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teenage daughter having sex already!

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my daughter is 15 years old and she is having sex already. She has a boyfriend for four months and she told me they are sleeping together for some time. In the first moment I was shocked because she is so young and I didn't expect it yet. I am little confused and I don't know how to react. If...

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14 year old daughter having sex

Answered by a doctor

Help!  It seems like 14 is the magic number for girls having sex!  My now 15 year old daughter just told me that she had sex (using a condom) with a then 17 year old boy 11 mths ago!  I am still in shock!!  I believe that I handled it well when she told me.  She told me because my niece just...

by User avatar mom60

MY daughter wont wear femine hygene products during her period

HELP! My daughter is 12 years old. She has had her period for only a few months BUT she refuses to wear any type of femine protection products. I have purchased every type and size available. She complains they are uncomfortable and then lies to me about wearing them. I only know if she has...

by User avatar mom41286502

Teen son caught having sex with another boy by dad

Answered by a doctor

hello folks and i have to tell you about a very shocking incident involving my son which took place yesterday My 14 y/o son invited his friend over, told me it was for a school project.They headed upstairs and i was doing usual office stuff.However they were awfully quiet.So i crept upstairs and...

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My family preferrs to be nude at home

Answered by a doctor

:-DHI, I AM A 27 YEAR OLD MOM FROM Denmark. 5 4 to 11,year old twin boys....we see no reason to wear cloths in our home or in the woods on our ranch.some mom in USA seem to freak-out even seeing their 3 year old naked.( Many moms even force their kids to wear pajamas to bed.) We see no shame...

by User avatar motherrgoddess303077

My son is 4 and hates going to his dad's house! Could it be a separation issue?

My son is 4 and hates going to his dad's house! Anyone else have this problem?? Could it be a separation issue with him leaving mommy (me) or what could it be??

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what losing your virginity at fourteen does to you.

I lost my virginity at fourteen. I was inexperienced with boys. I hadnt kissed one 'properly' and I was curious. So when I got drunk with friends for the first time and I ended up in a bed with a boy that I've had an on and off relationship with since the start of high school one thing led to...

by User avatar helpless

One Mom's Teen Solution

As the mother of two young teens I thought I would share my story regarding recent events with my own kids and how my husband and I handled it. It would also be nice to get some feedback on what other parents think about our solution. I have two teenage children, a girl 16, and a boy 14. They are...

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Over protection-can that induce separation anxiety in a child?

Hi, I am 33 years old and my baby has just been born, 6 months old. Since I got her relatively late, I admit that I am a bit overprotective. So, can that cause separation anxiety in a child? I have heard that it might be a difficult period for both parent and babies, so I would like to be prepared...

by User avatar virgie37057658

My 14 year old daughter having sex

Answered by a doctor

I just found out that my daughter has had sex. I overheard her on the phone with her boyfriend. I confronted her and yes there were tears from both sides. She had sex about 3 weeks ago. I don't know what to do. I find it odd that a friend (mom, dad, even teen) can ask me for advice and I could...

by User avatar brandee10198637