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way to be a regular diet

I wish to reduce weight however i do not have any idea how to do. What I must do?

by User avatar PolyakovMineon

eating soap and eating ice

Answered by a doctor

My daughter has the constant urge to eat bar soap, like Irish Spring. This started after her last pregancy. She also developed the need to eat ice constantly. The most demanding time is during her menstrual period. Can you please tell me the harm in these type of habits or urges. She thinks it...

by User avatar Guest

Does spitting and chewing cause weight gain??

I have been spitting and chewing mostly all of my food for awhile now, and i noticed a slight weight drop but not too much.. I read somewhere that doing this actually makes you gain weight? If you are spitting and chewing french fries for example, do you get a lot of the calories from the grease? If...

by User avatar danielle07

Is it harmful to eat slate pencil, I consume 20-30 of them

Is it harmful to eat slate pencil as I study in 10th and I consume 20-30 slate pencil in a week or 2 week. I and my friend both love it very much we can't leave this habit. But we are worried about will it cause any harm?? Is there any option to leave this habit??  

by User avatar Kavya

chewing and spitting will destroy your life and damage your mental state

I don't want to describe how this disorder has damaged my mental state and consumed days of my life which I could have spent on my social life, I instead will give you plain numbers and facts: At first I was able to lose two kilos using these method and felt extremely happy, I started working out...

by User avatar Guest

anorexia can t lose weight after recovery

Answered by a doctor

Hello! 5 years ago I begun with treatment for anorexia and I somehow succeeded. The problem is now that I gained lots of pound, I am even ashamed to say it ... 30 pounds and I think (and I do, medically proven) I am overweight. I would like to loose 10 pounds and that’s it, no more, because I do...

by User avatar Guest

Can anorexia nervosa cause for a person to feel psychically weak without feeling sick

I'm kind of embarrassed to ask this what all are causes for a person to feel psychically weak without feeling sick at all but also doesn't feel like my anorexia nervosa is responsible for it either because of all the caffeine and put into my body even in pill format wise to so ik that is ruled out...

by User avatar Ashley Madden

Is it harmful chewing on pencil erasers as if they were gum?

Is it harmful chewing on pencil erasers as if they were gum?

by User avatar pattig

urge for licking soap? what are the effects of it?

I am 17 years old n I always hv to urge to lick soap. I've nvr been pregnant or anything it's just an urge. Can anyone give me insight as to why I hv the urge and what effects are there to licking this unconventional "food item".  Ps. I've been doing it for well over 5 years

by User avatar Guest

How to stop eating slate pencil?

i will eat slate pencil daily i want to awaid but i can not what shoud i do 

by User avatar saira