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Abortion/depot shot

i had an abortion on January the 27 of 2017 and I didn't have sex anytime after until I went to the doctors on feb.24 and I got the depot provera shot, later on the night around 2am the next day I had unprotected sex with the same man a couple of times that day and he came inside me all the...

by User avatar Simon

Can my doctor tell that i have had an abortion?!

Can my doctor tell i have had an abortion by doing a PAP?

by User avatar Guest

Dark brown blood/discharge 2 weeks after abortion pill

I recently had an abortion, and bled for 6 days and then the bleeding stopped. I thought it was all over. Now just over a week later I've got this dark brown blood/discharge I don't really know what it is.. it's quite thick. Is it normal?   Thanks!

by User avatar bozzy

Abortions and anemic.....

I'm currently pregnant, and thinking about having an doctor told me i am anemic.....i'm scared if i have an abortion something will happen to me. Or will i be ok?

by User avatar Guest

Painful cramps/contractions a week after abortion

I had an abortion a week ago, and for the last 2 nights I have been having extremely painful uterine contractions. I have even been to A & E and have spoken to the abortion clinics nurses and apparently this is normal. It is due to my body realising I am no longer pregnant, my hormones changing,...

by User avatar Guest

Abortion and having sex after

Answered by a doctor

I got a abortion about 5days ago and they said no sex for 2 weeks, but i had sexs on the 5thday and will that do anything? Do I have to worry about anything?

by User avatar Guest

Having sex after a abortion

Good night I need some advice can you help me please   

by User avatar Meline jean louis

Can i get an abortion without parental consent?

Answered by a doctor

im 15 and im pretty sure im pregnant..i know for sure i dont wanna tell my parents or anything so if i wanna get an abortion do i need my parents permission if im underaged or how does this work.. i would i appreciate it if somebody answered this ASAP..IM GONNA DIE IF IM PREGNANT SERIOUSLY I CANT BE...

by User avatar ANDerY

Abortion regret 'lasts for years'

A new study was done in Norway about the consequences of abortion and their impact on women’s mental health. It was found that women could suffer mental distress, anxiety, guilt and shame even five years and perhaps longer after having an abortion. The study compared a group of 40 women who...

by User avatar simone2593

Sedation tooth extraction.. medical abortion the next day...

Hey, I have a tooth extraction next week meaning I have to be sedated but I have a medical abortion the next day.. can I still attend my abortion? As my baby's dad doesn't wanna wait more weeks and I don't either but I can't tell dental practice coz I really need teeth out is there a risk or can I...

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