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semen drips out of my penis when I poop. Why?

Answered by a doctor

I'm pretty sure that I do not have an STD, but when I poop, I can feel semen coming out of my penis. It looks just like semen and it feels like it is coming from the same area as it feels when i ejaculate. It happens pretty much every time I poop and has been happening for atleast 6-7 years....

by User avatar cory1587150710

what is the best treatment for the side effect of over masturbation???

Answered by a doctor

sir, now i am 22 year old boy,when i was 13 i used to masturbate 3 or 4 times daily,i continued this process for 4 years,then i stopped doing this,but after it i feel that i am suffering from side effects of masturbation poor health now,my body gets weakened day by day,i get tired soon,mostly...

by User avatar AshAli32293449

over masterbation

Ive been masterabting sence i was 11 and im wondering if it affects my chances with women. I do it probably once or twice a day and when im stressed i do it even more. i have noticed that im not as agressive as other  guys when it comes to girls and im wondering if masterbation has any affect on...

by User avatar peter_m23

Underside of penis is dry/red/irritated(sometimes)

Hi, I have sex with my girlfriend maybe 1-3 times a week without protection or lube. Up until recently(2 weeks ago) I've had no problems, but now the skin on the underside of my penis is dry, white and flaky. After a shower, masturbation or sex the flaky skin goes away and I can see that the skin is...

by User avatar Guest

Is it harmful to masturbate alot without ejaculating

I am an 18 year old male who masturbates 2 or 3 times every day, but I usually stop when I have the first drop of precum or just before I reach orgasm. I don't like to go all the way every time because it leaves me feeling drained when I ejaculate so frequently. I usually have an ejaculation every 3...

by User avatar rboy18

Small ball in scrotum

Answered by a doctor

Ive just noticed i have a small ball in my scrotum, Its not attached to any of the testicles so that almost 90% rules out testical cancer. i feel no pain or discomfort and you wouldnt notice it unless you feel it. You feel a little when you push onit, just like you would with a testicle. But people...

by User avatar kelias

Cure for Masturbation Side effects??

Answered by a doctor

I am 16 years old masturbating since I was 12 (quite excessively i guess 3-4 times a day). I recently realized that I was unable to get an erection. I was wondering if I stopped masturbation for a while would I be back to normal? Is there any way that (without buying anything) this problem could get...

by User avatar sodsod74210

pain during urination after ejaculation

Answered by a doctor

Sometimes if I urinate soon after ejaculation, I will feel pain in my urethra near the tip of the penis. Also, sometimes I will feel mild discomfort even before I have urinated. The burning pain during urination usually only lasts for about 30 minutes with mild discomfort lasting another 30...

by User avatar sillywilliam22204

What age do girls start to get pregnant

Just curious I'm not a girl but want to know

by User avatar Guest

split in head of penis! help! really concerned!

alright, i am 15 years old, 16 in a few weeks and a couple months ago, i got a split in the head of my penis, it goes from the hole down. it is about a cm or so in length. it is ripping more! i want to know if this will heal its self or i will have to talk to my docter, the skin around it is red...

by User avatar Guest