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Getting stomach aches after eating bananas

Answered by a doctor

Why do I keep getting stomach aches after eating bananas? I cannot remember a time when i did NOT get a stomach ache after eating a banana. Am I possibly allergic to bananas?

by User avatar Guest

What is your favorite coffe?

you know, are you a columbian, french roast, breakfast blend...??? What do you prefer? The Starbucks espresso roast is really, really, really, good.

by User avatar coachmarkos

I need to gain weight!!! Help!!!

Answered by a doctor

I'm a 17 yr old female, and I have a very high metabolism. Im about 5'5 and only weight 96lbs. No matter how hard I try I can never get to or above 100lbs. I've tried the nutritional shakes, and they're not helping much. Does anyone have any suggestions on how or what foods I should get to gain...

by User avatar Ashley102877

Post a food item game

any item. must be different from one posted before. we're talking the base foods here. ie. tomato not pizza. or carrot not salad. 3 2 1 . . . GO!

by User avatar blue

What is the proper way to cut a sandwich?

Should sandwiches be cut in half or not? I fix my son's lunches for school and Y camp and I was recently informed that all sandwiches MUST be cut in half and everyone know this. (I had not been cutting them.) True? Did everyone know this except me?

by User avatar PackerBacker

How well do you do in drinking the recommended amount of water?

How well do you do in drinking the recommended amount of water. I suck!! I should be drinking almost 100 ounces and I can barely drink 50 a day.

by User avatar Guest

What regional food would you miss if you moved from that area?

if you ever moved from your area. Me-Philly pretzels Amoroso rolls Tastycakes now you go

by User avatar copteacher

What's your fallback dinner?

You know, when you don't want to go out, don't really want to be creative...what's the dish of choice? For us it's spaghetti.

by User avatar shelflifers

COFFEE: Tasty Beverage, or Performance Enhancing Utility?

For me, it's always a performance enhancing utility (Black and hot!!)

by User avatar prohemp

Is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth

Answered by a doctor

hi im shine im 14years old and my height 5'9. is there anyway to decrease my height or stop the growth and moreover my weight is 40 kilos 

by User avatar Guest