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weight gain through accutane

I had problems with zits ever since I was a teenager. I used so many creams, gels, went to treatments but nothing helped. Now I was thinking about taking Accutane but I heard that it causes weight gain. Has anybody used Accutane? Can you tell me more about it before I decide to buy it.

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Is Cytotec a safe way to induce abortion when administered correctly during normal pregnancies?

Answered by a doctor

I am in my third week of pregnancy, I have just found that out, and unfortunately, this is completely wrong time for me to stay pregnant. So, I have heard about Cytotec and that it might help me. Is Cytotec a safe way to induce abortion when administrated correctly during normal pregnancies?

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Nyquil and ibuprofen at the same time?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! Last evening I cough a cold. I have a runny nose. I want to take some medication. My friend told me that Nyquil is very effective. I know that it's a popular medication for treating cold and flu symptoms. But I've just taken ibuprofen to relieve my menstrual cramps. Can I use Nyquil and...

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Remicade and absent mindness

I have just been on Remicade for about 4mths now and think the drug does wonders for me, I have just noticed that I am becoming more absent minded then usual I have always had a bad memory (short term) but this is something even I have noticed being worse then usual . Has anyone else had these...

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Singulair and weight gain

Answered by a doctor

I was diagnosed with asthma this January. I am taking 10 mg Singulair once per day and this is the only medication that I take. However, I have gained at least 15 lbs since I started taking Singulair. I am also experiencing strange dreams and have rash. Is the weight gain side effect of Singulair...

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hair loss after stoping accutane

Answered by a doctor

Hi! What are the chances of Accutane induced hair loss three months after stopping the drug? I am a healthy 25 year old female, I have no previous medical history, I have no people in my family going bald and I heard that Accutane could make one lose hair while on the drug. I haven’t had any...

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Accutane and destroyed lips 5 years after "the cure"

First of all, I am Norwegian so my english is not that good. Well, what can I say. My lips don't "Work" anymore. They are dry and dead looking. The worst is that is getting worse. Everye single day a layer skin is peeling off and they look terrible. I have tried everything but's just...

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what are the withdrawal symptoms after stopping Norfen PLUS

what are the withdrawal symptoms after stopping NORFEN

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accutane and impotence

My son took accutane around 18 years old. He had to take two and a half courses of it. He had the chapped lips, face peeled,his hair that had been straight, thinned, and is now coarse and wavey. He said his sex life had been great. But a few mths after he finished treatment, He is 19 yrs old now,...

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Could stomach pain be caused by taking ibuprofen?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! My doctor prescribed Ibuprofen tablets for treatment of my osteoarthritis. At first I thought he made a mistake since I heard ibuprofen was usually used for relief of mild pain. The problem is I have stomach pain after taking this medicine and I heard ibuprofen has almost no side effects....

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