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Showing positive for alcohol on the UA from pain management, when I haven't drank.

Does anyone know how my UA from my pain management clinic,could come back positive for alcohol when I haven't drank? I did tell my Dr. that I use homeopathic medications with grain alcohol in them.Also I drink a lot of Kombucha. However, my pain management Dr. said that neither of those...

by User avatar NicksMom

Methadone not showing up in my urine?

Answered by a doctor

I have been on methadone for 8 years, clean urines the whole time etc. I have "earned" all 6 of my take homes(in PA your only allowed 6) and have had them for years. In November, 2012 my urine came back with no methadone, I was on 48mgs. I was on other meds at the time for an UTI, I was also...

by User avatar Tina14275621

I really need an answer. Will suboxone make you fail a drug test. I have one soon!!!

Answered by a doctor

Someone told me that suboxone would make you fail a drug test for opiates. Also, someone told me it would make you fail for amphetamines. I have a drug test coming up, so I really need to know if it will make me fail for anything. Please someone tell me.

by User avatar stubby221164208

What does meth do to your lungs?

Answered by a doctor

Regularly, long term use of meth can cause a variety of problems in your body. My mother is always repeating this sentence to me. I am not so sure about it. What does meth do to your lungs, for example? I have always had problems with my lung, but I don't think that meth can make this worse.

by User avatar tore104862314

Swelling, Indegestion and Methadone

Answered by a doctor

Am on a methadone reduction currently daily 80 mls. Have put on alot of weight and developed lumpiness around thighs and buttocks. What is causing this - water retention? Also have GERD very badly. Trying to get off the methadone as this seems to be causing it all? Any suggestions? :-(

by User avatar Sheela

Best Remedy for Opiate Withdrawals

Answered by a doctor

Loperamide HCI is the best. It's an opiate. Just about all Anti-Diarrheal remedies over the counter have this in it. I used to suffer from opiate withdrawals when my perscription oxycodone was stolen from my locker at work. The withdrawals almost put me in the hospital. I researched the remedies in...

by User avatar opiatewithdrawals


Answered by a doctor

to whom it may concern. Anybody suffering through any type of opiate addiction from suboxone to methadone to pills and heroin. There is an all natural over the counter product that can be taken that is cheap and totally prevents and takes away all of the opiate withdrawal. this has been hidden from...

by User avatar Guest

Does suboxone show up on a 10 panal drug screen

Answered by a doctor

Does suboxone show up on a 10 panal drug screen "non dot"? %-)

by User avatar dawnellesmall

suboxone withdrawal: how long is this going to last...I'm mi

Answered by a doctor

I took my last dose of suboxone 5 days ago. Symptoms started on day 2...similar to the symptoms that I experienced coming off of Percocet, oxycontin, dilauded, etc, but not as bad. Still, I've missed two days of work, can't sleep, muscles are achy...feels like my bones are growing and my skin is...

by User avatar HK171

suboxone with alcohol

Answered by a doctor

I wanted to know if I could drink any alcohol while I am on suboxone!!!! Anybody any info?

by User avatar Guest