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effects of eating morning glory seeds

Answered by a doctor

What effects occurs of eating morning seeds? Actually we soaked ground seeds in water, filtered and drank it. Someone told me that in case they are treated with fungicides we should not use them.

by User avatar Guest

Call me an Ice Eater

I too, can't stop my ice cube crunching and eating. I was told by a couple docs yrs ago I was anemic, so was my mother. I had 3 major surgeries in 2016 and after that is when my ice cube cravings began. Coincidence? One of those Orthopaedics gave me a script for iron pills-325 milligram pills. I...

by User avatar Iceman

Favorite non-chocolate candy?

I just sucked down a peppermint patty and was thinking that if you could get the filling sans chocolate in a container and refridgerate it, that it would be mighty tasty.

by User avatar purple hayes

Post a food item game

any item. must be different from one posted before. we're talking the base foods here. ie. tomato not pizza. or carrot not salad. 3 2 1 . . . GO!

by User avatar blue

How do you dress your burger?

Business casual is NOT a correct answer. Lettuce, cheese, mustard... sometimes pickles.

by User avatar MechEngDropout

Sudden Aversion to Meat

I've developed an aversion to meat in the last week. I can't even stand to look at it. I made baked ziti this evening with ground beef and I had to make my own without meat. The thought of eating meat is nauseating. I've been a severe carnivore my entire life. Why would this be?

by User avatar Ms. Jenn

Is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth

Answered by a doctor

hi im shine im 14years old and my height 5'9. is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth and moreover my weight is 40 kilos 

by User avatar Guest

Do you know what a salt bagel is?

Do you know what a salt bagel is? Please, just answer yes or no and give your state. Don't give any details about what they are. No pictures, no descriptions. Thank you.

by User avatar Dancinghomer

List things that aren't made better by peanutbutter

Ready? GO!

by User avatar purple hayes

can you get bird flu from turkey?

maybe to be safe I ought to just eat a punmpkin pie instead

by User avatar wanttorun100