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Why we want to have sex

Sex is best for some of us but for others it's bad I think in my opinion what do we think ?

by User avatar Selamawit Demelie

I want a baby, but my husband "isnt ready"

Answered by a doctor

So, I'm a 24 year old female. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 years. We just got married in August of this year (2007) We had to take a couples course...because I wanted a wedding at a catholic church. Anyways... we have talked about kids plenty! I want a baby now and he doesnt. he...

by User avatar Guest

How do I deal with widower's adult children?

Answered by a doctor

Anyone have any advice for me on how to deal with my husbands adult children after the death of their mother? Their mother dropped over dead, unexpectantly, in her early 50's. I've tried to be supportive to them, respecting their loss, knowing that I will never take the place of their mother (nor...

by User avatar ksf19200

Abusive Husband

Hi have been with my husband now for 18 years and married for 16, I know he is abusing me, and dont know what to do. He swears at me in front of the kids, he calls me some vile names, like slut, slag prostitute, cunt and the list goes on and on, he has even threatened to "Sort me out" my husband...

by User avatar JoJo

I feel sick around the guys i supposedly like... but i have

Hey um... hoping someone out there can help me with this... this has happened 3 times already and I'm starting to wonder if it's going to be like this for 'ever'... here's an example scenario: i like this guy, or at least believe i do; i like the way he smiles, how he laughs, how i can feel his...

by User avatar Guest

my wife is leaving the church

thoughts? :shrug: She recently read "The DaVinci Code" and upon finishing it, told me she was thinking about leaving the church, because it was built on lies. And then, yesterday, in church, she refused to go to communion, and afterwards told me she is leaving the church. I guess I...

by User avatar coachmarkos

I can't move on from my abortion & breakup

I don't know where else to turn or who to ask anymore.   Basically, I got out of a bad relationship back in 2010. I've dated but I was happy single and didn't get into another relationship and told myself I didn't want to get into another relationship. I was 24 and decided to just be single. I had...

by User avatar sweetvocals288298

I fell in love with much younger man

Answered by a doctor

Hi, I fell in love with much younger man. I am 48 and he’s only 30. Everybody’s telling me that I could be his mother, but I love him, and I can not break up with him. Is this relationship really that wrong?

by User avatar Guest

the guy I'm with thinks I'm a yer older than what I really am. Should i tell him?

So the guy I'm with thinks I'm a yer older than what I really am and I feel like if I tell him the truth he won't want to be with me , so what should I do ??

by User avatar Babycomeback279604

Should I leave my angry partner?

My partner of 4 years is the most negative, angry person I've ever met. He has a history of violence towards other men, but has toned this down a lot since meeting me. He's occasionally intimidating and verbally hostile to people in the world he gets into confrontations with, but no violence. ...

by User avatar Nookiemommy188375