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Strange painful lump beside my bladder

So it started a couple of weeks ago and its gotten biger, which kinda freaks me out. its just to the lift of my bladder and hurts if i push on it, and it also has a coming and going sort of twisting pain. i also have blotedness and pain when urinating, but i often get bladder...

by User avatar Pandalarry

Suspected Problem-Need to urinate sometimes(sitting), feels like incontinence, no actual urine loss

Hello Everyone, I am an 18 year old male college student with no history of sexual/urniary problems. About two weeks ago, I experienced the occasional feeling of needing to urinate, but not actually having to/be able to. That went away, but now I have an even stranger problem: Sometimes I feel...

by User avatar Guest

Left side abdominal pain while urinating

Answered by a doctor

For the past few days when I urinate my lower left side of my abdomen starts to hurt and stops hurting when I am finished urinating. What could be causing the pain?

by User avatar Guest

Post operative pain after removal of kidney stone

I have got removed kidney stone and there was infection in my right kidney and was blocked. Doctor has put a stent in the pipe and urinary tract is functioning properly. All tests are done now after 15 days and there is no infecton etc. But there is a lot of pain and swelling please advise.

by User avatar Shyam

Lump between urethra and vagina

Answered by a doctor

I have a lump between my urethra and vagina. It bulges out and covers my urethra opening, then goes down into my vagina. It runs along the top of my vagina where my urethra would run and goes about 2 inches in. It is hard and you can put your finger on both sides (kind of U shaped) so I know it...

by User avatar Guest

Annoying itchy urethra

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 33 years old, lately while ejaculating or urinating I have this weird itching sensation in my urethra. It starts from the bottom of my penis and it slowly takes over the entire penis all the way to the top. It is very annoying, and while urinating, when it starts I just cannot stop the...

by User avatar Guest

high white blood cell count in urine (in children)

Answered by a doctor

daisydooPosts: 261392Joined: Aug 3, 2010daisydoo1 minute ago hi im hoping someone can help, my daughter is 10 years old , she first went to docs for urine sample 1 mth ago , white cell count was 587 , but no growth in cultures and absolutley no sign of infection , re did sample...

by User avatar daisydoo221370

Is there any way to relieve anxiety about an UTI before you go to bed? 18 year old male.

 I've had a UTI on and off for about 5 weeks, and it has been miserable at night. I used to have severe anxiety when I was younger, it would trigger panic attacks and I would never get sleep for years. I had gotten past that for years now until I developed this UTI (probably from holding in...

by User avatar CarterStu99

bladder sling removal

Answered by a doctor

I have problems with non-stop infections, urine retention, and gradual deterioration of the sling. I think all this is enough for you to realize what kind of my problem is. When my doctor told me he should do bladder sling removal, I was not as surprised as he expected me to be. However, I am not...

by User avatar Guest

too much pain during urination after I drank too much water and soft drinks

After drinked too much water or soft drink when I released urine , I faced too much pain in my penis .. So what I do solved this problem .. Plz suggest me

by User avatar Guest