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how long after opiates can you take suboxone without going into withdrawls?

Answered by a doctor

I know that if you take suboxone when you still have opiates in your system you will withdrwal. What I want to know is how long do i need to wait to take suboxone after using opiates so I don't feel the sick symptoms ?

by User avatar anewbeginingtoday14145056

Oxycodone Vs Morphine Withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

Oxycodone Vs Morphine Withdrawal...which was worse for you??? For me Oxycodone just has that, "PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW!!" type of feeling...Opinions please!!

by User avatar IAmVeryScared144697

suboxone with alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I wanted to know if I could drink any alcohol while I am on suboxone!!!! Anybody any info?

by User avatar Guest

Suboxone withdrawal time? no clue what to expect or why it's taking so long

I've been taking Suboxone 8 milligram to 16 milligram for 4 years. 5 days ago noon today I've taken none. I jumped off 4 mg. I did research online on vitamins that help with the withdrawal symptoms. Between the ensure plus and the vitamins I spent $180. The only symptoms I've had is,sorry, diarrhea...

by User avatar Grady

The doctor had fantastic advice as a guest I could not see his reply, where is his practice?

Thank you for the information I was really upset when I began to look up the condition. I never thought of my cats as being insect carriers, one sleeps at the top of my pillow. I don't wear a lot of make up, just eyeliner and I will change shampoo.  Can you please please suggest brands of...

by User avatar Kathryn Stewart-McDonald

methadone side effects, toxicity & nausea - please respond

Answered by a doctor

need info from someone else on methadone.... i'm 41 and i've been on 80mg methadone daily since march of '07 for severe nerve pain due to radiocolopathy and thalamic pain syndrome (i had a stroke on the left side of my thalamas). prior to the methadone, i was on tons of Fentanyl lollipops and...

by User avatar Guest

I am on Suboxone and can't afford my prescription

Answered by a doctor

my name is Eric Franklin and I have been taking suboxone 16mg. for about 7 months. I get 60 pills monthly. My medication cost me $430.00. Doe's anyone body know of a good prescription saving's card.

by User avatar Guest

Mixing Codeine & Valium

Answered by a doctor

Sometimes when I just want to buzz off in my mind I take codeine. I know it is not one of those so-called heavy drugs and its effects cannot be compared but it does put me in a good mood. Now I have been searching for a way to intensify that buzzing feeling. Do you know of any. What about mixing...

by User avatar irwin119355796

Home Remedies For Opiate Withdrawals

Answered by a doctor

This post is an extension of the Home remedies to help with opiate withdrawal? thread. Please continue posting within this thread.

by User avatar Jenny3481

Getting electric, buzzing feeling in head, (brain), and eyes!!

I have been having these really strange feelings of buzzzz or electric vibration that lasts for a second or less. It happens in my head or brain and also goes as far as where my eyes also feel the same thing at the same time and they both move very quickly from side to side. its really scaring me....

by User avatar Guest