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What does it mean if you can't hold your urine for long?

Hello. I'm 17 years old and I have very embarrassing problem. I can't hold my urine for long. I pee about 6-7 times daily and for a week whenever I feel the urge that I have to pee I have to rush to find a toilet immediately because I can't seem to hold it anymore. If I wait too long (about...

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cystoscopy side effects

I have bladder problem for a years. My doctor tried with many different medicines but nothing seemed to be helpful in my case. During my last appointment, he told me I should have done cystoscopy. I know just that is procedure when something is inserted into bladder so I am worried a little. Can...

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occasionally i pass a thick, jelly like substance in my urin

i am a 28 year old male and occasionally i pass a thick, jelly like substance in my urine that causes pain throughout the inside of my penis... this substance is so thick that it will not flush with the water in the toilet and it is VERY sticky to the touch. is this an std or a kidney stone? god, i...

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Annoying itchy urethra

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I'm 33 years old, lately while ejaculating or urinating I have this weird itching sensation in my urethra. It starts from the bottom of my penis and it slowly takes over the entire penis all the way to the top. It is very annoying, and while urinating, when it starts I just cannot stop the...

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pain and discomfort in urethra, but no UTI

Answered by a doctor

So, my problem started six months ago when I had a bad UTI. I was put on antibiotics, but still felt some mild discomfort afterwards. I wasnt sure it was a UTI, so I waited a few weeks to go back to the doctor. After going back, I found out I still had some bacteria in my urine, and was put on more...

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Recurrent bladder infections after the sling surgery

Answered by a doctor

A year ago I had the sling surgery for bladder incontinence. Since then I have had recurrent bladder infections every couple of weeks and now they are beginning to recur even sooner. I was seeing my urogynecologist from the time I had my surgery until about a month ago he was stumped so sent me to...

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high white blood cell count in urine (in children)

Answered by a doctor

daisydooPosts: 261392Joined: Aug 3, 2010daisydoo1 minute ago hi im hoping someone can help, my daughter is 10 years old , she first went to docs for urine sample 1 mth ago , white cell count was 587 , but no growth in cultures and absolutley no sign of infection , re did sample...

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constantly feels like i have to urinate

Answered by a doctor

lately i feel like i have to constantly have to urine even after ive just went to the bathroom, im starting to get scared now, cuz i have no idea what it could be, iit jus recently started happening, there is no pain during or after urinated just the sensation that i have to go

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Anyone use tea tree oil?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! :-) I've read on here and other places that tea tree oil (as painful as it sounds) can actually help calm down an inflamed urethra. I got some tea tree oil but do not know how to use it. My urethra is SUPER sensitive and inflamed 24/7 no matter what I do... it is scary to think of putting...

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Sex or Masturbation after Kidney Stone Removal Surgery

Ive just had Kidney Stone Removal Surgery and was put out while They put a rod into my Penis to zap and recover the stone.Im wondering how long after this I have to wait to have sex or masturbate. I already feel the urge but its only been 24 hours since the surgery.Is there a timeline here or am i...

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