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Sudden development of intolerance to alcohol

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I am a 44 yr old Canadian female of Estonian/Ukranian decent. I have had asian flush for several years, that appears after one drink of alcohol. Last summer, at the age of 43, I suddenly became very sick the next day, after consuming some beers. I was sicker than I had ever felt: not like a...

by User avatar Guest

I black out almost everytime I drink. I am not an alcoholic.

I am a female and I'm 19 years old. I'm 5'2" and about 145 lbs. For some reason I just decided to look into this. To start off, I'm not the normal college kid that goes out and drinks every night or crazy parties on weekends. I run a kitchen in Minneapolis and graduated from culinary school, so I...

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Drinking for 2 years straight afraid of complications

I am a 20 year old male who is 6'2" 250 lbs. and I have been drinking about 3-10 drinks a night of vodka and/or white wine for 2 years straight. I exercise everyday, I have diabetes that is under control (aside from drinking) and my legs feel squirrelly when I walk. I can feel them, but when I...

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i always fear ive done something wrong after drinking

Answered by a doctor

Every time I drink alcohol I always wake up and fear that I have done and said something horrible. My friends all say that I am quite and a good drunk and always asure me that i did nothing wrong. Even when I dont do anything wrong I convince myself that I did. I make up things in my head and then I...

by User avatar hairstylist1987270102

Can I ever drink after suffering Withdrawals....

Mid 40's, always been a social drinker.  Last yer creeped up due to stress to 3-4 drinks 4-5 nights per week.  Then came the xmas holiday/New Years, a 2week trip to Hawaii followed by a weekend bender in Vegas with college lads.  That last two months I prob drank most days.  5...

by User avatar ScottyH

can 5-6 beers a day cause severe withdrawals?

Hi,  I have been struggling with drinking for the last 8 years or so. Over the last few years I switched to beer and then 3.2% beer in the last 2 years. My average beer intake per night is about 8 which is equal to 5 standard drinks. After a one day binge of 14 standard drinks I have been getting...

by User avatar struggling to find myself

Are memory blackouts and gaps normal while drinking on a night out?

Hiya. I don't go out much at all, I mean month I could go out twice, then next year I could go out once. It's completely reliant on a few people in my life who invite me to things every so often, blah blah blah, social anxiety blah blah. That's not the real question! When I drink, I...

by User avatar Zoose

Breaking up with alcoholic boyfriend... abusive...needing support

Answered by a doctor

Sounds so horrendous... so easy to do..breaking up with someone who is an alcoholic..but truth is, when you meet someone, fall madly in love and then realize, months later that they are an alcoholic and that their abusive ways (verbal and emotional) that erupt over time are part of the package. My...

by User avatar smartcenter136880

how long do alcohol withdrawal symptoms last?

my husband recently quit drinking and has withdrawal smptoms and would like to know how long they usually last when quitting cold turkey?

by User avatar bobbie

I'm getting more violent when drunk.

Hi, I seem to be getting more and more aggressive with people when I've had too much alcohol in me and it's beginning to get me in trouble with family and friends. I went around Town on Friday in broad daylight and started arguing with everyone I came accross. I just lost it completely and now I'm...

by User avatar Yangedd79534