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In drunk mood but had no alcohol - irrational behaviour

Hi, someone i know will go from being completely "normal" to acting as if they are drunk and irrational, even though they have had no alcohol. It is like a light switch and either happens over a period of minutes, or slowly happens during the day. They have had no alcohol at all. Their...

by User avatar GuestyGuest32059

dizzy strange feeling, dry mouth, alway tired.

i have been going to the doctors for the last 2 years regarding this problem, they have told me i have IBS, and that maybe i was stressed. so they put me on 10mg per day of citalopram. while on this i stared to have a strange dizzy feeling and dry mouth, i complained to the doctors about always...

by User avatar liverpoolfc4998

Spacing Out or Depersonalization?

I don't know if I am spacing out or if it's depersonalization. ( I'm barely a teenager but I'm sure I have anxiety. But I don't want to self-diagnose because it doesn't usually end well. I lay awake at night worrying about tomorrow or long in the...

by User avatar Beccy

Can anxiety cause chronic shortness of breath?

Answered by a doctor

I had allergies for years but it was only allergies, until I hit peri-menopause, then I began getting the shortness of breath. I do believe that my shortness of breath is related to anxiety a lot of times, although I've always had some anxiety, but my emotional state got really bad when my hormones...

by User avatar Guest

Light headed, headache, spacey feeling. Tons of tests done, no result.

Answered by a doctor

Hi, For the past 2 months I have had a light headed/spacey/light dizzy/headache feeling where none of which is dominate. Its really hard to explain, probably because its a new feeling, but its a mixture of all four rolled into one. I usually have it with in 30 mins of waking up and it lasts the...

by User avatar Guest

Anxiety and depression for days after binge drinking

Answered by a doctor

Sometime I can binge drink and be fine. When I slip up and binge drink more then 10 beers per occasion I wake up with severe anxiety and panic attack that can last up to 7 days before I feel normal again. I feel suicidal at time during this time. The morning after this binge drinking I usally feel...

by User avatar Guest

I am a man and I enjoy plucking my face

Answered by a doctor

I can't explain it - the pain of plucking small hairs out of my face is somehow enjoyable for me. It started with me just plucking a hair or two out of a zit to help clear it up. I would just pluck the small hair out and then put some astringent on it afterword and then it would be cleared up by...

by User avatar musicman86

Fear of being followed

My husband is acting very strange lately. For example when we walk down the street he is always looking behind like he expects to see someone. Or when he is driving he is always shift suddenly on the squares. Few times I have asked him what he is doing and he told me that he thinks that he is being...

by User avatar arlen183662973

Read this if you get tension headaches, or the dreaded 'head pressure'

Answered by a doctor

I hope those of you who are suffering from the 'head pressure' (tension headaches) find this post, as this 'ailment' ruined my life for a good year - but I finally got on top of it for the most part and would like to leave information around these health forums on how to beat it, as I see so many...

by User avatar rpalmer92312489

Head pressure (Anxiety?)

Answered by a doctor

Hello, Looking for feedback and other peoples experience. I have been having pretty constant head pressure for the last six weeks. It wouldn't go away so I started worrying about it. I went and got blood tests and an MRI of my brain which came back negative. Doctor said it is just anxiety. I...

by User avatar Guest