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Morning after pill and Brown Discharge

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I took a morning after pill on the 13th hour after having unprotected sex on the 9th day of my cycle. On the 19th day i had a brown discharge continuing for the two days. Thought the amount of discharge was not very much, i could just see it while wiping off. I am afraid, is it a sign of early...

by User avatar GPVV135771

can u get pregnant if u had sex while u were in your period

can u get pregnant if u had sex during yuh period

by User avatar vasha264

what is going on i pray im pregnant!!!!

hello i was just wondering .... my period was a month late the whole month of april . it went as far as 31days late then on the 21 of may my menstrual finally came down . but within the bleeding a thick bloodclot came out and i was wondering was that back up blood or what ? and also is it...

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Pregnant? Birth control patch?

My boyfriend fingered me and he might of had pre- ejaculation on his fingers , but Im on the birth control patch and ive been on it for five days Am I likely to get pregnant

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Could I be??

My last period was on January 17th, 2007 and I had unprotected sex on the 31st of January as well as Feb 3rd.. and for the past two weeks my breasts have been really sore and usually before my period they are not this sore and the soreness doesn't last two weeks..I'm also urinating more frequently...

by User avatar Shootingstar767824323

Could she be pregnant?

Hi , I fealt my girlfriends virgina possibly with pre-ejacualtion on it but not enough to tell or feel and i rubbed it on her clothes for 2 mins but is there a risk of pregnancy still thank you ( the pre-ejaculation might had picked up sperm from my penis on its way up) thanks

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Protected sex while menstruating

I had protected sex on the third day of my period since my flow was light. My only concern is that we used a condom that was in a wallet, and I've heard that it's not good to keep them in there. He only lasted about 5 minutes before he came. I'm getting paranoid however idk if I'm freaking...

by User avatar AnastasiaG

precum and pregancy

Me and my boyfriend, have protected sex, im on birthcontrol pills and have been for a while. the other day while intercourse he sliped out of the condom and im sure some precum went into me, we figured out like 1-2min later...i want to know if i could get pregnant?

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how do u know if u are pregnant...symptoms (im 14)

Answered by a doctor

how do you know if you are pregnant...please list all possible symptoms.... from the most that people have to the least...thank you

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could i get pregnant while on my period, and using birthday

Hi. I have been on birth control since I was 16 years old. I take my pills pretty much perfectly each month. my boyfriend has recently started to ejaculate in me while I am on my period. Is there any possibility I can get pregnant from him ejaculating in me while on my period, and taking my birth...

by User avatar sew0166