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Missed period after tubal ligation

Answered by a doctor

I had a tubal ligation done 2 years ago right after my c-section. Now I have missed my period. I am about 10 days late. I usually have a very normal cycle. I am also very emotional and exhausted. I did take a home pregnancy test and it was negative. Anyone ever had this happen? I read through a lot...

by User avatar SweetLiddia82155

everything says im pregnant Am I?

Ok. My last period was Nov.11-16.My next one was due Dec.14.06 I have missed two periods so far I took a pregnancy test Dec.25.06 to see if I was pregnant it was negative. Could that be because I took it to soon I was only 11 days late when I took it. So far I have had headaches, frequent urina,...

by User avatar Candace

Unprotected sex related information

I had unprotected sex on 19 march and my expected date of period was 20 march. I took an Ipill on 20 march itself and still didn't have my periods. Should I be worried?

by User avatar Guest

Unprotected sex with boyfriend hope am not pregnant

i had an unprotected sex with my boyfriend two days ago still am having stomach pain and he didnt loose sprems in my vagina i guess i wont be pregnant if am not wrong?

by User avatar 113guest

if i am feeling movements in my stomach but having reular periods what else can be wrong with me

i have been feeling movements in my stomach like i am pregnant but i have been having regular periods and also feeling a little sick every now and again

by User avatar shortyshake

Menopause And Possible Pregnancy

Answered by a doctor

Hello. I'm 48 year old woman and I have one maybe a bit strange question. Over then 20 years ago my husband died in car accidence and since then-I had no other man. Just recently I have met someone. I liked him a lot and somehow-we end up in bed together. We had several unprotected sexual...

by User avatar Guest

Can licking causes pregnancy after she gave a bj kissed me afterward and i lick her vagina after it

So long story short my gf lick my penis until i ejaculated i don't know if the sperm gets into her mouth or not, after that she kissed me and i lick her vagina... Any chances of pregnancy here ? Kinda afraid

by User avatar Guest

Could i be pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on March 4, but it only lasted for about 30 seconds. He didn't ejaculate at all and there couldn't have been sperm if there was pre-cum because he went pee right before. We had sex again on March 19, but with condoms and nothing broke. I m still worried if I...

by User avatar ldjbsfb

can i still get pregnant?

Me and my husband are trying to get pregnant, but due to his injury it is hard for him to ejaculate in me. Is there a way of becomong pregnant if he ejaculates outside onto a dildo then inserts it.

by User avatar wantbaby

chance of getting pregnant from precum during ovulation

Answered by a doctor

I was just wonder what chance is there for me to get pregnant from precum, if I was ovulationg when we had sex. Thanks

by User avatar Franny4966