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Shortness of breath after stopping smoking

Answered by a doctor

Can anybody tell me if shortness of breath after stopping smoking is normal? I am 32 years old, male, smoked 8-9 cigarettes a day for about 15 years. I stopped smoking three weeks ago. I have never been short of breath in my life, however since I stopped smoking, I find myself out of breath, at...

by User avatar Guest

does smoking stunt growth?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. I have many friends from which many smoke… I’ve heard somewhere that smoking can stunt your growth – is that true?? Does that effect me by hanging out with them when they smoke, even though I do not smoke???

by User avatar siefert2493

Can I Pass a Cotinine test?

Answered by a doctor

Today is December 31, 2007 I have a cotinine test in 4 days. If i pass I can have weight loss surgery, if I fail there are no more chances...I have bought a nicotine cleansing kit with pills and herbal drinks like green tea and lots of cranberry juice and apple juice and water. I brush my teeth...

by User avatar PenneyD2857259

has anyone had side effects from stopping chantix

Answered by a doctor

>;) I have been taking chantix for 3 weeks, at first it was leg cramps and restless legs. Then hips hurt, no sleep,when I do sleep I dream alnight. I don't rest at all. oh and naseau from the very beginning. Now after stopping for the 2nd day I am ill tempered and don't want to be around anybody.I...

by User avatar fatfrog

Can a 15 year old male develop lung cancer due to smoking?

Hi , i am a worried mother, lately found out that my 15 years old has been smoking cigaretes and weed for over one year now. He complained of a heavy cold and coughing up of blood about a year ago and was treated with augmentin for cold but then after a year has pass complaind of the same thing. i...

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health problems after stop smoking

Answered by a doctor

I stopped smoking Sept. 5th, 2006. I have been sick ever since. I smoked for about 38 years and I have never really been sick with the exception of a common cold, a couple of times a year. Now that I no longer smoke I have kept a cold and I don't seem to be able to clear my throat. What's up...

by User avatar quest

Quit smoking a year ago - sick ever since!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, since I quitted smoking a year ago, I have only been feeling more and more sick. I don’t have enough energy for routine activities, feel exhausted, I gained weight and lost self-confidence. Why is this happening?

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What is the best way to quit smoking?

What is the best way to quit smoking? Its time i kick the habit

by User avatar Vaporizers

4 months quit smoking but still not recovered from withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

[21 August 2012] I'm 26 years old. 9 years smoking. This is my experience in quit smoking.I quit smoking since 20 April 2012. When I stop, I was suffering food poisoning. With this opportunity I resolve to quit smoking (cold turkey). The following are symptoms that occur to me since the first day I...

by User avatar iqbalmatadzin

Can u smoke while on suboxone?

Answered by a doctor

I am currently on Suboxone and my doc is demanding that I quit smoking (cigarettes). He says that it is "illegal" to smoke while being prescribed Suboxone. Also says that smoking "cancels" out the effects of the Suboxone. Has anyone else heard this?

by User avatar tamber99270