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Women's health - Pubic hair

Hi there... This is like so embarrassing to ask, hence the anonymity of this site.... I am 16 years old, commenced my periods on my 14th birthday, and still, there is no pubic hair to be seen... I am just so scared to be with a guy in case he finds out that there is nothing "down below"... And there...

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I don't feel like a girl or a boy, I am pansexual girl

I'm a 15 year old pansexual girl. But I don't feel like I'm completely a girl but I'm not a boy. I feel uncomfortable having boobs and a vagina( or any genitals for that matter) and I just don't know what to do I have no idea what I am or what I'm supposed to do (or be)

by User avatar Tutupanda

i'm scared that my depersonalization wont go away

Answered by a doctor

hi i have been suffering from depersonalization since the begining of the year. im only 15 and no matter how hard i try to think positive and that everything will be fine it never goes away. it started happening for a week and then it would go away but this time it has been 2weeks and it is hasnt...

by User avatar julzy19

What are the signs and symptoms of hyper empathy syndrome?

Hi everyone, This is going to get personal. Kind replies only, please.  I've struggled with depression and anxiety since before I knew what they were called, and I've recently started realizing... well perhaps I always knew, but I came across some info that gave me an idea of what it...

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Can hyper empathy syndrome ruin your life? How to deal with it?

Hey, An online friend I speak to all the time was telling me that she thinks she has hyper empathy syndrome. It came up in conversation, and I can honestly say it was something I had never even heard of. She sent me a bunch of links to articles, including one from this site, so I thought I'd ask...

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Can you have too much empathy? Is hyper empathy syndrome real?

I was reading about this hyper empathy syndrome online, and I am wondering whether hyper empathy syndrome is actually a real thing. I must say that I know plenty of people that have a lot of empathy, and that people who will be there for you without any questions asked. They seem to be able to feel...

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How can someone recognize hyper empathy syndrome in people?

Caveat: I know hyper empathy syndrome isn't an official diagnostic category right now although it is sometimes mentioned in the scientific literature. It is still very clear that "hyper empathy" exists, and that it causes impairment in some people who have it, so the term "hyper empathy syndrome"...

by User avatar RosieRoe

Is hyper empathy syndrome connected to some other mental disorders?

Hiya, I was wondering if hyper empathy syndrome could be connected to some other mental disorders. I know that it's not an official diagnosis on its own now, but could the symptoms, the hyper empathy itself, be caused by other things too, things that CAN perhaps be diagnosed and treated? Some...

by User avatar Londongirl

How to stop self harming without telling anyone?

How do I stop self-harm without telling anyone?

by User avatar Abby4905

16 years old gay want to become straight again

Answered by a doctor

Im 16 and I would do anything to be straight again.(i didn't really become gay till about 14 and was attracted to girls before that). I really want a wife and family and blah blah blah same thing everyone else says. The only thing that scares me is that people will try this without really being...

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