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Wavy or deformed lines or objects after Retinal detachment surgery

Answered by a doctor

Hi, My brother had a RD surgery (Macula off) on 28th Jan with Scleral buckling procedure with a best doctor. His vision started showed symptoms of improvement after 3 weeks of the surgery but Doctor said it will take up to 2- 3 months get the vision stabilised. We understand that the RD surgery was...

by User avatar akod

Chalazion surgery~ fearing may be unsuccessful

I had a chalazion for three months before I went and got the courage to do the surgery. I had the surgery 12 days ago. I went to an oculoplatic surgeon.  He removed it from the outside, told me it was successfully drained, his nurses applied pressure and they sent me away with a...

by User avatar tori

anyone have a chalazion removed?

Answered by a doctor

Is there anyone who had a chalazion removed? I am wondering if anyone who has had a chalazion removed has eyelid returned to normal or do you have scar tissue left? I ask is because had one, and had it removed a while back. Now my eyelid is not completely flat the way it used to be and I have...

by User avatar Guest

Sensitivity to light, confused, constantly nauseous and dizz

Answered by a doctor

Ever since about mid-april i've been feeling really weird. I'm constantly dizzy, and lightheaded. My nausea used to come every once in a while, but it seems im constantly nauseous now. I also have a sensitivity to light at night, it feels like im drunk or something. Although it doesnt seem like im...

by User avatar lilkrnriceburner33188

how to cure a swollen eye? it is turning black

how to cure a swollen eye that occured 3 days ago and i turning black

by User avatar kat

Is there any way to cure color blindness?

Are there any cures?  Like maybe glasses? I want to see colors right. I want to be an electrician! Not only that, I have an astigmatism I think, so everything is wavy and deformed... is there any hope of a cure for my eye issues? Will I be able to see anything right? Please reply!

by User avatar Isaac

Sore eye when consuming alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I have had a symptom over the past 6mths or so, where my right upper eyelid will become very irritated when consuming alcohol. At first I thought I had a stye, but they normally go within 1week or so but it has persisited. The upper eyelid becomes inflamed and it feels as though there is something...

by User avatar Yerolo3871

Audible noise when moving my eyes

Answered by a doctor

This doesn't happen always, but between 5-10 times a week I will hear (or appear to hear) a noise which vaguely sounds like someone quickly ripping a piece of paper or cloth when I move my eyes from one point to another (left to right, up to down, etc). I guess I'm just trying to figure out is this...

by User avatar myklj99999786

black spots floating in my vision

Answered by a doctor

I see black spots! Please, help me! Do I have some disease? These black spots appear all of sudden and disappear without any reason. Does anybody know what could I do when black spots floating in my vision? My friend told me that I can not do anything and that will passed away.

by User avatar Guest

Bump after chalazion surgery, I am feeling that my surgery was not successful

After waiting in fear for three months I finally bit the bullet and went and had the surgery. This was six days ago. It was done from the outside by an Oculoplastic  surgeon. The little cut Mark from the outside fell off and I'm noticing that he didn't even cut on top of the pump he cut a hair...

by User avatar Guest