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unprotected sex 2wks after stopping birth control

i stopped talking birth control...i had unprotected sex two weeks after my period around 12 days after. and now, i just feel bloated. i'm supposed to get my period in four days. i felt bloated since the day i had unprotected sex. are there any other signs i should be looking for? ps. my breasts...

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What's the difference between fat and pregnant belly?

Hey guys, I'm having some issues determining if I'm pregnant or not, and here's my original post. Feel free (please) read and reply if you can....

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Chances of pregnancy after myomectomy surgery?

I am 34 yrs old and had a myomectomy surgery last year and i am scared that i will never be able to have children. Is at all possible to concieve after myomectomy surgery?

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What's the clear stuff that comes out of a guys penis?

My boyfriend and I were fooling around one day and we decided that we wanted to try sticking "it" in just once. We tried and it didn't fit. So we kept tryin over and over again and after a little bit he got about an ich in. He only stayed inside me for about 5 seconds but after he pulled out and...

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we were touching each others genitals and she got spotting after period

Me and my girlfriend were fooling around in the bed and we were touching each others genitals, maybe i had some cum on the tip of my penis and it touched the outside of her vagina, this was 2 weeks after 5 days of  her menstruation, a week later its like she had a spotting (blood came out of...

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Answered by a doctor

Hi There, I took Birth Control Pills (Tryciclen) for 5 years, and last month decided to stop(Aug 24), since my husband and I want to have a baby. I stopped taking them the day I was suppose to start taking the new pack(sunday), and have had unprotected sex ever since. However my period was due 2...

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Light spotting twice in 1 month

Answered by a doctor

:$ This is kinda embarrassing for me.... This is the 2nd time this month for me to have spotting. The first time I was a week late, and it was light brown spotting, barely even enough for a pad. It had no cramps, nothing. Now it's been almost 2 weeks since that happened, and I'm kinda starting to...

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Menopause And Possible Pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 48 year old woman and I have one maybe a bit strange question. Over then 20 years ago my husband died in car accidence and since then-I had no other man. Just recently I have met someone. I liked him a lot and somehow-we end up in bed together. We had several unprotected sexual...

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Thick white creamy discharge-not yeast-Wong leave me alone

For almost a year now I've been going through hel with my vagina at this point I just want a new one. So where do I start. March of last year I took plan b had crazy side effects for about 3 months, bleeding discharge and mood swings. I do not take birth control. The longer I had the symptoms I...

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15 year old girl worried. CAN I GET PREGNANT? SOMEONE PLS HELP ME!!

hello me and my bf didnt have sex on that night and he didnt cum too. However we did heavy petting and his penis was on the surface of my private part without a condom but he didnt insert me. But i think that he pre cum a little and he went to pee quite a few times. i'm afraid that i might get...

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