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life expectancy for dogs with cushings disease

Answered by a doctor

My dog was just diagnosed with cushings disease and the vet warned us that he would not be with us for very much longer. Now, I am wondering what the life expectancy is for dogs with cushings disease, starting from the time they were first diagnosed? I am hoping someone can help.

by User avatar Guest

average life expectancy for pit bulls

Answered by a doctor

Are there any pit bull owners here? I am strongly considering getting a pit bull. They look strong and sturdy and like they could take good care of my house and defend it from burglars! How old do pit bulls normally become? What is the average life expectancy for pit bulls?

by User avatar jaime847163765

My cat can't cough up her hairball, how to cure that

Hey everyone. My Hope was acting very strange today. She is jumping all around the house and she was never been that “crazy” before. After a while I saw that she is obviously in pain. You know what she is doing? She is coughing up something, but nothing comes out. I was reading a little...

by User avatar DS991346765

life expectancy for cats with diabetes

Hi, folks. I have a cat that is diagnosed with diabetes. I didn’t even know that cats can have problems with this. I would like to find out something more about the life expectancy for cats with this disease. I would like to have some info before I consult a vet. I will appreciate all your...

by User avatar stefania957163262

Causes of blood in cat’s hairball, how to cure that?

Hey guys. I was talking with my friend today. She has some cat I don’t know what breed it is. She is playful and she is healthy cat. At least she was. She started to throw up hairballs. That was happening before to her (I think only once) but she told me that now is different. When she was...

by User avatar CarlaNdNick348958

The best diet for dogs with Addison’s disease

Hey. My friend has a dog, and two days later, she found out that he has Addison’s disease. She is really worried, and she wants to do everything for him. That is totally reasonable, of course. The vet told her that she should try first with some diet program, because it is not so serious, she...

by User avatar Love-is-pet346786

Have you heard any complaints about pedigree denta stix, can it cause liver issues in dogs?

Good day good people. I need one suggestion. I was planning to buy Pedigre dentastix for my dog. I like the commercial on local television and I was thinking that this is going to be a new favorite treat for my dog. But some people told me that I should not give it to my dog because it can cause...

by User avatar Eric 7

Life expectancy for dogs with Addison’s disease

Hello everyone. My friend recently found out that their family dog has Addison’s disease. He’s been diagnosed two weeks ago, when they took him to the vet. It was devastating. It turns out that’s a very serious disease, but according to the vet, it can be handled quite easily. There are...

by User avatar rubylock346757

my 8 years old boxer, Bella, has cushing's. what do you think about CBD paste?

SINCE I DO NOT WANT TO GO THE CHEMO ROUTE VIA VET; TRYING CBD PASTE AND MED SUPPORT FROM ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** posting web addresses is not allowed***.  WHAT DO YOU THINK.

by User avatar DOLORES

Dogs nails falling off

Answered by a doctor

My girlfriend has a dog his nails are sometimes falling off. I was wondering is this normal? Does it hurt a dog when a nail falls off?

by User avatar dark_red111077