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use of antifungal foot cream on vagina?

one of my daughter's friends has asked me about yeast infections... she seems to have one. her mother gave her a tube of clotrimazole 1% foot cream to apply to the outside of her vaginal opening. i 'm concerned with her using a foot cream. is that safe or should we buy her some monistat?

by User avatar dolly

side effects of monistat 1

Answered by a doctor

i thought i had a minor yeast infection, so i used monistat 1 last night. i got up at 12:30 to urniate and afterward it started to burn very badly. when i woke up this morning and urinated the same thing happened. it is extremely uncomfortable and ten times worse than it was before i used the...

by User avatar Guest

is major swelling allergic reaction to monistat 1 or what?

Answered by a doctor

Some history: I'm 27 and I've been in a faithful marriage for 5 yrs. No STDs, checked yearly at annual exams. I am allergic to anything scented or with deodorant (tampons, pads,etc.) 2 days ago husband & I have sex. Nothing done differently, however yesterday I notice my clit (and only my...

by User avatar Guest

Monistat 1 - no, no, no. Use ice packs to get relief

2:20 am with an ice pack between my legs...never again. I've used monistat 3 before with no issues and needed something quick so used 1 this time...nope. Got a bath, washed as much off as possible, ice pack and I'm about to take a Benadryl. Ice pack helps a lot for those looking for...

by User avatar Guest

Anti-itch cream side effects - I feel some burning, but I must use it

 I have had several East infections over the course of my adult life and have used the over-the-counter one or three day of your treatments.  I've had good results with them and for the most part  what's the treatment was over I had no issues.  However, the anti-itch cream that...

by User avatar Fox.skf

Have you had a bad reaction to Monistat 1?

Answered by a doctor

I'm a reporter with Cosmo Magazine, and I'm looking to reach out to women ages 20 to 35 who have suffered adverse reactions (severe burning in the middle of the night, for example) to Monistat 1 (or the generic equivalent) for a story we're doing on vaginal health. Please contact me if you're...

by User avatar serichards33305754

Horrible Monistat 1 reaction. I need relief!

Answered by a doctor

Eight days ago I had my very first yeast infection. So, my fiance and I went to Walmart. Mind you, we didn't know what to expect. I wanted the relief badly, so my fiance pointed to the Monistat 1 treatment and I thought "How convenient!". We went home, I inserted it, which was painful due to my...

by User avatar Parafonia

Yeast infection under my breasts caused by warmth and heat, can I apply the ointment on my vagina?

Answered by a doctor

I have a yeast/fungal infection underneath my breasts caused by warmth and heat, and I also have a few patches near my vagina area. I talked with my doctor and my doctor prescribed me with an anti-fungal ointment. I then began to wonder if I could have a yeast infection in my vagina... Could I...

by User avatar lmurn12345356885

Monistat 1 and swelling, I will not use it again

I find this so bizarre that each of us had the same exact thing happen!!! A few days ago I started feeling uncomfortable, having clumpy discharge, and some minor burning when I urinate I immediately realized it was a yeast infection. Prone to them so I usually get Diflucan from my doctor however...

by User avatar Guest

Early menstruation brought on by Miconazole?

I get yeast infections more months out of the year than I don't. They usually occur right before or right after ovulation (confirmed by combined use of LH litmus strips, NFP - Creighton model, & BBT). Every time I use Miconozole-7 by day 3 or 4 I am guaranteed to see bloody discharge. By day 6...

by User avatar Guest