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anyone have a chalazion removed?

Answered by a doctor

Is there anyone who had a chalazion removed? I am wondering if anyone who has had a chalazion removed has eyelid returned to normal or do you have scar tissue left? I ask is because had one, and had it removed a while back. Now my eyelid is not completely flat the way it used to be and I have...

by User avatar Guest

blurred vision from tanning

I have been going to the tanner for about 3 years on and off. I used to be really responsible about wearing the protective glasses they provide, but I haven't used them at all for about a year. I have recenty noticed after I tan that my eyes get blurry temorarily. It would only last for about 20...

by User avatar JillyKristine0798

Meibomianitis because of PCOS? daily hyigene do you use to manage the irritation?

Does anyone have Meibomianitis because of PCOS? can it cause your eyes to become red? what do you do every day to wash your face to manage the irritation? i've had red eyes in the corners and around the outside of my eyes for 2 years now, it's worse when i've just woke up but goes less red after...

by User avatar SunnydaleSpook

migranes,dizziness and lights in my eyes

Answered by a doctor

? sometimes,at random i get really dizzy,feel lightheaded and get funny lights in my eyes. i have no idea what they are but my opticians' thinks they are migraines.i dont think they are... does anyone experiance the same problem?? x

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Black people - yellow eyes? Why?

I don't mean to generalize. I'm 50-50 black/Korean. Sometimes the whites of my eyes turn yellow. Usually it's when I'm tired or dehydrated. Why does this happen? Some black people have yellow eyes-whites, more than sometimes. I've always wondered why.

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orbital pseudo tumor

Hello! Is there any body who can explain to me what exactly orbital psuedo tumor is? Thank you for your time!!!

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How's your vision? Law school ruined my eyesight.

Law school ruined my eyesight. I've worn contacts or glasses ever since, and every year the prescription puts another layer on the end of the coke bottle... I'm running in thetoday, with sweat running into my eyes, making my contacts burn like crazy, and for the first time, I considered looking...

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Audible noise when moving my eyes

Answered by a doctor

This doesn't happen always, but between 5-10 times a week I will hear (or appear to hear) a noise which vaguely sounds like someone quickly ripping a piece of paper or cloth when I move my eyes from one point to another (left to right, up to down, etc). I guess I'm just trying to figure out is this...

by User avatar myklj99999786

I saw flashing lights last week when I closed my eyes. Is that a reason for concern?

I saw flashing lights last week when I closed my eyes is this a consern

by User avatar Joann

Uveitis - is there a natural solution?????

Answered by a doctor

I have severe sight threatening Uveitis, have already had the resert implants and am still on predisone to boot. does anyone know of any other type of remedy that is available? I was diagnosed 8 months ago and am continually getting worse, they have not uncovered the underlying cause. My doctor...

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