I have a few questions. I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for over 8 months now and I haven't gotten pregnant in all this time, never a late period, nothing. When I mentioned it to my sister, she thought it was very weird and suggested I get a checkup to...

by User avatar Guest

How soon can a woman get pregnant after an abortion.

Answered by a doctor

just got this same problem we had sex 1 week after the abortion then took a break... shel was bleeding for about 3 weeks and now just got feeling comfortable enough to have sex again and now on the 3rd week is getting a positive pregnacy test how soon could she have gotten pregnant especially cuz...

by User avatar Steveo

home abortion without pills

Answered by a doctor

is there any way i can perform a home abortion without pills.. im taking vitamin c hourly as i hear this weakens the bond between the egg and the wall of the uterus.. im just on my 4th or 5th week.. and my period is late by approx 3 days.. i have no way of getting pills or visiting a clinic.. is...

by User avatar cherry

had unprotected sex twice after abortion, used postinor-2 pills on each occasion

Answered by a doctor

Had an Abortion, one week later had unprotected sex, used 2 tablets of postinor-2,had abdominal pain, nausea and headache, one week later had unprotected sex again and immediately after sex, abdominal pain stopped. then took postinor-2 tablets again one each at 12 hours interval,did not feel any...

by User avatar marthen

Diarrhea after surgical abortion

Answered by a doctor

I had an abortion 11days ago. I had a surgical abortion. The next days I begin to have severe diarrhea plus abdominal cramp so I went to doctor for a checkup after a week…. she said that “it’s not related to surgical abortion” …now it's gonna be 11days and still I have diarrhea three or...

by User avatar LILY TADESSE352253

Can i get an abortion without parental consent?

Answered by a doctor

im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant..i know for sure i dont wanna tell my parents or anything so if i wanna get an abortion do i need my parents permission if im underaged or how does this work.. i would i appreciate it if somebody answered this ASAP..IM GONNA DIE IF IM PREGNANT SERIOUSLY I CANT BE...

by User avatar ANDerY