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I black out almost everytime I drink. I am not an alcoholic.

I am a female and I'm 19 years old. I'm 5'2" and about 145 lbs. For some reason I just decided to look into this. To start off, I'm not the normal college kid that goes out and drinks every night or crazy parties on weekends. I run a kitchen in Minneapolis and graduated from culinary school, so I...

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Sudden development of intolerance to alcohol

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I am a 44 yr old Canadian female of Estonian/Ukranian decent. I have had asian flush for several years, that appears after one drink of alcohol. Last summer, at the age of 43, I suddenly became very sick the next day, after consuming some beers. I was sicker than I had ever felt: not like a...

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Irregular urination pattern

I drink 3 to four bottle of water every day, but I only pee in the mornings. What could this be a sign of?

by User avatar Alex_1199

alcohol intolerance???

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am a college student and I often drink. 2 years ago I was able to drink about 13 drinks or shots without getting sick, blacking out, or even waking up with a hang over. Since then, my tolerance has gone down and I get drunk with a lot less alcohol. I have never thrown up at night, but...

by User avatar mastarm

Breaking up with alcoholic boyfriend... abusive...needing support

Answered by a doctor

Sounds so horrendous... so easy to do..breaking up with someone who is an alcoholic..but truth is, when you meet someone, fall madly in love and then realize, months later that they are an alcoholic and that their abusive ways (verbal and emotional) that erupt over time are part of the package. My...

by User avatar smartcenter136880

side effects of vodka

Hi, folks. My friend likes to drink nothing but vodka. I think that other alcoholic drinks do not exist for him. What can I tell him? Can vodka consumption lead to some sort of side effects? I would appreciate if someone could tell me something more. Thank you in advance. Bye, guys!

by User avatar donaugh602202751

Alcohol and blood pressure

Hi all,I was wondering if alcohol has an effect on blood pressure. My blood pressure has been usually low to normal, but recently it has been a little higher. Could a night of heavy drinking make your blood pressure higher the following day - especially in the morning? Also I made a promise with my...

by User avatar Meaw

If I had only mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms, am I safe to try going without any drink

I drink (drank, hopefully) approx. 4-6 drinks every night, unless I have a deathly bad hangover. Usually 4 shooters of vodka, and then a 22 oz. of beer.  Sometimes a 1/2 bottle of wine instead of the beer.  All-day drink fests with blackouts on weekends. Sometimes mixed alcohol with a...

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Alcoholic Boyfriend Issue

Answered by a doctor

I have been with my boyfriend for almost 2 years. I knew from day one he had a drinking poblem. I was still attracted to him and wanted to get to know the real him. Once i got to know the real him (the sober him) we fell in love. We were together for 4 months before getting an apartment together....

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Alcohol and shaking

Could anyone help me, l dont know if this is alcohol related, but l must admit l am a daily heavy drinker (thats the nice term for alcohlic :$ , i think ) l drink around 6 glasses of wine a night, and finish it off with some marijuana :$ I cant remember the night before, but l am quite concerned...

by User avatar peachybum5000