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Post a food item game

any item. must be different from one posted before. we're talking the base foods here. ie. tomato not pizza. or carrot not salad. 3 2 1 . . . GO!

by User avatar blue

Did you ever eat potted meat?

Who has eaten it? Under what circumstances? Or just because you enjoy it? Vienna Sausages? Tinned pork? SPAM (Turkey or Original)?

by User avatar Laurie Ellen

what did you bring for lunch?

I have some yogurt and some red pepper soup that I made last night. (along with the 4 hershey kisses mentioned in the other thread.) what are you bringing to the table today?

by User avatar keltic63

Combination of coffee with Lemon

Dear Madam / Sir, I would like to ask question.... before going to gym .. i drink a glass of lukewarm water with coffee ( a pouch) and squeeze one half lemon in the glass. Kindly do let me know .. it that combination good for health or not.. regds, Mahender

by User avatar mahenderps

How do you dress your burger?

Business casual is NOT a correct answer. Lettuce, cheese, mustard... sometimes pickles.

by User avatar MechEngDropout

What are natural ingredients?

I was looking on the label for Lawry's salt and it listed a bunch of stuff and then Natural ingredients. I have seen this on other things before, like natural flavors. Of what???? Is it just their way of trying to include something that sounds wholesome in the label?

by User avatar Running Brewer

Do you know what a salt bagel is?

Do you know what a salt bagel is? Please, just answer yes or no and give your state. Don't give any details about what they are. No pictures, no descriptions. Thank you.

by User avatar Dancinghomer

Things in food ingredients that I should avoid 100%?

I'm really trying to prefect my diet, minus the alcohol, yeah...I'm an alcoholic at 15 lol. Anyhow is anyone here a pro nutritionest? If so what are the things I should absolutely not eat? I know trans-fats and saturated fats are bad, like hydroginated oils, and sugar way up at the top of the...

by User avatar Mike G

Favorite thing to put peanutbutter on

I'm going to have to go with Oreos for now. MMMmmm Good!

by User avatar purple hayes

What regional food would you miss if you moved from that area?

if you ever moved from your area. Me-Philly pretzels Amoroso rolls Tastycakes now you go

by User avatar copteacher