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Divorce because of husband's computer games addiction

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I am 34 years old female and I am divorcing. I know it may sounds weird that I look for help on such place bit I really didn't know what to do. Reason for my divorce is very specific. My husband is addicted on computer's games and he may spend whole day in front of the monitor. We don't even...

by User avatar Guest

addicted to scratching the dandruff flakes from my head

Answered by a doctor

Please help, I know this may seem strange but, I am addicted to scratching the dandruff flakes from my head. I've had the dandruff for about 8 yrs now. I ve always used head and shoulders but this only seems to supress it alittle i still see smaller flakes after washing my hair. The next day i see...

by User avatar Guest

I eat my dandruff flakes

I've been eating my dandruff s flakes for a long time. Like, 6 months. Ive have a bad dandruff problem for over a year. I've tried every dandruff control shampoo and conditioner in the world. Nothing helps. When I was about 8, I used to scratch huge skin off my scalp and  throw it out. And then...

by User avatar Lvebird240

moth ball addiction

Answered by a doctor

What makes moth balls so addictive? What makes you crave the smell of them? Is there any way to get help wit The problem? Is it a drug addiction that needs rehab? How harmful is smelling moth balls?

by User avatar curious

how to beat afrin nasal addiction

I have been using afrin for over 30 years. My father got me hooked on afrin when I was a child, but he did not know what he was doing. My father had bad allergies and I had bad allergies. He used 4way and I started using afrin years later. My nose ran all the time or was stopped up all the time...

by User avatar thenoseknows103030

crystal meth causing vaginal discharge and odor ?

Answered by a doctor

I have been using crystal meth for about 6 months and when I use it for a few days at a time I notice a vaginal discharge wth a foul odor, could it be the crystal meth ? Someone help me plls

by User avatar tobcurious

Are there any cures to Masturbation Addiction?

This is absolutely humiliating, but recently I really feel like this is affecting my life in the worst possible way and I can't help but feel sickened with myself. I feel guiltily for my actions, but that soon fades with the need Many people may say it's common to hear of masturbation...

by User avatar Guest

Trazadone withdrawal. Has anyone gone cold turkey before? It's scary..

Please any help!  I have been taking 150 mg.  of Trazadone for over 24 years.  The last 8 yrs. or so it doesn't help like it use to and I sleep maybe 2 or 3 nights a week.  I am a walking zombie.  I didn't sleep the night before and didn't take Trazadone last night and did not sleep either.m...

by User avatar Katmeba280135

I’m addicted to Afrin Nasal Spray

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I’m allergic to grass pollen, so every spring my nose sneezes. It’s very unpleasant to breathe and talk like that. So, I use Afrin Nasal Spray to treat congestion, to enable normal breathing. It works, but I have to use it very often. Now, I’ve reached the point when I can’t be without...

by User avatar Guest

how long does suboxone stay in your urine

Answered by a doctor

how long is suboxone in your urine

by User avatar etim9499