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Can a child with ADHD develop a depression as well?

I was wondering if kids who are suffering from ADHD could develop depression as well. I know something about ADHD but not too much. This was the reason why a friend of mine asked me if his kid might develop depression since he is already suffering from ADHD. I didn't really know what to tell him...

by User avatar Guest

ovulation and sexual desires

is it possible to feel more sexual desires during ovulation? and also burning sensation in my vagina.

by User avatar uma

How common is major depression in patients with agoraphobia and panic disorder?

Hi everybody, I have a reason for my question but it is a long story and it is completely irrelevant here. So my question is if people who are suffering from agoraphobia and panic disorder are prone to major depression and if they are, how common is major depression among these people? I've...

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I don't feel anything but anger and anxiety.

Hey, my name is Kendra  and I'm 19 I feel like I can't feel anything but anger and anxiety. I don't feel love for anyone but I know I do love them. Like I know I love my Mom and Dad but there's no glow in my chest there's just nothing. I feel nothing. I don't get aroused anymore. At all....

by User avatar Imnotagoose

He broke up with me... then said "I Love you" for the first time.

My boyfriend and I were in a long distance relationship. We were friends for 4 1/2 months before making the decision to date. While we were friends he always went up and down in his commitment to his emotions toward me.. I told him once early on that i could see he liked me, then he denied it. I...

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Why Do I Cry for No Reason? Can it be linked to a depression?

Hi, I have this problem and I don't know who to turn to, I have people who I consider close to me, who already know some stuff about me but I don't feel like telling them this. A lot of times when I am at home I happen to start crying for no apparent reason. I just go to my room to cry so...

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how to stay in love with a bipolar person

Answered by a doctor

my girlfriend has bipolar we meet 3 months ago and feel in love she told me she has this problem she had her first out break just latly, she seemed like a diffrent person she didnt want me around when we were together she was always looking to get away from me,she says she loves me but she doesnt...

by User avatar Kevin Vos

Bipolar boyfriend breaking up with me every 3/4months- at my

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I've been with my boyfriend (currently ex boyfriend) for nearly a year now (or would have been). When we first got together, we were going out for 4 months. He broke up with me, saying that he didn't love me anymore, but a month later came back to me saying that he'd made a mistake and he'd...

by User avatar anonymous90

vitamins depression

Answered by a doctor

Hi. For all my life I had problems with overweight and when I entered puberty I tried to act like some rebel. I wasn’t eating for days and of course, this caused extreme weight loss and vitamin deficiency. My life has been in jeopardized. So, with help of my family and my doctor I started with...

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Depression made me angry and I cannot focus anymore

I am in huge, very huge problem. OK, hello to everyone first. But maybe from my post at the beginning you were able to notice what is my problem. I am sorry if I make some mistakes at the beginning, but I am very hard to focus to certain things. And all those problems happen to me because...

by User avatar Angry Bird