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vaginal burning after urinating, AVO UTI test strips negative-really scared!

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 17 year old girl, not sexually active. For the past 6 days, I've been feeling a burning sensation in my vagina AFTER and only after I pee. Sometimes it only lasts for a few seconds, sometimes it lasts a few minutes, then it goes away. I noticed that I get the urge to urinate(not a strong...

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I'm experiencing perimenopause and having fake UTI/ spasm symptoms?

I’m 43 and experiencing perimenopause. I’m not experiencing mood changes and hardly ever do I get hot flashes. (I think I only got them back in December, but they weren’t too bad).  Up until last month I didn’t have a period for something like 6 months.  (When I finally did have...

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Recurrent bladder infections after the sling surgery

Answered by a doctor

A year ago I had the sling surgery for bladder incontinence. Since then I have had recurrent bladder infections every couple of weeks and now they are beginning to recur even sooner. I was seeing my urogynecologist from the time I had my surgery until about a month ago he was stumped so sent me to...

by User avatar sandyb94910062

ureter damage during hysterectomy

Answered by a doctor

I had a laproscopic hysterectomy, and they cut my ureter, and went undiagnosed for 10 days, I was septic and had paratenitis. Has this happed to anyone and were there any lasting complication due to the urine in the body cavity, and repair of the cut ureter? I have had the tubes and stents removed,...

by User avatar lindacardellowalker

Pain in the clit during urination

I have been experiencing some pain in my clit, mainly during urination. I am sexually active and have been doing it unprotected alot frequently then I should be, although im on the pill. I quite abit of sexually activity on the weekend after I havn't had any sex for just over 2 weeks. I last had sex...

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Odd Urethral Pain & Urethra Sensative to the Touch!

Answered by a doctor

I've posted a question on here before and I got a great answer from someone, so I decided to post again in hopes of receiving some other helpful answers. Ok, so when I first started having sex, I got a UTI. I heard this was completely normal, so I went to the doctor and got anti-biotics. That was a...

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Tissue and blood in urine. UTI or something else?

Answered by a doctor

I am hoping someone might be able to give me some info on what i have been experiencing. for about a month I have been having UTI feelings. They started a month ago with waking up one morning feeling extreme urgency, and pain when urinating and the usual feelings of having to urinate again right...

by User avatar Jen

Urethral Prolapse versus Caruncle

My urologist believes that I have a caruncle and possible urethral prolapse. He is treating it with vaginal estrogen cream applied topically 2x a day. If this prolapse (or caruncle) goes down in size, is there a need to do a biopsy to surgically remove the protruding area? He seems unsure why...

by User avatar Dee

smoking weed and uti

hi everyone i hope yall can help me with my prob. well im diagnosed with UTI 2 times and im on my 2nd time now the first time i smoked weed while on a medicine for uti the i got a recurrence so i went to the dr. to get prescription again i just wanna ask experts here if smokin weed affect my healing...

by User avatar flipzide

I can't hold my pee for a minute I need to rush for a toilet and I feel burning sensation

Hello m 21 yrs old. Last month in my last day of period I had intercourse with my boyfriend with out safety n I took pills after 4 hours then after 10 days I got my period again in same month for 3 days after this I have urine infection and now this month I got my period not in normal days and now I...

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