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Why do so many women have self-esteem issues?

It seems like most of the women I've encountered or dated in my adult life have mega-issues in this department. Self-confidence is so sexy and powerful to me and many of the women I've met recently are so lacking in this department. Just curious, that's all. Your thoughts?

by User avatar sonnylax

my man masterbates over images of ladies in tights/pantyhose every day

Answered by a doctor

i have been with my man nearly 5 years , and been living together for a year , we have a realy good sex life even though hes only made me orgasm twice i still feel mostly forfilled, about 6 months ago i found hed been on the laptop looking at fetish sites for men that like pantyhose tights and...

by User avatar Guest

My husband hit me once and he has anger problems.

Answered by a doctor

I have been married for two and a half years, no kids; have a good relationship with my family, work a full time job and taking college class. My problem is my husband…well he doesn't do household chores, unless he feels like it. He likes to spend money, two cars…but what’s not acceptable is...

by User avatar Guest

my wife is leaving the church

thoughts? :shrug: She recently read "The DaVinci Code" and upon finishing it, told me she was thinking about leaving the church, because it was built on lies. And then, yesterday, in church, she refused to go to communion, and afterwards told me she is leaving the church. I guess I...

by User avatar coachmarkos

Suspect Wife Might be cheating or planning on ending the marriage

I'm usually so good at giving advice and seeing situations for what they are in relationships with every one of my friends/family. In my own, I suspect, but have never been so unsure. My wife,(married for a month) but we've been in a relationship for 7 years. Recently had to take a trip to see her...

by User avatar Bcurb187121570

Would any of you leave your children with strangers to go drinking????

Leave your children, (ages 1 - 8) at a restaurant, in the care of a bunch of strangers (to you, anyway; granted, these are all nice people but you'd have no way of knowing this) who are NOT child care professionals, for five + hours while you went to the adjacent restaurant and got drunk? And...

by User avatar kristin31

when i fall in love, I get depressed, even in relationships

Answered by a doctor

I don't know what is wrong with me. When I fall in love I get depressed, even in relationship. So every relationship fails eventually. I don't understand why I can't focus on that...why I am feeling like this. Do I need professional help? Please, if someone could clear this to me, because it is very...

by User avatar paulita31876

Suffering through a painful breakup, boyfriend thinks hes gay.

Me and my boyfriend broke up because he believes he might be gay. Well the thing is, hes been suspecting this would happen for the length of almost our entire relationship and now hes left me for another guy. I dont blame him for it or anything, hes been interested in the guy for some time now and...

by User avatar Sick58174

my best friend is in a relationship that might not be good

ok my best friend is in a relationship that might not be good.. she is 19 and her boyfriend is 25. this may be a stupid question, but its one ive been thinking about for a while now. my friend really likes her bf and theyve been together for 7 months. everytime theyre together he always makes stupid...

by User avatar xoxsweetdreamsxox88175

How do I convince my boyfriend that my ex boyfriend is just a good friend?

My ex boyfriend of three years cheated on me, when he was drunk. I have a boyfriend of one & a half years, he doesn't like my ex but I would never cheat on him with him. It's kinda hard to get away from my ex because my sister has been dating his little brother for a long time, he's always...

by User avatar Tamara363325244