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Weight Gain Taking Victoza Injections?

My doctor is thinking about putting me on something called Victoza and it is a injection to be taken every day.  But it isn't insulin.  Has anyone heard of this medication?  I heard that insulin can cause weight gain and I was thinking what if Victoza causes weight gain as well?  I really don't...

by User avatar Guest

Am i having blood sugar issues? I became all jittery, hungry and cold

I was riding home today from work and about 4 miles into the ride I was all jittery, hungry and cold (it was probably 80°F at the time). I stopped and got a bag of carrots and celery from my panniers and at that while I rode home and that seemed to help a little. Is this a blood sugar issue?...

by User avatar purple hayes

shaky after eating but no diabetes

I have been feeling shaky after eating for some time bow and have been to the doctor because I suspected diabetes. Now, after tests being carried out, I know that I do not have diabetes. But I am still feeling shaky after eating. What else could possibly be wrong with me?

by User avatar bevan1824152405

How effective is Amzylite for curing diabetes?

Are there any diabetics here who are able to comment on different diabetes medications? Doctors are also welcome to comment, of course! I am hoping for information about the drug Amzylite. How effective is Amzylite for curing diabetes? How many people are currently using Amzylite and what dosage is...

by User avatar julia_161584161584

Has anyone experienced foul smelling wind on Victoza

Hello, I really have a problem with Victoza. Since I had such a problem with taking metformin (diarrhea and tummy pains), my doctor put me on Victoza. Things were fine for a while and I had lower sugars and some weight loss. However slowly I developed terrible belching and bad smelling gas. Has...

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leg amputation gangrene diabetes life expectancy?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone know what life expectancy of patients who had leg amputation due to gangrene diabetes is? I’ll appreciate any help.

by User avatar Guest

diabetes type 1 patient smoking marijuana

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my best friend has type 1 diabetes. She was diagnosed when we were twelve years old. Now we are nineteen. She has started to use marijuana one year ago. She says that it helps her with her condition. I am worried because her parents are not aware of her habit. Does smoking marijuana help...

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Violent - Hypo unaware

My sister has had DM1 for 13 years now. She had it since she was 6 and we have all had some difficult years to learn to help her, first with injections and later with the insulin pump that she still uses.  I’m her youngest sister (17)  and I must say I’m quite tired of not knowing what to do...

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Being a brittle diabetic what would cause a red spot on the chest and also make a thumb turn black

What would make a diabetics thumb turn black and swollen?

by User avatar Rebecca

what is average life expectancy for diabetic patients?

I've now had five foot amputation in the last 4 years, the. Length of time between each successive infection and amputation is decreasing with the last being 9 months apart. I understand that the amputations are likely to continue and I will lose more and it is likely that I will have a leg...

by User avatar BHK