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If someone already has dyslexia, is it possible to get rid of it?

I'm am doing a prodject about dyslexia and I can't find anything about if someone can get rid of dyslexia any where. Can some one realy get rid of it and there just not saying, or can you realy not get rid of it? I would like to know if anyone finds anything.

by User avatar Sugar_Crazzy

How to help your kid who developed OCD in childhood?

Hey everyone. My wife and I are extremely worried about our kid. Well, to cut long story short, but I really want to know how to help your kid who developed OCD in childhood. We are trying to help him ever since we know about this, ever since we found out that he has this diagnose. I have to be...

by User avatar Guest

How to calm separation anxiety in babies and toddlers?

Hi,  I'm not completely sure where to place this topic because I am not sure it is a mental disorder or just normal, though it is certainly difficult to cope with for me and my child as well. :( My son is nearly 18 months old. I am going back to work soon and have signed him up for...

by User avatar WorriedMom

anxiety disorder child

Hi, my daughter is suffering from separation anxiety disorder. It all started on her first day of preschool. She started to cry because I was leaving her. I thought that in time she would get used to the new surrounding and feel less frightened, but after a week of same behavior the teacher...

by User avatar betteanne32277

Can't keep a job, People get on my nerves, I end up fighting

I can't seem to hold onto a job very long due to people getting on my nerves and me getting into arguements with everyone. I refuse to be ordered around by someone cause they think they are so high and mighty. People always seem to want to run their mouths, who gives a crap about what they have to...

by User avatar Aggravated92947

What are the most common signs and symptoms of OCD among teenagers?

Hello everyone. My friend Jacob has a beautiful teen boy John. He is really good pupil, he was playing sports all the time. But I remember that Jacob called me one day telling me that he noticed that something is going on with his son and that he doesn't know what it is about. So he took him to the...

by User avatar Hannah ND Joy

Are there any differences between ADD and ADHD in kids?

Hello there. I ran into an old friend of mine. He is now into those mental issues because he is doing his master's Thesis and he has to learn all about mental issues in kids. We started to talk a little bit about this because I am pretty much into this, and he told me that he now needs to...

by User avatar 555

What are the most commons signs and symptoms of ADHD in kids?

Good day everyone. I was reading a little bit about this ADHD in kids ever since my friend told me that her kid is struggling with it. I didn't know that this can affect kids as well, but now I find out that there are a lot of cases out there. Anyway, this topic really interested me and I...

by User avatar Guest

What are types of ADHD in kids and how to treat them?

Hi everyone, I got a phone call from my friend yesterday and she told me that her kid was diagnosed with ADHD. This is all she told me, she knew no additional details but if I remember well, there were a few possible types of ADHD but I do not remember which ones were these. Does anyone here know...

by User avatar Guest

Autism-- a very common condition

The first national surveys of autism show the condition is very common among U.S. children. This adds up to at least 300,000 U.S. schoolchildren with autism, a condition that causes trouble with learning, socializing and behavior. The CDC analyzed data on 24,673 children whose parents took part in...

by User avatar Heather_2