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how much diphenhydramine is an overdose?

Answered by a doctor

I have been prescribed with diphenhydramine for my troubles with sleeping. I was taking it 50 mg every six hours. But what has happened? I have missed the dose and I took two at once. I know that I should not do that and I don't know what I was thinking about while taking it but it has happened. I...

by User avatar Guest

Can I treat Psoriasis with Flonase?

Answered by a doctor

I have psoriasis. Since I have found out about my condition I can't make peace with it. I am constantly in seeking for ways to treat it. I have spoken to my friend from high school that also has psoriasis. He claims that he had cured it with Flonase. Can I treat Psoriasis with Flonase? Isn't it some...

by User avatar lennard35781

which is stronger: doxylamine succinate or diphenhydramine?

Answered by a doctor

I feel that I could break world record in insomnia. Sometimes it can spend all week with just a few hours sleep. It is not something I like or encourage but it is happening. I have realized that I need some medical help. And there comes the trouble. I have to people with different opinions. My...

by User avatar carver38597

vagina smelly dog breath odor

Dog breath odor as I call it, because I smelled my dog's breath once while playing with her.  I use feminine wipes, and it helps but it does come back.  Same when I use those clear sensitive soaps without fragrance.  I have had UTIs since 20's, now I'm 58.  I am now taking a pill...

by User avatar GUEST

Does Fexofenadine (Allegra) cause depression?

Answered by a doctor

I cant ignore my sons behavior these days. He has become very quiet, calm and peaceful. He often looks at one spot and he dont laugh a lot. He is only 16 years old. He is too young for that kind of behavior. I think that he is depressed. It has started about at the same time when he started to use...

by User avatar Guest

Can taking meclizine for motion sickness cause memory loss and anger?

My wife is having big problem with motion sickness. Every time she has to go to a longer trip she is feeling dizzy, nauseous and she vomits. For her situation to be more interesting she works in one company as sales manager and she is forced to travel a lot. She is taking Meclizine and there are...

by User avatar gavan32255

Treatment for Hives caused by Antihistamines?

Answered by a doctor

I've have seasonal allergies to pollen since I was a small child. My tested allergies haven't changed since then. I'm 41, and have used the non-drowsey antihistamines since the mid-nineties. I've tried them all - Zirtec, Allegra, etc. About 2 years ago, I started getting hives in reaction to the...

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Could Claritin affect my sense of smell?

Answered by a doctor

I am 45 years old mechanic. I am working in conditions which are not so representative. To be worse I have problems with allergy. Symptoms are more or less common. I have runny nose, itchy and painful throat, watery eyes etc. I am taking Claritin but I am beginning to think that it was mistake. It...

by User avatar felicio37967

Flonase gave me anxiety and I think that it needs to be put on the list of possible side effects

hi everyone! I've been on Flonase for a year or so now taking it everyday.  At first month I had same anxiety problems and felt shaky and nervous most of the day.  After the second month the anxiety has gone away and my sinuses have never felt better.  I get occasional headaches from...

by User avatar Guest

Antidepressant effect of Diphenhydramine?

I am suffering from chronic rhinitis and depression. For treatment of chronic rhinitis I usually use Diphenhydramine to reduce congestion in my nose and sinuses. But I have heard that Diphenhydramine also has antidepressant effect. It is really true? How can it be? Can I use it to treat my...

by User avatar arlin34758