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Problem with Marijuana Use- Looking for advice!

Hi all, I am a 20 year old female and I've been using marijuana daily since about October 2016. Long story short, I sought this drug to help with a lot of problems I was going through and slowly realized its negative impact on my social life and academics. Now that I see how much I hate myself being...

by User avatar Guest

Suboxone Class Action??? $2K dental bill!!

Answered by a doctor

Does anyone else feel this way or know how I can get financial help with my dental expenses. I kinda want to sue this company, but was wondering if enough ppl had a legitimate bill like I have b/c of side effects of the drug. Read below, and reply if u do:I know everything that is typed on the...

by User avatar Megan McBride207199

I missed my dose of Methadone, will I get sick before tomor

Answered by a doctor

We didn't make it to the clinic this morning. We had a snow storm and it took us an hour and a half to get there. When we did, it was 10 o'clock on the dot (closing time) and they wouldn't medicate us. I am on 67 mg and I was able to dose yesterday and I can dose tomorrow. I have to work, I...

by User avatar drvrnumber8

How to stop the pain of opiate withdrawal?

Answered by a doctor

When getting off the opiates, it was a usual thing to use methadon to reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms. I am sick of the symptoms which follow the opiate withdrawal my brother is experiencing and wish to help him overcome his weakness once and for all. Is there any other way to stop the...

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Getting electric, buzzing feeling in head, (brain), and eyes!!

I have been having these really strange feelings of buzzzz or electric vibration that lasts for a second or less. It happens in my head or brain and also goes as far as where my eyes also feel the same thing at the same time and they both move very quickly from side to side. its really scaring me....

by User avatar Guest

suboxone withdrawal: how long is this going to last...I'm mi

Answered by a doctor

I took my last dose of suboxone 5 days ago. Symptoms started on day 2...similar to the symptoms that I experienced coming off of Percocet, oxycontin, dilauded, etc, but not as bad. Still, I've missed two days of work, can't sleep, muscles are achy...feels like my bones are growing and my skin is...

by User avatar HK171

How to get rid of anxiety after meth use?

Answered by a doctor

I have one question and I would like some serious answer, without that fooling around please. I am taking meth for three months now. Lately I have problems after each meth use. I have difficulties concentrating, I fear of little things and sometimes I have total panic outbreak that I cant control....

by User avatar gus202264615

Lorazepam and anxiety disorder

Hi everyone, I am 22 years old who had his first panic attack about three weeks ago. Ever since I have been suffering anxiety disorder. The ER doctor prescribed 15 tablets of 1mg Lorazepam. I can't lie, it does miracles with anxiety and it puts me to sleep right away, but I have searched the...

by User avatar Mario Bryant

Cocaine and on Percoset

Hi, my friend is 26 years old and he is combining two drugs cocaine and percoset. I know pretty much about cocaine but this other drug is quite unfamiliar to me. I would like to know something more about it so if someone had experience with percoset please share it with me. Thanks.

by User avatar carlo62662965

suboxone with alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I wanted to know if I could drink any alcohol while I am on suboxone!!!! Anybody any info?

by User avatar Guest