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How long can you survive with one kidney?

Answered by a doctor

What can you tell me about living with just one kidney? How long can you survive? I mean, it looks like my left kidney will have to be removed and I would like to know what will happen afterwards. Doctor said that I should be just fine, but how can I when my kidney will be extracted?

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Bleeding from the right kidney, but dr's are clueless.. Please help!!!!

I've had gross hematuria for about 3 months now and after having all the ct scans, bloodwork, urine tests and cystoscopy they finally narrowed it down to my right kidney. None of my doctors are worried and are not in a hurry to test me further for an answer, but I am so scared. Sometimes my...

by User avatar happyhousewife166571

Drinking alcohol with a kidney infection

Answered by a doctor

I have a kidney infection,infected with staph.My question is can I still drink heavy alcohol(rum and vodka) with my condition? And what happens to the kidney if I drink?

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Having pain on left side of stomach and blood when I wipe

I am have pain on my left side of my stomach and there is brownish blood on the tissue when I wipe my self 

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Post-operative pain after kidney stone removal?

Answered by a doctor

Hello! I will go to surgery next week. So, I am trying to find people who done kidney stone removal with surgical procedure. I am interesting for post-operative pain after kidney stone removal. I have heard that this pain is terrifying. I hope that you will tell me something more about it. Thank you...

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side effects of kidney stents

What can people tell me about the side effects of kidney stents? I read that more of such procedures are now being performed in the United States and that there are many more people with kidney stents than before. I have no doubt that kidney stents have saved many lives. But are there any side...

by User avatar wolfgang372150358

Kidney Transplant success rate? will my mother be fine after donating kidney to my dad?

Hi everyone,  My dad suffering from rental failure, he currently undergoing dialysis thrice a week. Every time he undergo dialysis he will become so week. Therefore  doctor suggested for kidney transplant. Please let me know the  success rate of kidney transplant. Fortunately...

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Is my pain normal after stent placement?

Answered by a doctor

I went in 3 days ago and had a cystoscopy and ureteroscopy with stent placement. I will have the stent for one week and then he is going to remove the stent in the office. I felt GREAT immediately after the procedure, but then on the way home....I started feeling nauseous. I fell a lot of pressure...

by User avatar live42day140522

Kidney Stone Info/Tricks from a guy who's passed more than 200!

Answered by a doctor

I looked through some of these posts and I see that a lot of people have kidney stone issues and have been, or are going through many of the situatios that I have. I have become a sefl-taught expert on kidney stones since I have passed over 200 in my lifetime. I have a congenital kidney disease...

by User avatar moovyz131953

my kidney is shaking

hey im 20 and last night my left kidney started to rumble kind like your stomach when its hungry. it shakes a bit for like 5 seconds every like 30-60 mins randomly, this does not hurt and i really cant feel anything else except a bit of viabrations. its a sunday so im not off to doctors. and really...

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