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paranoid schizophrenic neighbour-is he dangerous?

Answered by a doctor

I have some questions paranoid schizophrenic related and one of them is for I have 26 years old paranoid schizophrenic neighbor-is he dangerous? I started to worry so much over this for he has been hospitalized recently for he had some paranoid schizophrenic attack but now he is back home just...

by User avatar caroljean26359

Does Schizophrenia get worse with age?

Answered by a doctor

Hi! My friend has schizophrenia. He is 25 years old. Is schizophrenia usual for this age? Does Schizophrenia get worse with age? Sometimes he is silent for hours. He takes some drug. Is his condition caused by drugs or is symptom of schizophrenia.

by User avatar Guest

Is there anyone with a schizophrenic parent?

Answered by a doctor

Hi. My Dad is schizophrenic. I am 21 years old and I fear that I will develop schizophrenia too. What to do? How is schizophrenia treated? Is there anyone with a schizophrenic parent?

by User avatar Guest

Homosexual thoughts after being diagnosied with Psychosis

Answered by a doctor

Is it common to have homosexual thoughts after being diagnosed with Psychosis? My son was recently hospitalized for manic psychotic behavior and has been expressing thoughts of being gay. This is his first occurrence and hospitalization for this condition and has never expressed these types on...

by User avatar Guest

psychotic symptoms

Hi, my husband told me something that worries me. We were just chit-chatting and we came to the topic of his father. I never met him. He died before we were married. The thing that bothers me is that my father-in-law suffered from some form of psychosis. I have heard somewhere and it had stuck with...

by User avatar zulema31043

Do they have memories of manic/psychotic episodes?

I had watched a lot of movies, and read a lot of books about psychotic persons. I have never took it for serious. But during the last weekend in my building a man with psychotic and manic episodes has murdered his wife and son. It is more terrifying than all those movies I have watched. I am...

by User avatar bing119756380

my neighbour is schizophrenic.. and is not taking her meds.

hi, my neighbour has schizophrenia, and apparently hasn't been taking her meds for the past few months. i feel very very uncomfortable at home these days. last night, she was heard screaming from midnight until 6am from her room, in the hallway, slamming her door, etc. this has happened before, and...

by User avatar huma12656007

Dating a guy with schizophrenia and bipolar, it seems that we went too fast

I started dating a guy with schizophrenia and bipolar. Things were fine at first. He was the best guy I had ever dated. We had so much in common. He is a music producer and I'm a vocalist so it started out being a business thing but our energies must have pushed us together. We only dated for about...

by User avatar Guest

Possible Seizures in Sleep

Alright, So maybe I'm crazy but I believe I am having seizures in my sleep. I am 17 years old and 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and OCD. I have taken many different medications and am now stable. I do not know how to explain what happens sometimes in my sleep but I know...

by User avatar stopchasingmee

missed periods, diarrhea, negative pregnancy test

Answered by a doctor

I have missed my period by almost 1 week now, have had severe cramping but no bleeding for almost a few days....then diarrhea for almost 4 days now!Have done a few pregnancy tests but came back negative.   Also feel sick and tired? 

by User avatar tilliemc233119