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Right Upper Quadrant Pain and Right Back Pain

Answered by a doctor

I am a 41 year old female.  I have had Type 2 Diabetes for 15 years and have it well under control.  I have had upper right abdominal pain and right middle back pain for over 2 months.  I've had an x-ray, ultra sound and HIDA scan which all came back fine indicating that I have gallstones but...

by User avatar LeAnne

Arabic way to cure kidney chronic disease

Hello all, I and my brother both of us use to have Chonic Kidney Disease and my Brother get cured totally and am also getting cure but still I need a few month to recover .. anyway I like to share with you the Arabian way to cure kidney Disease note: I merage with it Chinese way + breathing...

by User avatar Guest

kidney pain in the morning

Answered by a doctor

I'm 28 years old. I`ve been having pain in my back (left side). The pain is expecially bed in the morning, when I get up. At first I didn`t pay much attention, used some painkillers, but when I saw some blood in my urine I got scared. A friend told me that I might have some kidney problem,...

by User avatar Guest

self removal of kidney bladder stent

Answered by a doctor

My doctor said that if I want I can remove the two stents that were inserted two days ago. Due to the holiday I can not find a professional to remove them. I understand this can be painful, however the cramping from the stents as sever and I am entertaining self removal. Is this a wise chose and...

by User avatar wendy

kidney stones & high blood pressure

Hi, I have kidney stones and no need to say to anyone with experience how bad is the pain. It`s sharp and cramping and makes me wish I was dead. The stones should pass on their own, and I have no blood in my urine. But, I have noticed that my blood pressure is high and wonder is there a link...

by User avatar Guest

Can stem cell be used for chronic kidney disease?

Hello! I have a very close friend who suffers from chronic kidney disease and undergoes the dialysis every day. I would like to believe that there is hope that he can get better or at least improve quality of his life. The downside is that his doctor is not very innovative and tends to stick to some...

by User avatar Guest

Kidney Stone Info/Tricks from a guy who's passed more than 200!

Answered by a doctor

I looked through some of these posts and I see that a lot of people have kidney stone issues and have been, or are going through many of the situatios that I have. I have become a sefl-taught expert on kidney stones since I have passed over 200 in my lifetime. I have a congenital kidney disease...

by User avatar moovyz131953

my right kidney is smaller than the other one

i have a problem with my right kidney my doc told me that it is smaller than the left but has suggested that i can do a surgery because lately i've been having strong pain and i almost can't breathe well as well do you think i can get over with this issue?

by User avatar fiona

Cannabis addiction and kidney failure

Hi My cousin has smoked cannabis for over 20 year, she was a bad diabetic and used to say it helped with all the diabetes issues, eating and appetite, pain etc etc. She always had to smoke first thing in the morning, otherwise she could not eat..... and being a diabetic she had to eat to keep her...

by User avatar janey01

Ureter stent removal

I'm a 25 year old male, and I have a ureter stent in me. It doesn't really hurt, and I can't really tell that it's even there. My question is, will it hurt to have it removed? They say that I will get a numbing agent, but with all things considered, I'm still extremely nervous. I've already...

by User avatar poppster61813