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how long do marijuana withdrawal symptoms last

Answered by a doctor

i am 31 years old and have been smoking pot since i was 16 only missing maybe one or two days when i was about 18... i just quit this moday and haven't been able to eat without it coming back up.. even water...and forget about sleeping. does anyone know how long this will last?

by User avatar starrbaby42606

can quitting weed make you more tired then you felt before hand?

Answered by a doctor

im 28 and have smoked weed everyday since i was 13. i quit about 12 days ago and im having no problems staying off it but ive been feeling constantly tired like i could just go to sleep at any time! i was jst wondering if any one else has had this problem and if so when will it go away?thanks scott

by User avatar scott

does marijuana cause back pain?

Answered by a doctor

My friends and I all smoke pot and are 16-18 years old and all of us have terible back pain and we were woundeering if it was because we smoked a few joints a day? Thank you for your time and I would really appriciate if you answered 'back'. Maigan :P

by User avatar Guest

pot and pain

well, I have been a daily pot smoker for decades. I have been in chronic pain for decades. every time I exercise , even lightly, all my small injuries feel like they have been amplified.  It has kept me indoors mostly and my quality of life has been very low. Every time I walk or...

by User avatar GuestB

after smoking intense pain in jaw and neck and a very strong heartbeat

Answered by a doctor

ALRIGHT I have been smoking 4 to 5 years now and in 15. yea i started young but have never had panic attcks or any bad trips at all. never noticed any rapid heartbeat either. But these last three times that i have smoked i have got severe pain in my jaw and neck towrds my chest all on the right side...

by User avatar klown

Marijuana and parinoia

I got high last night for the first time in months.. I felt like I was literally dying. I kept screaming at my friend, I called everyone on my phone and even 911. My friend took me to the hospital where I laid and talked about God and calling the people liars and demons. I tore my iv out, I cussed...

by User avatar Guest

Are there dangers of smoking pot with low blood platelese?

After 3 months of fighting low platelets. No change in my number. I run from 2,000 to 13,000.We removed my spleen. The day after the splenectomy my number was at 57,000. That was it, also after 3units of platelet's during the operation to get there. Now it's been 3 weeks with out the...

by User avatar pothead

Does Smoking weed cause you to be more angry? stressed out than you already are?

hey, im 19 years old and as i was growing up i always had 1 major issue in life. i was always very angry person. i would get mad at every simple and dumb things athat arent even worth getting stressed and mad about. over the past few years, i have been in fact smoking weed. it started of on smoking...

by User avatar Usherr206603

Feeling weird a week and a half after vaporizing marijuana, I'm filled with fear and anxiety

Last Monday after Easter Sunday I vaporized some bud from a reliable source and ever since I have been feeling weird. That Sunday night / Monday morning I smoked around 3-4am and felt good but as soon as 5-6am hit I got a really bad panic attack. I got claustrophobic where I couldn't be in a...

by User avatar Guest

Marijuana and diarrhea?

Answered by a doctor

Hello everyone, I have been smoking marijuana regularly for the past 2 years. I had to stop smoking during the last week because I travelled to go visit some of my relatives and where I am right now I wouldnt know how to score any. I have noticed that since I stopped smoking ( it's day number 6...

by User avatar help_me