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stomach pain associated with lithium

I have been taking Lithium for about a week now, up to 600mg so far. Last night I almost went to the hospital with severe stomach pains. I basically sucked it up when I saw via internet that this was a side effect of lithium. How long does it last for. Right now, it is just a dull pain, but I am...

by User avatar sunflower 29000

When will the withdrawals stop after taking seroquel 100mg for a month?

When will the withdrawals stop after taking seroquel 100mg every night for a month and has it damaged my brain face

by User avatar Guest

seroquel bad withdrawals and symptoms

Answered by a doctor

ive been off seroqel for about 80 days now, the first 2 months was fine, but now its gotten a little having tons of anxiety, not feeling like eating, not sleeping all that great, and i cannot get back on seroquel for many reasons, but heres the thing.........i never had any of...

by User avatar Guest

SEROQUEL: Weight gain: 20+ pounds!!!

Answered by a doctor

:( :( I am a fairly healthy 53 year old woman who started taking 400 mg./day SEROQUEL 5 months ago. I weighed 120 lbs. before I started taking the medication & now weigh 144 lbs. ONLY IN MY BELLY. My butt, thighs & arms are the same size as they were since I was 18. I can't seem to lose...

by User avatar Suzanne in Corpus Christi36024

Risperidone Emotional Flatness

Answered by a doctor

Hi there im currently taking 1 mg of Risperidal a night and I was just wondering if the drug is contributing to me feeling emotionally "flat". When someone tells a joke, its like I cant laugh. When something bad happens i dont feel bad. Could it be that im depressed? Psycologically i...

by User avatar WaterskierX

Risperidone "Flat"

Answered by a doctor

I am taking 1 mg of Risperidone a day just before bed time to treat psychosis. 7 months ago while i was in the hospital i was under alot of stress dealing with anxeity, depression and dellusions. Before this psychotic episode i used to "enjoy" playing ice hockey, water skiing, hanging...

by User avatar Guest

Getting off Seroquel, Would quitting cold turkey from 75mg cause brain damage or serious harm?

Hi, I have been on 150mg Seroquel XR since November 2015 for bipolar 2 and I have recently turned a corner in my mental health. I have much more control over my mental and emotional state and I'm looking to get off Seroquel. My psychiatrist said that because I am studying for a Masters...

by User avatar MonkeyButler

lamictal hypothyroid

I have been using Lamictal for past several months. Recently, when I was at my doctor he told me that I have hypothyroid. I was pretty surprised. Is it possible that Lamictal has caused this? Can I get more information about this drug? Thanks

by User avatar gibble2118

does abilify cause weight gain

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I have been put on abilify and I was wondering if this drug makes you gain weight. I am already a little bit overweight, so I don’t need any extra pounds. All replies are welcome!!!!

by User avatar Guest

Quiting Seroquel cold turkey.

Answered by a doctor

It has been two days since I quit Seroquel cold turkey. My dose was 200mg a day. I have been taking this amount for 3 months. Have had only 2 hours of sleep so far.....Have felt wonerful like my better old self.... And not at all tired. Odd. After reading the horror stories of others am...

by User avatar desertflower