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large blood clots on last day of period

I am 27 years old and for the past 4 years I've had a problem with heavy bleeding during periods, I started menstruating at age 15. Every month I go on my periods but the most stressful day is the last day of my periods. I experience heavy bleeding liquid blood I have to change 6 pads! And then a...

by User avatar stha88

Hello I need your help please

My menstrual cycle changes every month now for the past 3 months it's was 2days late in July 3 days late in August and 4 days late this month and my period is always 3days and the 4th day is jst spotting but now it's the 4th day and am still bleeding and having cramps am kinda confused what is wrong...

by User avatar Whealth

3 months after abortion still bleeding..

Answered by a doctor

*** DONT need anti- abortion shit thanks! just help *** I had the Abortion October 5th went to the 2 week check up I was okay they said. November came by still bleeding December came on by still bleeding... On Dec 7th I THOUGHT i had started my period cause it was a heavier red blood ya no? n for...

by User avatar Guest

Missed period 5-6 months

I'm sixteen years old and I haven't had my period for about 5-6 months..Now I'm unsure when I last had it's been a long time and that scares me..It might be because when I started to not get it I quit a sport I'd been doing for years. but it hasn't come back at all. I was starting to get...

by User avatar Rebby

No menstrual since my car accident

I was in a bad car accident 4 months ago, I ruptured my spleen, broke C3, C4 & C5 in my neck, I broke 2 ribs, suffered a concussion. I had to wait several days before they could perform surgery on my neck due to damaging the main artery in my neck. However I have not had a period since the...

by User avatar Guest

Late period, am I pregnant? Had my period last month

I had protected sex on August 9th and had my period on August 17th and now it's been over a month and I haven't gotten my period. I recently got sick and have been stressed so can that be the cause of my late period?? I haven't had sex since the 9th so I would assume my last period was proof that I...

by User avatar Carrot4242

Bleeding after follicle rupture

I am trying for pregnancy. I had my follicle rupture last week and yesterday and today I am having bleeding. Bleeding is reddish pink in color. Currently I am using GEST 200 cagibal tablets. Kindly let me know if the cuase for bleeding is periods or any other specific reason.

by User avatar Arcchana

brown discharge, period?

Answered by a doctor

my daughter is 13 years old and hasn't had her period yet. she has recently found brown, almost black, discharge in her underwear and a little bit of red here and there. does this mean she is starting her period?

by User avatar lizab

Bad Headaches for two days after period

Answered by a doctor

I have been getting really bad headaches right after my period is over. THis has not always happened, it started about 6 or 7 months ago. I have taken tylenol, excedrin migraine and naproxen (given to me by doctor at immediate care for the headaches) and nothing works. When I went to the doctors,...

by User avatar Guest

Mirena IUD Bleeding after 3 years

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I need some serious advice. I have had a Mirena IUD for the past three years. I have not had a period the entire time I have had it in. Well about 2 weeks ago I started having sharp pains on my left ovary. They seem to come and go. Well about 3 days ago, I started having cramps and last...

by User avatar Linzwats91070