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Could aspirin cause a miscarriage?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I am pregnant and I have a question for you. Namely, I want to know could Aspirin cause a miscarriage. I have a friend who takes it Aspirin during two pregnancies and both times she faced with miscarriage. I hope that you will answer me this, because it is very important for me. Thank you...

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best medicine for cold,headache,temperature and body pain available in India

Answered by a doctor

i would loke to the best medicine available for the cold,headach,body pain and temperature. It is very comman in this winter season

by User avatar drhoshangabade

Any risks related to Paracetamol long-term use?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I always use paracetamol to treate fever or pain. As I am informed this is the most used drug for treatment of fever and pain with almost no side effects. I have heard recently that it is not recommended for long term use since it can damage the liver. Is it true? I am wondering are there any...

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can paracetamol cause diarrhea?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! Paracetamol is the most used drug at my home. We all use it for fever, headache, toothache and my grandmother usually uses it for her osteoarthritis pains. It is really excellent and I give it to my children as well, without fear of any side effects. But, my husband, who usually takes...

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Allergic to paracetamol, What else can be taken for fever and headache?

Answered by a doctor

Hi I m allergic to paracetamol. My eyes get swelled when i take it. What else can be taken for fever and headache?

by User avatar SWAYAM

umbilical hernia-Is surgery avoidable?

Answered by a doctor

Couple of years ago I accidentally found out that I had umbilical hernia. Post delivery bulge made me look pregnant but I ignored the umbilical bulge to be just fast accumulation. Some have advised for surgery and some against it.   Is it possible to get a natural cure? Please help!!

by User avatar lijiammu302924

I used paracetamol for a long time, but developed an allergy to it

I am using Paracetamol long time but why lately I have already an allergy to Paracetamol? Every time I will take this medicine I have a rashes and my skin is swelling. I know Paracetamol is the safest medicine for pain reliever and fever. Is there other way to treat my allergy for Paracetamol?

by User avatar katkat349113

Ecotrin and Aspirin, is it safe for pregnant woman?

is Ecotrin mean aspirin? is it safe for a pregnant woman to prevent PIH? and is it safe to start taking it at 6 weeks?

by User avatar TGHY

What happens if you take Aspirin while on Coumadin?

Hello! I am taking Coumadin. As you probably know, Coumadin is non steroidal anti inflammatory drug. I am wondering what happens if you take Aspirin while you are on Coumadin. Could that be dangerous? Will that affect on health or not? I am thanking you in advance on your prompt reply.

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Panadeine Forte addiction, will this effect my husbands health?

My husband has been on parading forte for over twenty years and takes eight or more a day. Will this effect his health in any way. I think he should go of it would it be hard.

by User avatar concerned wife