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Methadone and swelling

Can Methadone cause feet and ankles to swell? My son has been a off and on heroin addict for the past 16yrs. He is currently on Methadone (60ml) daily. He has never been given this amount before and yesterday I noticed that both his feet and ankles were swollen. He also said that the calves of his...

by User avatar Somer

The price of Oxycontin

Answered by a doctor

Hi, a few years ago I was using OxyContin for severe pain, and it helped me more than any other drug. A few weeks ago, my pain started to torture me again, so I went to a doctor. I asked him to prescribe me OxyContin again, but he wouldn’t. He seamed like he doesn’t trust me that I’m in pain,...

by User avatar Guest

whats the difference between hydrocodone and tylenol 3 codine?

can someone please tell me the difference between hydrocodone and tylenol 3 codine? i have taken them both but they affect me differently. the hydrocodone works so much better but ive heard there really is no difference. the tylenol 3 codine dont work well for my pain and makes my stomach hurt but...

by User avatar honeybee2627144281

Hospice cocktail morphine and lorazapham

Hospice Abuse and Negligence    Physicians, nurses and hospice workers all have an obligation By LAW to do whatever they can to make patients feel comfortable and safe . Yet  failed to uphold even minimal compliance with the most basic of health care standards . My mothers death from acute...

by User avatar f hospice321405

suboxone drug tests

Answered by a doctor

does suboxone show up on urine tests?

by User avatar miz12

Does methadone cause weight gain and/or slow down metabolism?

Answered by a doctor

My sister has taken methadone for about 4 years now and she has gained about 35 pounds during this time. When she starting seeing the weight gain she had only been on the medication for about 6 months. She began to exercise about 45 minutes each day but continued to gain weight. Now it is 35lbs....

by User avatar TooLongGone32342

Suboxone and Shortness of Breath

Answered by a doctor

I am currently on a taper of Suboxone @ 1mg every 1 1/2 days. I am extremely short of breath. It feels as if someone is standing on top of my chest and I have to keep breathing in a deep as possible to get air. I am pretty sure this is partly withdrawal from tapering but am wondering if this has...

by User avatar Guest

How long does it take mentally to feel better after quiting pain pills?

Answered by a doctor

Hi,I recently quit taking Pain killers after a 7 yr. love affair with them.I just got sick of being sick with out having them, and controlled by them.With shity mood swings coming down off of them.But Now I find myself in a psychological hell after stopping.I feel lazy,demotivated,And lots of...

by User avatar Basket case

Bad Tramadol Reaction

Answered by a doctor

Hi there, My doctor prescribed me Tramadol for acute pain I am having in my hip due to osteoarthritus & loss of cartiledge. I'm on the waiting list for a hip replacement but it will take a year or two. I was taking aspirin, paracetemol & codine, then moved to mobic, paracetemol &...

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Is Tramadol withdrawal hard?

Answered by a doctor

A friend of mine has been using Tramadol after the back surgery. He had some severe injury but is ok now, all that is left is pain and he somehow deals with it with the help of Tramadol. Last time we were talking he mentioned he has to stop with the therapy but that it will not be easy at all. Is...

by User avatar lidia50285