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16 years old gay want to become straight again

Answered by a doctor

Im 16 and I would do anything to be straight again.(i didn't really become gay till about 14 and was attracted to girls before that). I really want a wife and family and blah blah blah same thing everyone else says. The only thing that scares me is that people will try this without really being...

by User avatar Guest

Why can't I keep a job? Where am I failing and how do I fix it?

For as long as I can remember I've had trouble holding onto a job. When looking back, I've often wondered where it all stems from. I will address common areas where some will cast blame. On my childhood, my parents and family members, that I was picked on as a kid and didn't have supportive friends....

by User avatar Guest

I don't feel like a girl or a boy, I am pansexual girl

I'm a 15 year old pansexual girl. But I don't feel like I'm completely a girl but I'm not a boy. I feel uncomfortable having boobs and a vagina( or any genitals for that matter) and I just don't know what to do I have no idea what I am or what I'm supposed to do (or be)

by User avatar Tutupanda

I'm 15 and i have very bad anger issues because of the things i've gone through

Im 15 and i have very bad anger issues because the things ive gone through also I have been very pressured into bad things and I like drinking alto please give me some advice or some help?

by User avatar Banna

My boyfriend is disgusted by sex.

So, I moved in with my boyfriend who I've known for a long time on the internet. We used to talk on the phone and skype and everything. He never was interested in sex though. Never asked me for naughty photos or to talk dirty or anything. I kind of liked that about him, he was different, he wasn't a...

by User avatar crickykoo

nightmares about suicide

I'm 16 years old, i'm usually a positive up-beat girl, but lately, i have been having nightmares. In every nightmare for the past 3 weeks, every single night, I have committed suicide in all different ways. I used to have suicidal thoughts a few years back, and had been very happy with myself the...

by User avatar trickyclover

am I straight or? i kissed a lot of girls but never got into a relationship with one

when I was younger like really young I had relations with girls ( I am a girl as well) kissing touching cuddling and such I thought girls just liked eachother & that was normal I guess I was so young I thought I was pregnant by a girl because I didn't know how it worked lmfao I really don't feel...

by User avatar jaek47

i'm scared that my depersonalization wont go away

Answered by a doctor

hi i have been suffering from depersonalization since the begining of the year. im only 15 and no matter how hard i try to think positive and that everything will be fine it never goes away. it started happening for a week and then it would go away but this time it has been 2weeks and it is hasnt...

by User avatar julzy19

Psychological issues related with Homosexuality? How can I calm my nerves down?

Hi everyone. I am 21 years old and identified myself gay, since i was attracted to men. I was always against to my own homosexual desires and now I am. Till I was 18, I talked (dated) with 2-3 gays, and then I fell in love with one. We dated 2 times, both liked each other. Then I wanted...

by User avatar James Brown

Is it okay to not care? And to ignore other people?

So, im 13 and im not caring about a lot of things. Whenever someone tries to talk to me, I try to just ignore them, even if its my friends, parents, or teachers. I finally realized this when my teacher said my name 5 times before he touched my shoulder to get me out from my head. Is there something...

by User avatar Jurkac Mahod