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plastic surgeon recommendations

Who is the best ny doctor for upper and lower eyelid surgery?

by User avatar Guest

Disterbed vision, almost like virtigo, everything seems a million miles away

Answered by a doctor

I have a problem with my vision which is causing me a lot of discomfort. It happens only a few times a year, if that, but when it does I am unable to get to sleep for days because of it. I am currently suffering with it now so thought I would post the symptoms onto this forum to see if anybody else...

by User avatar vinylrichie32135

help i go temporary blinde when i go coughing

can some one tell me why i lose sight when i go coughing is this the norm. to happen cause at first it would be blurry and double vision now its making me go tempory blinde for about 5 seconds could this mean stroke or worse.and what can i do since i have no insurance. please advise . thanks...

by User avatar johnnyrc27535

Unilateral upper eyelid ptosis made worse by fatigue and cannabis in young adult

Hello, I'm a 22 year old college student, male, in good health, good physical fitness, and with good vision. I'm not under excessive stress, and I'm not depressed. I don't take any medication, have any allergies, any disease that I know of. I've had partial unilateral upper eyelid ptosis on the left...

by User avatar osibisa

Discharge in a meth addict.

Answered by a doctor

I was smoking crystal meth for several days and my eyes started to bother me. I looked in the mirror, and i have yellow discharge comming out of my eyes. Should I be concerned??? What do I do??? Why is this happening????

by User avatar Lucky126723

why do her eyes water when she uses the bathroom?

Answered by a doctor

i know this is soooo weird, but i have a friend and whenever she goes to the bathroom, her eyes water really bad----- whether she is peeing or pooping, it doesnt matter---i know that sounds nasty, but please dont post stupid answers-------- this has been going on since she was a very small...

by User avatar Guest

Wavy or deformed lines or objects after Retinal detachment surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hi, My brother had a RD surgery (Macula off) on 28th Jan with Scleral buckling procedure with a best doctor. His vision started showed symptoms of improvement after 3 weeks of the surgery but Doctor said it will take up to 2- 3 months get the vision stabilised. We understand that the RD surgery was...

by User avatar akod

Why do I have salt crystals below and in my eyebrows?

I know this sounds weird, but I have fine salt crystals that form directly under and in my eyebrows. It is extremely fine and know that it's salt (don't ask me why...but I tasted it)  I've asked my doctor and he just laughed at me. This phenomenon has been present for years.  I don't sweat...

by User avatar Indiana53

Sudden Loss of Vision In One Eye

Something happened to me and I am terrified! Today I lost vision in my left eye, without any warning sign. I have never suffered of eye pain or something like this, and I cannot believe this happened to me. I live alone and there is nobody I could ask to help me and say what is wrong. Should I run...

by User avatar Guest

Anyone used Ortho K lenses?

Hello! My sister is short sighted and she wears glasses. She looks much prettier without her glasses and she really hates to wear them. My neighbor has told me that there are some special lenses called Ortho K which are used during the night and shape your eye in the way it is needed to be able to...

by User avatar rhianon46261181