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Does anyone want to share their experience with Klonopin and long term effects on memory/ focus

Does anyone want to share their experience with Klonopin and long term effects on memory/ focus / concentration? I was on 0.5mg /night for 8 years to help with anxiety and sleep. I recently weaned off the drug (horrific withdrawal even with a patterned taper) but I am completely drug free...

by User avatar severus

how long do withdrawl symptoms last with klonopin?

Answered by a doctor

how long do withdrawl symptoms last after stopping Klonopin? I have a friend who had sever sideeffects while taking this drug and had to stop taking klonopin abruptly. She is feeling dizzy, lightheaded, and her balance is off like she is drunk. How long does this last? ? ? ? %-) %-) %-)

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zonegran and pregnancy

I am a 25 year old woman and I am using Zonegran for years. I am trying to get pregnant for past 3 months with no success. I heard that it is dangerous to stay pregnant while taking Zonegran. I have an appointment with my doctor soon, but till then I would like to know more details. Will Zonegran...

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Difference between Vimpat and Keppra

Hello, I’ve been diagnosed with epilepsy when I was 18 and ever since then I’ve been on varying doses of Keppra. I’m currently on 2500 mg twice daily and up until this point Keppra was very successful in controlling my seizures. But, they are getting more and more frequent now and my...

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anyone used gabapentin for fibromyalgia?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, there! I am suffering from fibromialgia and my brother and father too. I am the one in family that is indebted to fine any offered cure for our disease. I have heard that some people tried with gabapentin. Has anyone from you used gabapentin for fibromyalgia? What were your experiences with...

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Is there any physical withdrawls to clonazapam

Is There Any Physical Withdrawls To Clonazapam

by User avatar erma scranton

has anyone found an increase in manic behaviors with gabapentin?

has anyone found an increase in manic behaviors with gabapentin. Anti depressants, all of them cause my anger, agitation and manic irritability to skyrocket.  I've had bipolar for 20+ years and am trying to combat my manic behavior. I do not suffer from depression at all and have very...

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Negative UAs well being prescribed Klonopin

I recently just came back from my clinic, and found out that the last three UAs that I took, where are negative for Klonopin. I take Klonopin 1 mg three times a day, then  my doctor was retiring, and decided to lower my dose by .5.  I think she did this to look like there was more...

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Gabapentin weight loss

I lose weight on Gabapentin, and have less appetite, and my weight stays stable. Does anyone else lose weight on Gabapentin?

by User avatar cvoor343302

What would happen if I drank alcohol while taking Gabapentin?

Answered by a doctor

I have problems with epilepsy. I have seizures very often and doctor told me that I need to take Gabapentin as a treatment. Now I have one problem. I have a wedding in Saturday that I cant miss. There will be a lot of people from my firm and we like to drink a glass or two. What would happen if I...

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