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klonopin and hair loss

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has experienced hair loss as a result of using Klonopin. I took a low dose (1mg) of Klonopin approximately 3x weekly (before presentations) for 5 months. I noticed severe shedding during this time, and have recently had to cut about five inches off. I completely...

by User avatar Divah21149

Adderall Miracle Drug for Anxiety, Depression

Answered by a doctor

After being prescribed some 6-8 popular anti-depressants in the last 18 months, I realized I cannot take anti-depressants, period. Unfortunately, it took months of anguish and sheer determination to convince my doctor of this; that anti-depressants make me feel awful, depression/anxiety become...

by User avatar Gail Darlene

Is it safe to shoot klonopin?

Hi, I would like if someone could tell me is it safe to shoot klonopin? You see, I have a friend who is using her mothers klonopin tablets this way and I worry about her health. She says she feels great when she uses this drug, but I dont believe this can be good for her! So please someone explain...

by User avatar Guest


Answered by a doctor

HELP i am on 40mgs. of lexapro per day and i want to take diet pills? what are the side effects?

by User avatar Guest

Clonazepam nightmare, severe withdrawal symptoms

Does anyone have any experience coming off clonezapam ? Currently trying to come off 3 mg a day and having severe withdrawal systoms. Any advice ? I have been on it for 4 years. I feel bad on it and it has caused alot of health issues. So far in a month I am down to 0.75 mg 3 times a day instead...

by User avatar Scared person

drug screen not showing clonazepam

i am perscribed clonazapam on a daily basis and have regular drug screening for it. this does not always show up in my urine and nobody seems to no why this happens. i would be very grateful if anybody new why this happens on occasions. my doctor believes i do not take them, but this is not true,...

by User avatar teptep

Effexor & stomach problems, cancer?

Answered by a doctor

Hi- I took effexor for last 4 months and apart from being broke XD I noticed almost immediate bubbling stomach issues (apart from sleep distrurbance, night sweating). Not so much diarrhea but gas, belching. I felt crappy for the most part and had liver and gallbladder area pain that cannot be...

by User avatar Guest

Which medications dont mix well with marijuana??

I was wondering if anyone knew which medications dont mix good with weed? My mother has a 60 year old neighbor who smokes weed more then I could explain...Im talking 24/7. But she is taking anti-depresents such as adivan, voluim, and then seriquil(which is a sleeping pill) all while smoking. I have...

by User avatar jewleejewls59727

Hydroxyzine abuse

I am interested in doing some meds for depression. Ive heard that it can get you relaxed and relieve you of your fears and of course, depression. Not that I have problems with depression, I am just in for Hydroxyzine abuse. I know of wellbutrin, valium, codeine, I have even tried those, with...

by User avatar Guest

lexapro raises blood pressure

Answered by a doctor

Hey there, I am wondering about some side effect, since I am not sure whether this is connected to lexapro or not. OK, I was depressed the whole month, had some problems in family, and went to the doctor. He prescribed me with lexapro, one pill a day during lunch. I followed the prescription. The...

by User avatar Guest