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I feel like dying every day

I feel like dying every day and day..............But i just keep on keeping on (rofl from joe dirt) and wait till something happens......Life is a endless dark portal, i wish it could just end.......

by User avatar Guest

im biting myself.

i dont know why i do it, but over the past three yrs, i've been really depressed. i hate life. i hate everything. im never happy,i feel sick all the time. i also have an anxiety problem. over the past three or so years, i've noticed, that i bite my knuckles, and i dont know why. i'll unconsciously...

by User avatar emoclew21826

Suicidal thoughts because of having bad relationships with everyone in my life

I am 13 years old My birthday should be in few days But i dont want it I just want to be alone forever I had bad reletion ships with everyone in my life My brother would be very rude to me and my mom tried to chocke me once   I hate being around people i want to kill my...

by User avatar Someone

Sad, depressed

I hate my life. Everyday I wish I could die. I have no one to talk to because no one can understand. Life is so meaningless for me and I used to love life. Now I don't have interest in anything.

by User avatar Guest

Bipolar husband always leaving and coming back

Answered by a doctor

Hi my husband and I have only. Been married for three months. We have been together for three and half yrs. we have two daughters and he's been rasing my son. he left me a week ago without a warning when I was asleep. the night before last text I got was love you more than anything want to spend...

by User avatar Countrychick1982

Blank Mind , having troubles thinking and sleeping after smoking weed.

Answered by a doctor

So it's been five consecutive days since I've been feeling like this after smoking some weed with my friend. I've lost all interest in activities and stuff and I'm feeling completly numb and without any emotions. I can't think at all unless i force myself and that night i even experienced some sort...

by User avatar Nightwish227348

Meat Flap Vaginal

PLEASE HELP!!!!! I'm a virgin, and I'm planning on having sex with my boyfriend soon, but there's one issue. I have a piece of skin between the lips of my vagina., or is also called a meat flap. I'm told, and have read, that this is common among women, but I'm terrified that he'll think...

by User avatar Guest

Depressed boyfriend on anti-depressants broke up with me out of nowhere - why?

I met my boyfriend (ex now) through some mutual friends and right from our first date, it was instant chemistry and connection on both of our ends.  He was completely over the top affectionate and was the most sweetest guy I had ever met, always telling me I was beautiful and how wonderful and...

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Because of depression I am unable to be myself or speak clearly

Hi. I never could imagine that depression and anxiety can make this kind of person from me. I was always good, happy girl and I can't tell you when this has changed. I have no idea. I just do know that because of the depression I am unable to be myself or to speak clearly to someone. I really...

by User avatar Guest

vitamins depression

Answered by a doctor

Hi. For all my life I had problems with overweight and when I entered puberty I tried to act like some rebel. I wasn’t eating for days and of course, this caused extreme weight loss and vitamin deficiency. My life has been in jeopardized. So, with help of my family and my doctor I started with...

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