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side effects of monistat 1

Answered by a doctor

i thought i had a minor yeast infection, so i used monistat 1 last night. i got up at 12:30 to urniate and afterward it started to burn very badly. when i woke up this morning and urinated the same thing happened. it is extremely uncomfortable and ten times worse than it was before i used the...

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Yeast infection under my breasts caused by warmth and heat, can I apply the ointment on my vagina?

I have a yeast/fungal infection underneath my breasts caused by warmth and heat, and I also have a few patches near my vagina area. I talked with my doctor and my doctor prescribed me with an anti-fungal ointment. I then began to wonder if I could have a yeast infection in my vagina... Could I...

by User avatar lmurn12345

is major swelling allergic reaction to monistat 1 or what?

Answered by a doctor

Some history: I'm 27 and I've been in a faithful marriage for 5 yrs. No STDs, checked yearly at annual exams. I am allergic to anything scented or with deodorant (tampons, pads,etc.) 2 days ago husband & I have sex. Nothing done differently, however yesterday I notice my clit (and only my...

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Monistat 1 and swelling, I will not use it again

I find this so bizarre that each of us had the same exact thing happen!!! A few days ago I started feeling uncomfortable, having clumpy discharge, and some minor burning when I urinate I immediately realized it was a yeast infection. Prone to them so I usually get Diflucan from my doctor however...

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Early menstruation brought on by Miconazole?

I get yeast infections more months out of the year than I don't. They usually occur right before or right after ovulation (confirmed by combined use of LH litmus strips, NFP - Creighton model, & BBT). Every time I use Miconozole-7 by day 3 or 4 I am guaranteed to see bloody discharge. By day 6...

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use of antifungal foot cream on vagina?

one of my daughter's friends has asked me about yeast infections... she seems to have one. her mother gave her a tube of clotrimazole 1% foot cream to apply to the outside of her vaginal opening. i 'm concerned with her using a foot cream. is that safe or should we buy her some monistat?

by User avatar dolly

Horrible Monistat 1 reaction. I need relief!

Answered by a doctor

Eight days ago I had my very first yeast infection. So, my fiance and I went to Walmart. Mind you, we didn't know what to expect. I wanted the relief badly, so my fiance pointed to the Monistat 1 treatment and I thought "How convenient!". We went home, I inserted it, which was painful due to my...

by User avatar Parafonia

Monistat 1 ovule is too strong for treating yeast infection

I have had a yeast infection for the past 2 days so I decided I needed to do something about it.  But I should have done my research. I was looking for something that would make it go away quick. So I saw this on the shelf and it said 1-day and strong so I was sold. I did not know that the...

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Very Swollen Hood after using Monistat Yeast Infection Treatment

Answered by a doctor

I've been using Monistat 7 for about twenty four hours to treat yeast infection symptoms: redness around vagina, small bumps around vagina, tenderness & redness of skin between vagina & anus, itching & burning around vagina labia & my clit.  To make it worse I just got my period...

by User avatar Rain

Monostat 1, vulva allergy

just like all of you, I have an angry vagina from taking Monostat 1. Saw my gynecologist today and she told me to go buy a vinegar douche to clean out the medicine. I've read on other forums that it works. Wish me luck! 

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