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Best weight gain supplements for diabetics?

I am wanting to bulk up and add some muscle with my working out, I think I can if I had a weight gain supplement that has lots of proteing.  What supplements would you recommend for an 18 year old type 1 diabetic?  I work out on free weights and bike 10 miles a day, if that helps. 

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What happens when insulin doesn't work?

Can insulin ever not work and if it doesn't what happens? Is it dangerous for it not to work? Whenever my dad takes his insulin it doesn't always seem to work and I don't know if that means that he isn't taking enough or if it his body doesn't use it correctly. Or maybe we shouldn't test right after...

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dry mouth with metformin

I am new to taking metformin, I have been taking it for the last two weeks. Just recently I have started to get a very dry mouth, its a very uncomfortable experience and is really getting me down. I have tried sipping on water through the day or sucking on diabetic boiled sweets but nothing really...

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Weight Gain Taking Victoza Injections?

My doctor is thinking about putting me on something called Victoza and it is a injection to be taken every day.  But it isn't insulin.  Has anyone heard of this medication?  I heard that insulin can cause weight gain and I was thinking what if Victoza causes weight gain as well?  I really don't...

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Urination after alcoholic drinks, I am diabetic, but my sugar level is within normal

My age is 63 although I am a diabetic but my sugar level within normal. It is noticed last five years that whenever I drink more than three glass of alcoholic drinks I started urination every 10 to 15 minute gap. Moreover I cannot hold urin at that time and wets the dresses. Presently I afraid and...

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How effective is Trulicity for a Diabetes type 2

Diabetic type 2 using Trulicity

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Help me gain weight - type 1 diabetes

I am 15 years old and i only weigh about 112 pounds.  I've had type 1 diabetes all my life it seems and I have trouble gaining weight.  Does anyone else have this problems?  I would love it if someone has a way I can gain weight so I look more healthy.  People think I am anorexic but I'm not. 

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leg amputation gangrene diabetes life expectancy?

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone know what life expectancy of patients who had leg amputation due to gangrene diabetes is? I’ll appreciate any help.

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face swelling in diabetics

Answered by a doctor

what are the causes for the swelling of the face and eyes on someone that is diabetic.

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How effective is Amzylite for curing diabetes?

Are there any diabetics here who are able to comment on different diabetes medications? Doctors are also welcome to comment, of course! I am hoping for information about the drug Amzylite. How effective is Amzylite for curing diabetes? How many people are currently using Amzylite and what dosage is...

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