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side effects of guinness

I do like a pint of guinness from time to time, and I have even heard many times over that there are supposed health benefits of guinness, including for pregnant and lactating women! So you can imagine that it did not sound right to me when someone said there are "side effects" to guinness! Other...

by User avatar Guest

How much sugar I can put in my cup of tea?

Hello! I have decided to make a habit of drinking tea. Many of my friends advised me that I should drink green and black tea since they are the healthiest. I took their advice and wanted to surprise my best friend when she came in for a cup of coffee by making us some tea instead. She was very...

by User avatar sibelle176790153

what is the best tabasco sauce?

I'm torn between the Chipotle (kinda like a steak sauce) and Habanero then there is the classic original

by User avatar wanttorun100

Is it possible to eat healthy without gaining weight?

I'm 15 and over the past year I've grown quite a lot and now I'm somewhere in between 5'7 and 5'8, I believe. But I recently became worried about my weight; I've always been skinny but never underweight. I did the BMI calculator yesterday and it said I'm underweight. I've never really been very...

by User avatar JulietM

Soy Milk and Hot Flashes

Answered by a doctor

I have noticed that when I drink soy milk - vanilla flavor, I experience hot flashes for days. What is the cause and has any one else experienced the same.

by User avatar LETICIA

effects of eating morning glory seeds

Answered by a doctor

What effects occurs of eating morning seeds? Actually we soaked ground seeds in water, filtered and drank it. Someone told me that in case they are treated with fungicides we should not use them.

by User avatar Guest

Any wine drinkers here? how you choose the wine you drink?

Just curious how you choose the wine you drink? What kind?

by User avatar Noley

Loss of appetite...dont know why

Answered by a doctor

im 19 and i suddenly lost my appetite...i dont know why...i get really hungry and when i get something to eat ill take like 3 bites then throw it away...i have also been getting horrible headaches which i think are because im not eating. what should i do? im always hungry now but i dont want to...

by User avatar Ineedalife_22123533

increase appetite tecniques

hi, my name is shabeeb i was very lean was abt 48kgs and my height is 5.6" i tried every things to gain weight like tablets like paractin,ciplactin,mosegar pills, cypon syrup,bayer tonic and the list goes on its not that i dont gain weight actually my appetite is too small i cant eat much and tend...

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Is peanut crack butter a gateway drug?

I was reading about cashew butter and almond butter yesterday and was wondering if these are really as tasty as they sound. Am I introducing myself to a slippery slope? If I try a cashew butter sammich, will I ever go back to plain ol' peanut crack butter?

by User avatar purple hayes