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ureter damage during hysterectomy

Answered by a doctor

I had a laproscopic hysterectomy, and they cut my ureter, and went undiagnosed for 10 days, I was septic and had paratenitis. Has this happed to anyone and were there any lasting complication due to the urine in the body cavity, and repair of the cut ureter? I have had the tubes and stents removed,...

by User avatar lindacardellowalker

urethra problems

Answered by a doctor

Hi all. I’m very confused as to what is wrong with me and I would really like to hear your comments on this. I have urethra problems - mild pain and sensitivity. It all started 4 months ago when I had my first bladder infection. It was pretty bad but was cleared with antibiotics. Then, only two...

by User avatar Guest

Burning sensation after mastubation

Why after mastubation do i have a large urge to urinate yet how ever hard i push i cannot urinate. Is it because there is semen stuck in the shaft? It burns uncontrollably and leaves me in slight tears while this happens. And answers?

by User avatar ChinoShorts23

cystoscopy side effects

I have bladder problem for a years. My doctor tried with many different medicines but nothing seemed to be helpful in my case. During my last appointment, he told me I should have done cystoscopy. I know just that is procedure when something is inserted into bladder so I am worried a little. Can...

by User avatar Guest

Pain in the clit during urination

I have been experiencing some pain in my clit, mainly during urination. I am sexually active and have been doing it unprotected alot frequently then I should be, although im on the pill. I quite abit of sexually activity on the weekend after I havn't had any sex for just over 2 weeks. I last had sex...

by User avatar Guest

Vaginal burning

I have a little white bump on my inner vaginal lip and it doesn't hurt at all except when I pee when I do it burns so bad that I have to stop sometimes it has been here for about 2 days or at least that's when the burning started and I noticed it. Any idea as to what it could be or what I should do...

by User avatar Guest

constantly feels like i have to urinate

Answered by a doctor

lately i feel like i have to constantly have to urine even after ive just went to the bathroom, im starting to get scared now, cuz i have no idea what it could be, iit jus recently started happening, there is no pain during or after urinated just the sensation that i have to go

by User avatar evil1

Stabbing Pain, Burning, Throbbing Pain in Uretha! Anyone use Tea Tree Oil?

Answered by a doctor

I have been having urethra pain since October. I was seen by my family doctor 5 times. I was checked for UTI, Vaginal Infections, and STDs. I had none. He is now going to send me to Urologist, which I will be seeing next week. I have been having stabbing and stricking pain in my uretha. I was...

by User avatar Guest

Lemonade in urinary tract infection therapy

Answered by a doctor

Hello, good people. I have a problem with frequent urinary tract infections. My friend recommended me to try to treat it with lemonade! I must admit that this sounds little silly to me. Has anyone tried this? If you have, I would gladly hear your opinions. Thank you for answering my post. Bye!

by User avatar suzanna18154996

Urethral Caruncle which causes burning in urethra & pelvic pain

Is there anyone else with a urethral caruncle??. I am a 70 yo female - post menopausal. The caruncle looks like a purplish skin tag that protrudes from urethra.  It is painful to touch - gives a burning feeling constantly & is worse with standing!!! It feels like I'm extremely swollen in...

by User avatar Guest