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Chemotherapy Teeth Problems?

Hi, I am 47 years old male and I am on the chemotherapy because of my prostate cancer. In the last few weeks I started to experience problem with my teeth. If feel burning in my gingival tissue. Also my mucosa is irritated. I would like to know if this is caused by chemotherapy and what can I do...

by User avatar Guest

Anybody actually purchased Dichloroacetate (DCA)?

Hi, I have heard about DCA - Dichloracetate from my friend several weeks ago. He called me to tell me that he read incredible news in some magazine about medication which is destroying cancer cells and has no side effects in the same time. It sounds incredible to me so I would like to know if...

by User avatar auberon25834

Dichloroacetate for metastatic breast cancer?

I recently read an article (World Magazine, 3-17-07) that Dichloroacetate (DCA) may show promise in killing cancer cells, although it has not yet been tested in human trials. Is any DCA research going to happen soon? Since I am now close to the end of my metatstatic breast cancer battle (9 years),...

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Very High Triglycerides From Tamoxifen

Hello. I'm 24 year old female and I have some important questions to make. I work as a stewardess in one big aero-company and just recently, on one regular blood check-up initiated by our company I was found with very high triglycerides in my blood. My doctor told me that I should avoid food rich...

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Zofran addiction?

I had cervix cancer surgery and I finished my chemotherapy treatment two weeks ago, but my question is related to zofran addiction. Is it possible to be addicted to zofran for I was on zofran for quite some time and that is during all my chemo in order to stop nausea and vomiting? And now when...

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What damage could occur from using Dichloroacetate (DCA) as anticancer treatment?

Hi, I have read many comments which suggest not using dichloacetate because it may be very dangerous for someone's health. On the other side there are people who are ready to take risks if this drug may cure them from cancer. I would like to know what damages may occur if someone decide to use...

by User avatar blayne19435

Side effects of taking taking enbrel and methotrexate?

Answered by a doctor

My problem is rheumatoid arthritis. I have been dealing with it for almost two years and even though medications I used had a positive effect, I have to admit that this condition made my life e a lot worse than it was before. Now, I have been thinking of changing the therapy. I am currently using...

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Treatment with Interferon and Pegasus Hep C caused me skin problems and bones pain

6 years after treatment and can't manage long terms sides effects, I don't have working virus in my body anymore, virus is there of course but is sleeping, but treatment left many different illnesses... I got huge skin problems, bones pain, difficulty in movement if anybody can help please because...

by User avatar iwo

have I got my heart palpitations from methotrexate?

I've been having heart palpitations and I have been on methotrexate for 8 months now 21 mil a week. I do believe it from the methotrexate

by User avatar Theresa

Got seizures after chemo therapy

Hello, I really need your help. What can you tell me about the chemo brain? My wife has finished her chemo therapies after the breast cancer surgery and she should be fine now, except for the seizures that happened the other day and we don’t know what it is related to. Will she get better or...

by User avatar ave40447