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what effect does alcohol on warfarin

Answered by a doctor

I do not drink much alcohol but my blood tests are going down, now at 1.8 but warfarin does has not been altered. Why should the levels change

by User avatar quinnchurchill@googlemail

Coumadin linked to weight gain

Answered by a doctor

>:( After having discussion after discussion with my PCP and their nurses, I've turned to the internet for some answers. It's here that I discovered that I'm not the only one that has noticed a considerable amount of WEIGHT GAIN from this drug!! It's not right! I told my PCP that there HAS to be...

by User avatar Guest

can coumadin keep you from getting and erection

Answered by a doctor

can coumadin keep you from getting and erection

by User avatar ker555

Do ibuprofen and aspirin have anticoagulant properties?

My father needs to take aspirin every day. His doctor prescribed to him aspirin to prevent a stroke. I didn’t know that aspirin is effective for those kinds of problems. My friend thinks that ibuprofen is better for that. Now I’m not sure do ibuprofen and aspirin have anticoagulant...

by User avatar flori151356616

Brilinta vs Plavix

Hello, I’ve been suffering from consequences of heart attack I had almost two years ago now. MY cardiologist has me on Plavix and even though we’ve talked about any more effective or permanent solution that would give me at least some relief, he’s still not sure about switching me from Plavix...

by User avatar Guest

Marijuana interracts with Coumadin?

Hey all, I just recently had a DVT blood clot in my leg and I am currently on the anticoagulant Coumadin. Now I am not an avid pot smoker, but I was wondering what affect would smoking maybe once a weekend have on my INR levels and if I should seriously avoid smoking it. Also, if it is the...

by User avatar s 2 the cout97455

smoking medical marijuana or taking edibles while on coumadin, any side effects?

Been doing a lot of searching on this subject. Can't find anything definite. Does smoking mmj or taking edibles have any effect while taking coumadin ?

by User avatar Rick

numb hands from xarelto

My husband took xeralto for about 5 months. Before he started taking it his hands were fine. About 3 months in his left hand started to go numb fingers first. then after another month his right hand did the same. Told the Dr. he wanted off so went to different Dr. they said ok. But his hands still...

by User avatar sillysally2721350205

would consuming alcohol affect my upcoming INR test? i was told not to take Warfarin for a while

If I was told not to take Warfrin for a couple of days would comsuming alcohol affect my upcoming INR test?  

by User avatar gojets2121

Gas pains after coming off of Coumadin, her stomach is easily irritated

My daughter has just gone off Cumadin....tried eating salad and green leafy vegetables, spinach.  Has strong gas pains .    Had only 1 glass of wine and upset her stomach.  Is this a normal effect from going off of it?  She was on it for 1 year.

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