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I see things that aren't there!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 42 years old male and I am experiencing an enormous problem! Several weeks ago I started seeing thing which are not real. While I was preparing for shaving I saw little white mouse which was sitting on my chair. I closed my eyes for a moment and when I have opened it he wasn't there any...

by User avatar Guest

Over Active Gag Reflex when swallowing anything, even water!

Answered by a doctor

I am a 50 year old male and had a problem swallowing food since I was small. Nowadays it seems to get worse under stress. I would be eating normally when all of a sudden it feels like something is stuck in my throat, causing me, to gag. As soon as this happens, it is impossible to continue the...

by User avatar Guest

adult recurrent single episode bed-wetting accompanied by dr

Answered by a doctor

Hi! I'm 23 yrs old, female, healthy as far as I know. As a kid I had problem with nocturnal enuresis.Infact I use to wet my bet till about 7-8 yrs.After that, I had one episode when I was 15 yrs. I had gone to some relative's place. After this I had 2-3 otr episodes, one in someone else's house...

by User avatar girl200750573

Dementia symptoms in teenager. 24/7 mind blank. URGENT!

Answered by a doctor

I'm absolutely losing my mind. I'm a 17 year old high school student. I began noticing things about 6 months ago. The first things I noticed were loss of reading comprehension, and major loss of creativity. It became difficult to remember anything. Thoughts will come and go, but nothing stays. I...

by User avatar skippyB15

Everything feels like a dream and I sometimes don't recognize simple things

I am sixteen and I think I have diminsia. I just don't feel normal. Every thing feels like a dream. I sometimes don't recognize simple things the first second I glance at it and I stutter all the time all the sudden. Making it hard to be comfy around other people who I don't know. However I also...

by User avatar Guest

Teen with dementia? just maybe?

ever since I was 14 I noticed a change, it wasnt the typical change i was expecting and thought to myself.. this isnt puberty is it? im sure everyone didn't go through this? i once was a very bright student and a very interesteding creative pupil, and suddenly.. i just became disinterested with...

by User avatar yoto20153254

Why do people think a mental illness is a weakness?

Alright first thing is first I have nothing against people who have long or short term mental illnesses. There are many people out there who have something against people with mental illness, & I am wondering why is that I think its a lack of knowledge and people see people with mental...

by User avatar Jeck_martin

what is the chance of a baby having aspergers syndrome if dad has mild form, but mum has not got it?

Iam currently 6 weeks pregnant, my partner has a mild form of aspergers syndrome, as aspergers is a form of autism, i am very keen to know what the chances are of my baby developing either,

by User avatar maria

can't concentrate, focus or talk right

I’m worried because I keep experiencing some strange changes in my body and behaviour. It all started about a month ago when I couldn’t pronounce some everyday words right. I thought I was exhausted, but this thing repeated several times. I also noticed that I couldn’t concentrate - when...

by User avatar Guest

Shaking off bad memories

I always knock onto something just to get a bad memory out of my mind. I feel like I'm really hurting my brain. I often had short term memory issues like finding my valuables for where i've place them. I think I had a little brain damage there. Anyone knows a suggestion for me or a solution?

by User avatar Kenneth777350081