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Does Schizophrenia get worse with age?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! My friend has schizophrenia. He is 25 years old. Is schizophrenia usual for this age? Does Schizophrenia get worse with age? Sometimes he is silent for hours. He takes some drug. Is his condition caused by drugs or is symptom of schizophrenia.

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Is there anyone with a schizophrenic parent?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. My Dad is schizophrenic. I am 21 years old and I fear that I will develop schizophrenia too. What to do? How is schizophrenia treated? Is there anyone with a schizophrenic parent?

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Schizophrenic boyfriend wants to leave me over something that didnt really happen!!!

Okay, so I have been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and I have known him for years. I didnt know until we started dating that he had schizophrenia. He told me how he hears multiple voices in his head and they are all talking to him constantly. I told him that I dont hear voices in my head and...

by User avatar amwest01216221

What is Othello syndrome?

Hi, guys. I have been reading some medical literature and somewhere I found out Othello syndrome. I must admit that I have never heard about this, so I would like to know what it is. I would really appreciate if someone could share this piece of info with me. Thank you in advance.

by User avatar ximenez130687646

Both of my parents are schizophrenic. what can I do to prevent the mental illness before it happens?

Alright so both of my parents are schizophrenic and I wanted to know the chance of me becoming like them, and if there is anyway to prevent the mental illness before it happens? Also how do I talk to my mom and dads I live with my grandma and I barley see them and I don't know how to start a conzo...

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Schizophrenia related to religion

Answered by a doctor

Hi, my sister is 34 years old. She is schizophrenic for a long time, and recently she started talking about devil and similar things. Is it a common thing that schizophrenia is related to religion?

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Pain, shortness of breath and numbness

Answered by a doctor

Hello, I have been having problems since last August 2006. I am not a person to go to the doctors very often with "physical" pain/ailments. I perhaps go once ever few years or so. I was diagnosed with schizophrenia many years ago but now that I am having physical problems, I can't seem to find a...

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Hormone Oxytocin Can Help In Schizophrenia Treatment

Answered by a doctor

New study found that hugs, touches and sharing feelings with loved ones induce so called love hormone (oxytocin) in the brain and this hormone can help patients who are suffering from schizophrenia, social anxiety and similar disorders. Researchers claim that oxytocin can change brain signals...

by User avatar Mayo

Possible Seizures in Sleep

Alright, So maybe I'm crazy but I believe I am having seizures in my sleep. I am 17 years old and 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and OCD. I have taken many different medications and am now stable. I do not know how to explain what happens sometimes in my sleep but I know...

by User avatar stopchasingmee

Talking to yourself. Is it schizophrenia?

Answered by a doctor

Sometimes I talk to myself, mostly when I'm alone, so no one can hear or see me, but I think it might be something serious, like schizophrenia. I could create a scene in my head and actually bring myself in the scene when I'm not really there, and I imagine people there too. It's kind of hard to...

by User avatar Jello89066