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Bladder and Urethral pain, Recurrent Cystitis and Interstitial Cystitis

Answered by a doctor

I have had almost 2 years of constant misery. In February 2009 I developed a bad case of cystitis - we were snowed in so I tried to treat it myself with sachets from the pharmacy.......a week later though the infection seemed to have ccme back so I was prescribed a course of anti-biotics -...

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Urinary urge sensation only when driving.

Hi, I have had a urinary problem for nearly a year now. It seemed to start with a uti that did not respond very well to antibiotic treatments, I was referred to local GUM clinic and the only thing of note was puss cells in urine so they decided to treat as NSU with a course of antibiotics (this...

by User avatar Oggy100228

External Stinging Pain after Cystoscopy

This morning I had an outpatient cystoscopy with no anesthetic at all. I felt a great deal of pain during the procedure, causing me to gasp out loud and twitch my arms (I've never experienced anything like it). It didn't seem to concern the doctor, though. Afterward, the first time I urinated was...

by User avatar BladderGirl77580

Frequent Urination and a blood tissue in my urine

I have not had sex today but there had been a spike over the past few days. Today I noticed I need to urinate very frequently even when I do not consume any liquid. Furthermore, there is a uncomfortable sensation around my clitorous that is becoming unbearable. Last thing, I think I may have...

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Constant Urethra pressure.

Hi! Okay, last Wednesday (2/16/11) I woke up with this insane pressure feeling on or in my Urethra. I went to the doctor yesterday (2/21/11) and they tested me for a UTI, the small test that they do in the doctor's office said that I didn't have any nitrite or Leukocytes in my urine, but I...

by User avatar taylor9

Suspected Problem-Need to urinate sometimes(sitting), feels like incontinence, no actual urine loss

Answered by a doctor

Hello Everyone, I am an 18 year old male college student with no history of sexual/urniary problems. About two weeks ago, I experienced the occasional feeling of needing to urinate, but not actually having to/be able to. That went away, but now I have an even stranger problem: Sometimes I feel...

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tingling in fingers while urinating

Answered by a doctor

I am 93 years old and have noticed that while urinating or just before I have a tingling sensation in my hands. I also have frequent urination sensation.

by User avatar Mary Foley

Cystoscopy with or without local anesthesia?

My doctor has ordered a cystoscopy for me. He told me it would be painful with or without local anesthesia. Has anyone had one?

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Strange sensation after UTI - how to treat it?

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I have been having a very unusual situation and none of the GPs I have gone to can explain it. I have had UTIs several times before and I would always just get antibiotics and they would go away quickly. A week ago I recognized the symptoms of a UTI (felt like I had to urinate all the time, pain...

by User avatar kitkat

Urethral Pain With No Infection

Answered by a doctor

For past two years I have suffered from urethral pain. I did the tests but there was no infection found. They told me I got some disorder, so I have done biofeedback and followed the IC diet to no avail. Now I have been in pain for 4 weeks and no one has an answer for me and the vicodin is losing...

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