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eating soap and eating ice

Answered by a doctor

My daughter has the constant urge to eat bar soap, like Irish Spring. This started after her last pregancy. She also developed the need to eat ice constantly. The most demanding time is during her menstrual period. Can you please tell me the harm in these type of habits or urges. She thinks it...

by User avatar Guest

Does spitting and chewing cause weight gain??

I have been spitting and chewing mostly all of my food for awhile now, and i noticed a slight weight drop but not too much.. I read somewhere that doing this actually makes you gain weight? If you are spitting and chewing french fries for example, do you get a lot of the calories from the grease? If...

by User avatar danielle07

any tips ? I need help

I'm 16 haven't been diagnosed with anything yet by diet is all over the place everyday I fail to walk away from the temptation of food  yesterday's meal was coffee cream and sugar -94 cal in total a smoothie Reece's cups and a slice of pizza which was eventually purged    ??...

by User avatar Guest

Not eating, Shrunk Stomach, now can't eat

My daughter is 15 and hasn't been eating breakfast or lunch for months, she only eats half size evening meal. She is very skinny and says when she lies down she feels like her body vibrates. She is snappy and bad tempered with everyone and is not doing as well at school as she should be. I am soo...

by User avatar PurpleOrange

i'm just addicted to eating ice. I really need to stop it

i don't know what is happening to me i just want ice...Once i decided to stop eating ice but i couldn't..My mother throw the ice cube in the dust bin but then i started cutting bottle to put water and start freezing it.. I really need some help i'm only 14...

by User avatar Delshina

diet plan for people with anorexia nervousa

Answered by a doctor

hey please can you help me??/ i have a school project for Home Economics on Anorexia.. can you help me with a basic diet and meal plan for 3 meals for 1 day... this is 

by User avatar nihtiyana

Any tips how to stop eating ice cubes?


by User avatar PRIYA

Bloating in anorexia, so I switched from a hot chocolate to soup

I have Anorexia and have not actually eaten in almost a year, it has got progressively worse and i have been living on just instant hot chocolate at nights until last week... I changed it to cup-a-soup convinced the sugar from sweet drink was causing bloating, I used to see myself as skeletal and...

by User avatar Guest

i think i may be struggling with an eating disorder

my eating habits are extremely bad, i either don't really eat anything/ really low amounts of calories or i eat everything and this has been going on for about 2 years now . for the past 2 weeks i have gotten myself in to a very bad binge eating cycle which i can not seem to get out of but 3 weeks...

by User avatar shaniaforte306431

binge eating disorder

Hello! I need to hear some info about binge eating disorder-is it some sort of bulimia or what –though I never saw my daughter vomiting after having meal and yet again I have this my friend claiming that my daughter might be having binge eating disorder. I don't know what to think I always taught...

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