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Feeling like I'm being smothered or suffocated especially when I have to sit down and eat

These are my terrible disabling, debilitating, symptoms Sinking feeling in chest and stomach Habit of burping Feeling like I'm not breathing in or it's very hard Feel like I have to open my mouth to catch a deep breath and it doesn't always work Forceful yawning that has also lost its magic Feeling...

by User avatar Guest

picking and eating scabs

My 48 yr old husband has T2D, and has sores on his lower legs. I have caught him picking at these sores, looking at and then eating what he picks off. Much of which are not hard scabs. I am VIOLENTLY REPULSED by this!!!I come close to puking. He also bites his nails, chews the skin around his nails,...

by User avatar sunnyshines11121018

In drunk mood but had no alcohol - irrational behaviour

Hi, someone i know will go from being completely "normal" to acting as if they are drunk and irrational, even though they have had no alcohol. It is like a light switch and either happens over a period of minutes, or slowly happens during the day. They have had no alcohol at all. Their...

by User avatar GuestyGuest32059

Intense Deja Vu, followed by lightheadedness and strange feeling

In the last month, I have had this happen twice. Once i was driving and out of nowhere had this EXTREMELY vivid deja vu. It was followed by lightheadedness and a little nausea. It's extremely hard to explain in words to people and I end up feeling stupid about what i'm describing. The second...

by User avatar Guest4955

After Effects (Anxiety, Dizziness) of the drug Molly (MDMA, Ecstasy)

Answered by a doctor

Hello, About 3 and half weeks ago (24 days to be exact) I ingested 100 mg of a drug called Molly, which is a form of Ecstasy.  This was done simultaneously with lots of alcohol (all beer).  I am typically not a drug user, trying marijuana only a couple of times, but I had consumed alcohol fairly...

by User avatar Taacnt5454292961

Anxiety and depression for days after binge drinking

Answered by a doctor

Sometime I can binge drink and be fine. When I slip up and binge drink more then 10 beers per occasion I wake up with severe anxiety and panic attack that can last up to 7 days before I feel normal again. I feel suicidal at time during this time. The morning after this binge drinking I usally feel...

by User avatar Guest

help guys do i have hocd does it actually exist

has anyone heard ov homosexual ocd does it exist and wondering if i have it or am i homosexual, i am 22 year old have slept with 7 women men, but have being having trouble with these thoughts 4 3 years now and it is constant 24/7 everyday of my life, please help guys can anyone relate at all

by User avatar blade11841464

I feel anxiety whenever my dad drives really fast on the highway

hi there ! I m 15+ and I want to share my experience about how I feel when i m sitting in a car and somebody drives fast .   I hv this problem or sort of anxiety since childhood. Whenever me n my family goes out on long trips by car , on highways , dad drives really fast to cover the...

by User avatar Kchouhan

I feel like i am stoned all the time like living in a dream 24/7

I have been diagnosed with gad, depression and depersonlization .i feel like i am stoned all the time like living in a dream 24/7.I have been like THIS for many years . I have taken every medical test and they were fine. has anyone felt like this and recovered? i have tried many different meds over...

by User avatar BRIDGE OF SIGHS

Anxiety, Stress, and Lip/Cheek Biting

Answered by a doctor

I have had the horrible habit of biting my lips and cheek since I was about 6 or 7 years old. They usually always bleed and I know the trauma I am inflicting on myself is definitely not good. I posted on the oral care board about different remedies or advice for treating the ulcerations that I cause...

by User avatar Irish_Rain22275