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does marijuana (weed) make you gain or loose weight?

Answered by a doctor

does weed make people loose or gain weight? lots of my friends have lost lots of weight, starting at about 65 kilos they've lost 20 or so kilos, the boys who were a bit bigger have lost 20-30 kilos, how is this possible when weed makes people eat, (the munchies)? is it the marijuana that makes...

by User avatar Guest

5 days after smoking weed, feeling like everything is fake.

Answered by a doctor

hi everybody, i'm here to request some help because i'm feeling realy bad right now. I'm not a heavy smoker, smoked maybe 10 joints in all my life ( i'm 17 ). Saturday night i had a party and we smoked 2 joints, that's all. I never took anything else then cannabis. Now i'm feeling realy strange...

by User avatar jackypimp

Everything feels fake or like a dream after smoking .

So just late august before school started in September , i took one hit of a blunt (Im a lightweight) and i got REALLY high and before we smoked i was already a little drunk . So I was really high and i had fun and all that then days later , i woke up in the midle of the night and felt like i was...

by User avatar Shizzee Kid

8 weeks quit smoking

Answered by a doctor

I have been smoking for 18 years, 20 cigarettes a day, I quit smoking unexpectedly cold turkey 8 weeks ago after my father had a heart attack due to smoking, while he was at hospital, a stop smoking lady came to give my father advice we decided to quit smoking together that day. I have tried so many...

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Does Smoking weed cause you to be more angry? stressed out than you already are?

hey, im 19 years old and as i was growing up i always had 1 major issue in life. i was always very angry person. i would get mad at every simple and dumb things athat arent even worth getting stressed and mad about. over the past few years, i have been in fact smoking weed. it started of on smoking...

by User avatar Usherr206603

marijuana reacts with Zoloft

Answered by a doctor

hello! I would like to know what is the reaction of marijuana to Zoloft.

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how long do marijuana withdrawal symptoms last

Answered by a doctor

i am 31 years old and have been smoking pot since i was 16 only missing maybe one or two days when i was about 18... i just quit this moday and haven't been able to eat without it coming back up.. even water...and forget about sleeping. does anyone know how long will marijuana withdrawal symptoms...

by User avatar starrbaby42606

reaction of taking lexapro with marijuana


by User avatar KATIE

Penicillin + Marijuana leads to panic and anxiety disorder?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I'm 17 and i'm a former drug user. I smoked marijuana a couple of times in my life starting from the time when I was 15. I guess you could say i've only smoked it 15 times in my life or so, and have only experienced a 'stoned' about 4 times. I enjoyed each high or stoned, as you may call it,...

by User avatar autumn001

Dizzy, Slow-Mo, Fast Paced eye movements days after smoking.

Hello all I'm pretty new to the whole smoking marijuana scene, having only smoked it twice now, and am experiencing some odd longterm effects I can't really understand. I smoked on Saturday (~5 hits), fooled around, crashed, and awoke to notice I felt a strange dizziness and difficulty in...

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