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Am I crazy or are kids extremely busy these days?

My kids played soccer in the spring baseball and softball this summer, and swim team is an option, although we didn't do that this year. This fall they are playing soccer again, and tonight my daughter has sign up for girls basketball. Sheesh. When I was a kid, I don't remember being so busy....

by User avatar coachmarkos

Mothers who leave their children

Answered by a doctor

Hi. My Mom left me when I was just a kid. I was five years old when she left. I grew up with my father. I miss my mother, but I am not sure I would be glad to see her again. I am really angry at her. What do you think about mothers who leave their children?

by User avatar Guest

Daughter/Father Relationship (Emotional Incest)

Answered by a doctor

My husband (53) and our daughter (22) are almost like a couple with me (51) as the 3rd party. All of her life, it has been two against one, and when my mother in law was living (passed 2004) it was three against one. Now, as an adult, my daughter is dependant on us, and primarily her father for...

by User avatar LateNightLucy127718

How do I deal with widower's adult children?

Answered by a doctor

Anyone have any advice for me on how to deal with my husbands adult children after the death of their mother? Their mother dropped over dead, unexpectantly, in her early 50's. I've tried to be supportive to them, respecting their loss, knowing that I will never take the place of their mother (nor...

by User avatar ksf19200

I want a baby, but my husband "isnt ready"

Answered by a doctor

So, I'm a 24 year old female. My husband and I have been together for 5 1/2 years. We just got married in August of this year (2007) We had to take a couples course...because I wanted a wedding at a catholic church. Anyways... we have talked about kids plenty! I want a baby now and he doesnt. he...

by User avatar Guest

I fell in love with a younger boy

im still 16  and confused, a boy, 14 years of age , tokd me he liked me and i like him. Is this bad?

by User avatar Guest

Encouraging Mother to leave Father; Dealing with the pain ag

%-) Two years ago, my father left us: Mother, self, and five siblings. He left us for another woman, who claimed she had his son almost fifteen years earlier. The same year he "fathered" her son, another woman claimed she had his son also. This son of his was brought to our home...

by User avatar Miss_Robin20043

I'm in love with my bf, but I found myself to be attracted to someone else ! (HELP)

Hi, So I've been dating my lovely and wonderful boyfriend for six months. I'm 17 and I'm about to turn 18 in October. I really love him. Before we started dating we were best friends, and our friendship turned into an amazing romance. We've always been so close and I tell him everything. We don't...

by User avatar Nette14

my wife is leaving the church

thoughts? :shrug: She recently read "The DaVinci Code" and upon finishing it, told me she was thinking about leaving the church, because it was built on lies. And then, yesterday, in church, she refused to go to communion, and afterwards told me she is leaving the church. I guess I...

by User avatar coachmarkos

Why do so many women have self-esteem issues?

It seems like most of the women I've encountered or dated in my adult life have mega-issues in this department. Self-confidence is so sexy and powerful to me and many of the women I've met recently are so lacking in this department. Just curious, that's all. Your thoughts?

by User avatar sonnylax