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Discharge in a meth addict.

Answered by a doctor

I was smoking crystal meth for several days and my eyes started to bother me. I looked in the mirror, and i have yellow discharge comming out of my eyes. Should I be concerned??? What do I do??? Why is this happening????

by User avatar Lucky126723

How to Treat Calcium Deposits On Eyelids

Answered by a doctor

I have developed hard white bumps under my eyelids in the past 5 years. Doctors told me they are calcium deposits, and did not suggest any treatments for that. In fact, he told me there's no way to get rid of them. These bumps bother me constantly, and I became very sensitive to lights. I can’t...

by User avatar Guest

Constant lower eyelid twiching

My right lower eyelid has been twiching nonstop for a little over a week now. It's a small muscle underneath the eye, where the bags of my eyes are. Can someone tell me at least how to cure it? or something? I feel very self concious when i look at someone directly in the eye. Luckily it's not so...

by User avatar Guest

swollen upper eyelids

Answered by a doctor

For the last three days I’ve had swollen upper eyelids. The eyeball itself isn’t red or inflamed but the eyelid is really swollen. It looks a bit strange because it seams like I'm always sleepy and tired. I thought it would pass by it self but it didn’t, then symptoms are just getting worse...

by User avatar Guest

Feeling bad with headaches following cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

Can somebody help me! I’m in panic. Four days ago I had a cataract surgery. Now I have headaches. I think that’s maybe something gone wrong. Or maybe it’s normal? Do I need to call my eye doctor? Please, someone with experience tell me did you feel bad following with headaches...

by User avatar olivette182663293

ring around lights after cataract surgery

Answered by a doctor

My husband recently had cataract surgery on bothe eyes and had the restore lens put in. He has rings around the car lights and street lights when driving... This bothers him.... is this something that is common, does it go away in time... otherwise he is happy with his surgery. He just told me...

by User avatar dsteven347

flash of Light in Right Eye When I Blink

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I can't seem to find any info on my problem. I've seen as optpmetrist and they found nothing. What I have is a small very quick flash of light which is circular when I blink hard in my right eye. It's there all the time and have noticed it for about one year. It does seem to change in brightness...

by User avatar orion4989

What do you think about laser surgery for vision correction?

for vision correction. What do you think about it? If you have how was your experience?

by User avatar Running Brewer

why do her eyes water when she uses the bathroom?

Answered by a doctor

i know this is soooo weird, but i have a friend and whenever she goes to the bathroom, her eyes water really bad----- whether she is peeing or pooping, it doesnt matter---i know that sounds nasty, but please dont post stupid answers-------- this has been going on since she was a very small...

by User avatar Guest

Shooting pain behind Left eye, top of head

Answered by a doctor

HI all, I have recurring shooting pains behind my left eye, and once in a while shooting pains at the top of my head. Over the years I have complained of my eyes twitching, ears ringing, etc. Dr's chalked it up to my hypothyroid (treated w/medication) and my sinus infections (I get about 2 a year)....

by User avatar Xenasmother100960