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Anyone gained weight as a side effect of sotalol?

Hello, I would like to get more informed about my mother’s health condition. She has been diagnosed with heart arrhythmia and this happened two years ago. Since then she has changed several medications in order to find the right one. At this moment, she is using sotalol and I have noticed she...

by User avatar eugine66966819

topamax and being constantly hungry

I've been taking Topamax twice daily (for the most part) to manage migraines for about 4 months, and in the last month I've discovered I have an insatiable appetite. Does topamax have any sort of known side effect which makes you feel hungry all the time even 20 minutes after eating a delicious...

by User avatar starving

Clonidine for autism?

What kind of doctor gives medication used for lover high blood pressure to autistic child? My child will not take this drug! I am waiting ours next appointment to put him on his place! Oh, I am so angry. What does he thinks, that we do not have TV, radio, internet, that we are living on some...

by User avatar konstance31626

hydrochlorothiazide causing weight gain

Answered by a doctor

Can hydrochlorothiazide cause weight gain, if so, why?

by User avatar guest123

Spironolactone and trying to conceive

I have been taking Spironolactone for a year and a half to control my acne. I have heard that it is unsafe to take while pregnant. Is there a period of time I should wait after going off of it before trying to conceive? How long does it take to get out of your system completely?

by User avatar lauriecs

Is sweating normal side effect of Prinivil (Lisinopril)?

Hello, My husband recently started taking ACE inhibitor Prinivil (Lisinopril) to help lower his high blood pressure and this medication seems like it’s causing more side effects than it helps with the high blood pressure. For the first week he started taking it, he had problems with appetite, he...

by User avatar Jade


The doctor put me on HYDROCHLOROT 25 MG TAB STAD for high blood presure. It brought my blodd pressure down but after being on it for about two weeks I started getting very dizzy (like I just stepped off a merry go round) just feel horrible. The doctor said I could not be the medicaton but I feel it...

by User avatar Ruby Maine

stomach problems with topamax

I started taking Topamax six months ago to prevent migraine. Ever since then I am experiencing abdominal pain. Before I started using Topamax, everything was ok with my stomach. Is it possible that this medication is causing my problem? Can it cause other problems? I am a bit worried so I would...

by User avatar Guest

mixing ritalin and clonidine?

My younger daughter is suffering from ADHD. I have divorced from my husband when she was 4 years old, and at first that her behavior has something to do with that. But after numerous scenes and hers constant conflicts with environment I took her to the doctor and finally we got diagnose, ADHD. Now I...

by User avatar Guest


Answered by a doctor

I had injured my muscles in car accident. I am on physical therapy for a month now; I was prescribed to carisoprodol along with it. I am taking 2 tablets each day. Please tell me what possible side effects of carisoprodol are, and what happens if I miss the dose. I am very amenable on allergies...

by User avatar Guest