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Do you ever get over sexual abuse?

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I am curious to hear anyone about sexual abuse. I am sorry to ask you about this. But I want to know. Does the victim ever recover from this?

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Was I a child molesterer, is it bad?

Hi Okay this is very hard for me to say but when I was younger I was quite weird and had bad thoughts. In about year three or two I was one year younger than my year level and shared my class with the grade below us. We went out for a swimming lesson and there was this girl I really liked and she...

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16 years old gay want to become straight again

Im 16 and I would do anything to be straight again.(i didn't really become gay till about 14 and was attracted to girls before that). I really want a wife and family and blah blah blah same thing everyone else says. The only thing that scares me is that people will try this without really being...

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I was raped and don't know if I'm pregnant. Can I file the report after one month?

Okay so I'm 15. And on February 26th I was raped. It's now march 13th and I was suppose to start my period today and I haven't yet. And I don't know if I'm pregnant. And if I turn out to be what do I do? I don't have the money for an abortion yet I can't have a baby! I wouldn't be able to raise him...

by User avatar Zoeyreyes

Memory loss and compassion overload that cause stress.

I have received an email this morning to say I haven't logged in to the web site for a while. I'm sorry to say I didn't realise I had ever joined. I have epilepsy which cause me problems but not in the way 98% of the public would understand. I have quite severe transient amnesia brought about by a...

by User avatar PeterX90RUN

I think that when I was little girl I was molested. Should I go to a professional with this thought

I think that when I was a little girl I was molested. I don't really know for sure but it's been on my mind for a long time. I've been debating on whether or not I should tell a professional to help me find out if I was or if I wasn't. What first made me think about it was the fact that when I was 5...

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how to turn straight? I like women but i always had a dream to have sex with a male

I am 21 year old guy. I am gay or bisexual. I want to be straight. I like womens but i always having dream to have sex with male.. It is wrong society does not accept me. Please suggest some way to be straight

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I started self harming and got better until last night. I started relapsing again

A while ago I was in a bad place I was dealing with a lot of problems and I started self harming. I got better for a bit until last night. I started relapsing again. It wasn't my intentions to but I did and I don't know what to do.

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i'm scared that my depersonalization wont go away

Answered by a doctor

hi i have been suffering from depersonalization since the begining of the year. im only 15 and no matter how hard i try to think positive and that everything will be fine it never goes away. it started happening for a week and then it would go away but this time it has been 2weeks and it is hasnt...

by User avatar julzy19

I don't want to be Bisexual anymore.

I think i'm gay but i really REALLY want to be THAT GUY WHO MARRIES AND HAVE KIDS. You know what I mean. That desire of being normal ( no offense to gays). Why do I want to be normal? Well in my country, being gay is not embraced or accepted yet plus I am Born Again and I don't want to be rejected...

by User avatar confusedguy