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alprim Trimethoprim for a UTI

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I've been given Alprim Trimethoprim for a UTI I've had for over 3 weeks now, Im to scared to take it as I've felt the affects of a allergic reaction to penicillin before, I'm told it's not in the penicillin family, but I'm scared I'll have the same reaction anyway and all the other side affects...

by User avatar Jayne

marijuana and metronidazole

Answered by a doctor

Is it safe to smoke marijuana whilst taking the antibiotic Metronidazole?

by User avatar Guest

alcohol while taking antibiotics or not?

Answered by a doctor

Should I refrain from drinking alcohol whilst on antibiotics? If I do drink alcohol and antibiotics, how long before/after should I take the medication?

by User avatar chooki183342

Taking a day off antibiotics course to have a drink or not?

I've been prescribed Co-amoxiclav 500mg/ 125mg tablets, 3 times a day for a bad chest infection. The infection and pain is considerable better now on day 6. Day 7, final day, is tomorrow, which coincides with a surprise birthday party I've just found out about. I've read that there are no known...

by User avatar vanderkerkoff353515

Alcohol and Antibiotics

Answered by a doctor

I am currently taking Amoxycillin (spelling?) for an infection in my tooth (cracked it ages ago and waiting on an appointment to have it sorted). What I want to know is I would like to have a drink at new year but im not sure if I can drink with this antibiotic as some you can and some you cant, I...

by User avatar Brunettemum

What if you had sex the same day you took Azithromycin?

what if you had sex the same day you took Azithromycin?

by User avatar Guest

Coffee and antibiotics

Can i drink coffee while taking antibiotics?

by User avatar Guest

does cannabis interfere with ciprofloxacin

I am on ciprofloxacin 500mg for a kidney infection. I smoke cannabis for arthritis. Is this dangerous to take both at the same time and does it stop antibiotic from working?

by User avatar Guest

When do antibiotics start working?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have an abscess in my mouth, and I started taking antibiotics two days ago. I would like to know when antibiotics start working. Will I have to wait a long time before I feel improvement?

by User avatar Guest

minocycline and weight gain

:'( I've been taking minocycline tablets (100mg) as suggested by my dermatologist for acne treatment... It is acting too slowly but i can see the difference... The saddest part is that I'm gaining weight at a high rate... i.e. in 6 weeks a 9kg increase... Pls suggest what to do in this.............

by User avatar Guest