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Bipolar husband always leaving and coming back

Answered by a doctor

Hi my husband and I have only. Been married for three months. We have been together for three and half yrs. we have two daughters and he's been rasing my son. he left me a week ago without a warning when I was asleep. the night before last text I got was love you more than anything want to spend...

by User avatar Countrychick1982

how to stay in love with a bipolar person

Answered by a doctor

my girlfriend has bipolar we meet 3 months ago and feel in love she told me she has this problem she had her first out break just latly, she seemed like a diffrent person she didnt want me around when we were together she was always looking to get away from me,she says she loves me but she doesnt...

by User avatar Kevin Vos

Bipolar boyfriend breaking up with me every 3/4months- at my

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I've been with my boyfriend (currently ex boyfriend) for nearly a year now (or would have been). When we first got together, we were going out for 4 months. He broke up with me, saying that he didn't love me anymore, but a month later came back to me saying that he'd made a mistake and he'd...

by User avatar anonymous90

Living With Depression in a Hostile Society

I can't deny that I was somewhat hostile once towards people with mental illness. As an ignorant child and teenager I would perceive "those" battling mental illness as if they were, somewhat, less of a human being. As if their illness made them inferior and I would also judge freely by thinking...

by User avatar reginairirarte

A constant feeling of "haziness"

About six weeks ago, while driving from LA to Phoenix, I started to have a really hard time breathing. I stopped in a hospital and they diagnosed it as an asthma attack, which my doctor later thought was instead indigestion. Anyway, ever since then I have had a constant feeling dizzy-like feeling....

by User avatar Guest

What Cyclothymia does to relationships

My boyfriend of a year just broke up with me and it floored me! I feel devastated, lonely, abandoned... Not that this is the first time he has broken up with me because he has many times, maybe once a month, but he would always stay! He had rented a room back in July during an episode but never...

by User avatar Cheynne Sophia256938

My depressed boyfriend broke up with me and I'm confused as how I should feel about the situati

I'm sorry this is so long. I feel like the full back story is needed to get a good grasp of my situation. I went out with a boy who has MDD for a little short of a year. When I first met him and we started going out, neither of us knew he had depression. He was very enthusiastic...

by User avatar nicolex

Comments and reviews on article "COPD Caused Anxiety and Depression"

Users comments and reviews on article COPD Caused Anxiety and Depression by SirGan

by User avatar Guest

short term paxil use and its side effects

Answered by a doctor

I was given Paxil about three weeks ago for anxiety. Needless to say- it was the most horrific experience in my life. I had uncontrollable tremors, SEVERE insomnia, and the inability to sit or stand still for the whole first week. It made me feel like I was going crazy even though I had felt fine...

by User avatar mariak17503

What is the connection between depression and adult bedwetting?

Let's just say that I am grateful this forum provides an opportunity to ask questions anonymously.  I am 39 and have been depressed for a while now (won't go into the circumstances, but I have had depression before as well so it's not the first time). Since recently I have... had issues with...

by User avatar Anon