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I want to get rid of my feet fetish

Answered by a doctor

I have very strong foot fetish.I have it since I was a little boy.When I was 5 years old I started to worship my aunt`s feet. And no one like it even my girlfriend.people lough at me I want to get rid of foot fetish I want to get my attraction to female boobs not feet can you tell me the way to...

by User avatar Guest

Do you think I am a sociopath?

Do you think I am a sociopath? If you have time to read my story then I would really appreciate it. This is my story and even though I do believe I have sociopathic tendencies I am telling the absolute trust right down to the last word. I really want your opinion and a I want a true diagnosis...

by User avatar Annastevens3000

I think my mom has Paranoid Personality Disorder

I am worried about my mother. Over the last 10 years she has completely cut off contact with longtime close friends. She recently lost her job and now spends almost all day in the house. Her only outlets are myself and my brother. She repeatedly changes the locks on the doors. She will post...

by User avatar JenS

What drugs to use for Borderline Personality Disorder?

Hello, guys. My friend suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. She is in serious mental condition and doctors will introduce medications in her therapy beside psychotherapy. I would like to ask what drugs are used for this mental disorder. Can anyone tell me? I would really appreciate your...

by User avatar jarad41424

alternative medicine techniques for Borderline Personality disorder treatment

Answered by a doctor

My friend is desperate because his daughter has Borderline Personality disorder for years and she’s getting worse every day. She tried with few different treatments and usually after few weeks she was feeling better but all symptoms always came back. What are alternative medicine techniques...

by User avatar guglielmo117762225

Violent and Sexual Urges and Thoughts, Graphic Mental Images and more!

Hi! Let me tell you how my mind works, maybe someone can chime in and tell me what's going on. But first, A little background. My childhood was not rough at all. Although my father was not around constantly, he was around enough to keep me inline. Everything was fine until I turned about 11. It...

by User avatar Guest

Too many thoughts, unable to focus, my body cant keep up.

Answered by a doctor

For a long time I just feel like I have a problem accomplishing things. I feel like I have too many thoughts running through my head. Nothing really bad, but it makes me feel like my body cant keep up with my thought process. That makes me feel down when I cant do something because I'm too...

by User avatar fatjoe123499

What are the warning signs and symptoms of bipolar depression?

My ex girlfriend, I'm still close with her, she seems to have these really manic moments where she does crazy things, and then also has these moments where she's really down and can't do anything. It's one of the reasons we broke up honestly but I still care for her and right now I am worried that...

by User avatar JK.

What is the treatment for bipolar depression? How effective is it?

I am choking in my sorrow and my problems because I can't tell anyone about what I am dealing with. I was diagnosed with bipolar depression, and you just can't imagine how hard it is for me to struggle with it alone. But I am doing it. This really affects my health and I am refusing to see...

by User avatar BipMe

What Are The Causes Of Borderline Personality Disorder?

Hello, My parents just informed me that my foster sister, now in her 20s, was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder. I had never heard of this personality disorder but have been Googling non-stop since I was told this news and a lot of the symptoms describe her perfectly.  She is...

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