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would it be bad if I drink alcohol while on Azithromycin?

I drank azithromycin 500mg 2 days ago! It was only two pills in one day but supposedly i couldnt drink for a week. I was wondering would it be bad if i do? 

by User avatar Nessa122113

marijuana and metronidazole

Answered by a doctor

Is it safe to smoke marijuana whilst taking the antibiotic Metronidazole?

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what will happen if I take cocaine with clarithromycin? Will there be some side effects?

I have to take clarithromycin for 7 days,500mg a day(im on day 3). For 2 days i have a event and i know i should not drink. because it could make things worse, like i could feel nauseous and vomit etc. So i won't drink,and i was wondering can i take a few lines of candy? Will i have a...

by User avatar Itsnotme7

Can you be allergic to Neosporin?

Hi, folks. My brother was diagnosed a skin infection. His doctor prescribed him Neosporin. After two applications, it seems my brother got an allergy. He had swollen face as well. I wonder whether it is possible that one can be allergic to Neosporin. What do you know about this? I would appreciate...

by User avatar adrien61563819

Best antibiotic for strep throat?

Answered by a doctor

What are the best antibiotics for strep throat? I just went from MD and he told me that I have strep throat and wrote me what I should use for it. Will I be better with antibiotics?

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minocycline and weight gain

:'( I've been taking minocycline tablets (100mg) as suggested by my dermatologist for acne treatment... It is acting too slowly but i can see the difference... The saddest part is that I'm gaining weight at a high rate... i.e. in 6 weeks a 9kg increase... Pls suggest what to do in this.............

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Comments and reviews on article "Sulfa Drugs Allergy: Are You Allergic to Sulfa Drugs?"

Users comments and reviews on article Sulfa Drugs Allergy: Are You Allergic to Sulfa Drugs? by Dr. Soni Vijay

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Will amoxicillin cure e.coli in UTI?

Will amoxicillin cure ecoli in uti 

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smoking weed while taking minocycline

Hello! I have been prescribed minocycline for my acne problem. The thing is that I smoke weed like on regular basis and am worried now if there could be any adverse reactions if I smoked weed and took this medicine. Any ideas?

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Coffee and antibiotics

Can i drink coffee while taking antibiotics?

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