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Im16 and I don't want to be pregnant

My dad and mom are divorced.i live with my mom and I have no good relation with my dad.i went to dad's house once when his Sister called me .at night there was a party.and my Cousin was a heavy sleeper .when u woke up I saw him above me.i was so startled.i didn't think anything happened...

by User avatar Asyn

After a medical abortion, they're telling me I need a D&C... what????

I had my medical abortion on the 5th of March. I was 7 weeks and 6 days preggo. Took the first pill to stop the progesterone, it worked fine. Took the second set of pills vaginally to induce cramping, well they worked just FINE. I was cramping about 2 hours after I inserted the pills, and...

by User avatar rockyroadlove

how to abort 1 month pregnancy without abortion

Answered by a doctor

hi, my girlfriend is month pregnant,she is facing a lot of prob, as vomits comes first thing in morning,i just want to know that is there any way out to abort pregnancy without abortion.pls helpthanks & regards, Aaryan

by User avatar aaryan

Abortion and having sex after

Answered by a doctor

I got a abortion about 5days ago and they said no sex for 2 weeks, but i had sexs on the 5thday and will that do anything? Do I have to worry about anything?

by User avatar Guest

how to get rid of pregnancy after 1 month with abortion pill?

Answered by a doctor

i am 17 years old and i am a virgin.recently me and my boyfrend have done something which makes me worry now. we have rubbed our genitals against each other's but he didnt ejaculate that tym...but he hd some precum. i dot know whethr i am pregnant or not but i am still waiting for my periods this...

by User avatar sana

How can i abort a 3 weeks pregnancy at home by myself 

How can i abort a 3 weeks pregnancy at home buy my self 

by User avatar Keisha

Is there a natural way to abort an early pregnancy?

Answered by a doctor

Hey there. Well actually I have a few questions. I have been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend for over 8 months now and I haven't gotten pregnant in all this time, never a late period, nothing. When I mentioned it to my sister, she thought it was very weird and suggested I get a checkup to...

by User avatar Guest

I took cytotec and cytopan tablets, but my test is still positive?

I am pragnet after 5week so I can get cyctoct tables but nothing so I can get Cytopan tablets and bleed is rening 2days my paid is full and 3th days bleed is stoped after 5th days I checked pragnet stick the result is positive I want to result is nigitve plz help me doctor

by User avatar Punjab

Thick Brown Discharge Weeks After Abortion

Answered by a doctor

I had a surgical abortion two weeks and two days ago. As far as I know, it was without complications. I bled pretty heavily for about five days afterward, and since have had a thick brown/black discharge. It has gotten lighter as time passes, but it is still there and is still annoying. I...

by User avatar winternization

Can i get an abortion without parental consent?

Answered by a doctor

im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant..i know for sure i dont wanna tell my parents or anything so if i wanna get an abortion do i need my parents permission if im underaged or how does this work.. i would i appreciate it if somebody answered this ASAP..IM GONNA DIE IF IM PREGNANT SERIOUSLY I CANT BE...

by User avatar ANDerY