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Black people - yellow eyes? Why?

I don't mean to generalize. I'm 50-50 black/Korean. Sometimes the whites of my eyes turn yellow. Usually it's when I'm tired or dehydrated. Why does this happen? Some black people have yellow eyes-whites, more than sometimes. I've always wondered why.

by User avatar Guest

What do you think about laser surgery for vision correction?

for vision correction. What do you think about it? If you have how was your experience?

by User avatar Running Brewer

Dark Ball on Inside of Upper Eyelid

Answered by a doctor

Recently I noticed that my right eyelid is slightly puffy. I am a contact lens wearer, but have not been wearing them for the past few weeks just to be safe. I had been feeling as if something were caught in my eye for days and had difficulty getting my contacts in. A few days later, an eyelash and...

by User avatar Guest

flash of Light in Right Eye When I Blink

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I can't seem to find any info on my problem. I've seen as optpmetrist and they found nothing. What I have is a small very quick flash of light which is circular when I blink hard in my right eye. It's there all the time and have noticed it for about one year. It does seem to change in brightness...

by User avatar orion4989

Feeling bad with headaches following cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

Can somebody help me! I’m in panic. Four days ago I had a cataract surgery. Now I have headaches. I think that’s maybe something gone wrong. Or maybe it’s normal? Do I need to call my eye doctor? Please, someone with experience tell me did you feel bad following with headaches...

by User avatar olivette182663293

Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration at the same time

So yeah, months ago I was diagnosed with glaucoma. It took me a month before finally accepting it to be part of the rest of my life, how depressing. And then after two months of being diagnosed with glaucoma, I was given a test and it found out that I am suspect of macular degeneration, another...

by User avatar StelCaelum

What's living with glaucoma like?

Hi! My mother has just come from her eye doctor and her diagnosis is glaucoma. She is desperate because she thinks that she will be blind soon. I try to explain to her that everything will be ok but I’m also worried. I want to ask somebody with glaucoma what's living with glaucoma like?

by User avatar adrianne16563353

Can cataract surgery be a reason for staph infection?

Can cataract surgery be a reason for staph infection?

by User avatar Guest

Disterbed vision, almost like virtigo, everything seems a million miles away

Answered by a doctor

I have a problem with my vision which is causing me a lot of discomfort. It happens only a few times a year, if that, but when it does I am unable to get to sleep for days because of it. I am currently suffering with it now so thought I would post the symptoms onto this forum to see if anybody else...

by User avatar vinylrichie32135

I had annoying stye for two years.

Hi, i've had a stye for a very long time now, i would say like almost 2 years now...i only recently asked my doctor about it, he told me to put a hot compresse on my eye for 10 to 15 mins and he prescribed me the polysporin for styes. It's deffenitly not as big as it was, i don't always put a hot...

by User avatar Cherries