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What are the most common side-effects of antianxiety drug Cipralex?

Hello everyone. I am diagnosed with anxiety and my doctor didn't offered me some alternatives to treat this. He told me that I should start with antidepressants immediately. OK, he knows the best, even if I am against antidepressants, I think that it is OK to listen to him. So, he prescribed...

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Is seroxat used for antianxiety? And how is it taken for social anxiety or phobia.

Is Seroxat Used For Antianxiety? And How Is It Taken For Social Anxiety Or Phobia.

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Whats the use of beta blockers like tenolol. Can it be used as anti anxiety

Answered by a doctor

Whats The Use Of Beta Blockers Like Tenolol. Can It Be Used As Anti Anxiety

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Adderall, Wellbutrin, Buspar, Lamictal, Depakote and Klonopin, how to work this combo

So hey  I'm on a cocktail of meds. I'm really putting myself out here...I should and will talk to my doctors. Eh. But ..... I believe this maybehelpful  So  I don't know how to work this combo  200 milligrams of Wellbutrin 10 milligram of Adderall 20 milligram...

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Hydroxyzine abuse

I am interested in doing some meds for depression. Ive heard that it can get you relaxed and relieve you of your fears and of course, depression. Not that I have problems with depression, I am just in for Hydroxyzine abuse. I know of wellbutrin, valium, codeine, I have even tried those, with...

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Stopping Lexapro

Answered by a doctor

I was on 10mg of lexapro, that 5mg and from past eek I stop taking Lexapro. I feel bad I have some pressure in my head. It is like my brain is going to explode, I can concentrate on anything. What should I do? Someone told me that in normal when stopping lexapro.

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Is combining valium and ambien safe within 2 hours?

Answered by a doctor

Is it safe to take a valium 2 hours after taking an ambien that didn't so the trick? I would like to sleep, and when my first sleep aid fails, I wonder if I can try valium as a backup in a pinch when the wee hours are upon me. Is the combination safe, if they are not taken at the exact same time...

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Adderall Miracle Drug for Anxiety, Depression

Answered by a doctor

After being prescribed some 6-8 popular anti-depressants in the last 18 months, I realized I cannot take anti-depressants, period. Unfortunately, it took months of anguish and sheer determination to convince my doctor of this; that anti-depressants make me feel awful, depression/anxiety become...

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zoloft headaches facial pain and swell

Answered by a doctor

I have been prescribed Zoloft to help me fight my anxiety disorder but instead I experienced some weird side effects. Apart from the every day¡¦s headaches, my face hurts and is swollen. Besides that, the drug is good for me. So, I don¡¦t know if I should quit taking it, or wait a bit and see...

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Zoloft brain damage

Last year I was prescribed Zoloft (100mg) by my psychiatrist. It helped me to cheer up and become happy again. I was on it for about 3 months. In October 2010, I did something stupid and stopped taking the Zoloft cold turkey. I wanted to get off of it because I was experiencing...

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