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i'm scared that my depersonalization wont go away

Answered by a doctor

hi i have been suffering from depersonalization since the begining of the year. im only 15 and no matter how hard i try to think positive and that everything will be fine it never goes away. it started happening for a week and then it would go away but this time it has been 2weeks and it is hasnt...

by User avatar julzy19

Teen Virgin: Good or Bad thing?

(New to this particular site, so sorry if I make a mistake posting this). I'm a 15 yr old female virgin, and I'm honestly not sure how to feel about it. I'm not naive, I know people in my school and grade have sex; a girl in my class even openly talked about "fucking" her boyfriend and she...

by User avatar LizzieB

Sudden violent aggression, why do i snap and become violent?

Hi im 16 and i have been with my 21 year old boyfriednd for over a year now, and we were perfect for the first 6/7months and then i started to become moody, violent, aggressive. Its not just my boyfriend its my mother too, my mum has had to call the police and have me restrained from her. I become...

by User avatar Guest

16 years old gay want to become straight again

Answered by a doctor

Im 16 and I would do anything to be straight again.(i didn't really become gay till about 14 and was attracted to girls before that). I really want a wife and family and blah blah blah same thing everyone else says. The only thing that scares me is that people will try this without really being...

by User avatar Guest

aborting twins and I am an emotional wreck now

I just had a medical abortion yesterday and I feel horrible. The day of the appointment the ultrasound tech stated I was pregnant with twins. I became extremely emotional. The reason for terminating was because me and my partner weren't ready and had a slip up which led to me becoming pregnant. I am...

by User avatar Guest

help with male to female transition

hi all i am a 30 year old male wishing to become female i have decided to try estraderm for breast enlargement have any males tried these and how did you get on?

by User avatar andy2010170188

Do you ever get over sexual abuse?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am curious to hear anyone about sexual abuse. I am sorry to ask you about this. But I want to know. Does the victim ever recover from this?

by User avatar Guest

nightmares about suicide

I'm 16 years old, i'm usually a positive up-beat girl, but lately, i have been having nightmares. In every nightmare for the past 3 weeks, every single night, I have committed suicide in all different ways. I used to have suicidal thoughts a few years back, and had been very happy with myself the...

by User avatar trickyclover

What does this nightmare mean? I was chased in a dream

I just woke up from a bad nightmare.    So in the dream There was this man chasing me. He had been killing everyone and for some reason he started chasing me. But this one girl offered to be killed instead of me. So i trusted her and stayed calm, but then she didn't do it and the...

by User avatar Alexia

All I wanted in life was a family and somebody to love me and hug me

I don't know where to start but ill start from the beginning I am 16 right now i live in macedonia and this is my story When i was born i was born unlucky i had a mom a sister and a dad Dad beat up me since i was like 4 and then he left us killed a men for money sold weed and drugs and he left me...

by User avatar Swifty powa