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Methadone withdrawal from 1mg next week and scared.

Answered by a doctor

hey, i have been on methadone almost 2 years, im down from 75mg to 2mg next week ill be at 1mg. if anyones reading this i was wondering if it makes a difference if i wait till im at zero mg or is it the same to discontinue taking the methadone at 1mg. also i was wondering about clonidne should i...

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suboxone addiction/withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

:twisted: i was put on suboxone 16 mg. daily by a certified addictionist for Barbiturate addiction. i have never taken an opiate in my life. he apparently thought sub. would manage my chronic headaches and i would not resort back to the fioricet however it did nothing for the pain and now i am...

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Methadone withdrawal

Answered by a doctor

Can I take hydrocone after quitting methadone to relieve withdrawal symptoms from the methadone?? My thinking is if the hydrocodone helps with the withdrawal symptoms of the methadone it is so much easier to withdrawal from hydrocodone..What do you guys think...Thanks in advance.

by User avatar ddr

Suboxone withdrawal and sweating

Answered by a doctor

To start out my question I will provide you with a little history. I started out using herion for about 9 months. After that I was put on Methadone for 2 months. After the Methadone I was put on Fentanol for 1 month and finally I was put on Suboxone for 1 month. I tapered off the Suboxone within a 3...

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Three days clean from subutex.

Answered by a doctor

Been using suboxone and subutex and a crutch for opiate withdrawal... Anyways im on my 4th day of subutex withdrawal and its honestly not that bad as going cold turkey off oc a year and a half ago.. but im somewhat alone in this.. ive been taking some vitamins, and been using xanax and ambien for...

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Getting off Suboxone - This is the best advice I got

I have tried everything to get off EXCEPT what worked.  Best advice I've had in 10yrs.  I was a very heavy Opiod user 50 plus pills a day.  I got on 3 8-12 strips of Suboxone a day then tapered to 1 only to after 5yrs going back up to 2 strips a day and I had a...

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My story of addiction to heavy drugs

Hello Everyone I wanted to post my story to you guys in hopes of really making steps to not fall into my addiction , you see i had a great childhood, family everything. But of course being a human being I am not perfect when I was in my first year of college me and my boyfriend of 5 years were...

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Opioid is almost over. Fatigue is getting to me

First, I want to say thanks to everyone who has shared. I've been reading for awhile and just joined. So my story is I have been on pain meds steady for 6 years. Prescribed by doctors for legitimate reasons in beginning but became clear that over time it was more about being afraid to come off...

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Answered by a doctor

%-)  HELLO WISHING YOU A HEALTHIER, PAIN-FREE 2013... I would appreciate your input in this matter...I have been on 30mg Morphine IRC for acute and severe chronic pain,due to multiple spine/neck fractures....i have been on Morphine for 3 yrs.. Now, i have asked my Pain Dr, for a change to...

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Almost Addiction Free, having positive friends and being as healthy as I can be are my goals

Was addicted to Heroin from the age of 17 aswell as speed untill ICE came into the picture.. I am now 34, clean from intravenous use for 3years yet I have been on Methadone since then! (This drug is going to be the hardest to free myself from, might even take years) Stopped smoking pot EASILY,...

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