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what is up with our milk consumption?

Seriously, should two reasonably sized adults be going through 12-16 litres of milk a WEEK? (That's roughly 4 gallons for you metric-phobes). I made need to buy a dairy cow at this rate....

by User avatar ShannonG

Who is making wings today??

I'm ready to go but I decided I don't like the store bought sauce I got....anyone got a good recipe for some? How do you make yours, bake, fry or both??

by User avatar genie

Crust-less bread? What's next???

What next? Liver that tastes like chocolate? video games that do your homework?

by User avatar shelflifers

Post a food item game

any item. must be different from one posted before. we're talking the base foods here. ie. tomato not pizza. or carrot not salad. 3 2 1 . . . GO!

by User avatar blue

can you get bird flu from turkey?

maybe to be safe I ought to just eat a punmpkin pie instead

by User avatar wanttorun100

What do you munch on during the day?

What do we munch on during the day? power Bears Soy nuts coffee agua (water in espanol) (Spanish in Spanish) bananas inter-racial Gummi Bears joel

by User avatar shelflifers

Can't enjoy moderate drinking 4 hours later vomit shaking & diarrhea

Answered by a doctor

Hi can anyone advise my lovely wife went out on her 35th birthday 2 years ago and drank far too much red wine and was really ill. Normally she only drank on special occasions so she was not by any means a regular drinker. Well you would imagine that she would learn a lesson and moderate her intake...

by User avatar rogerh32134

tuna vs sardines? which one do you prefer and why?

which do you like more betterer?

by User avatar wanttorun100

what did you bring for lunch?

I have some yogurt and some red pepper soup that I made last night. (along with the 4 hershey kisses mentioned in the other thread.) what are you bringing to the table today?

by User avatar keltic63

Favorite thing to put peanutbutter on

I'm going to have to go with Oreos for now. MMMmmm Good!

by User avatar purple hayes